Best Wifi Adapters For Gaming of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Netgear2. TP-Link T4U3. TP-Link T2U
Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB AdapterTP-Link Archer T4UTP-Link Archer T2U Plus

It is a well-known fact that gamers these days play most of their games in multiplayer mode, and even if it is a single-player, an internet connection has become a pure necessity to have the best possible gaming experience.

Everyday a new game is introduced to the world and most of them nowadays need an internet connection to work (because let’s face it, Fortnite and PUBG has revolutionized the gaming industry, and because of that, many mainstream video game companies are trying to do the same in every desktop game, for which a stable internet connection becomes an absolute necessity).

But the internet connection can vary drastically from time to time which may cause you huge losses in the online gaming arena. Thus to have a clean and stable connection during play sessions, hardware such as the Best Wifi Adapter For Gaming becomes important.

But among the hundreds of thousands of options available in the market, it can quickly become pretty overwhelming. So we have done that research for you (you’re welcome!) and come up with the list below. The list contains a wide range of products which can easily meet your personal preferences and provide you with an optimal gaming experience.

The price range is wide, so even if you have a budget constraint, you still can have one of these beasts. But before we dive into the list let us look at a few factors that you must consider before buying any kind of wireless adapters. These factors will help you find the best WiFi adapter for gaming.


Factors To Look For While Buying A WiFi USB Adapter

Even a hard-core gamer would say that the best USB WiFi adapter for gaming available in the market is not good enough. But that is far from the truth. There are certain factors that contribute to the overall performance of the wireless adapter other than speed.

It also depends on the purpose for which you will be deploying that piece of receiver. Mentioned below are a few of the factors that contribute to the overall usability and experience, and should be the tools for you to make the best decision.

1. Wireless Protocols

All the wireless routers have standards. The common one is the 802.11. But this number is always followed by a letter (which actually gives the information about the transmission protocol that the router follows). Like 802.11b is the basic connection that gives you the slowest and shortest connection. The other one is the 802.11ac, which is the latest version and provides you with a broad and fast wireless connection.

Another important thing to keep in mind while looking for the best WiFi adapter for PC gaming is that it should transmit on the same protocol as your router. For example, if your router transmits on the 802.11ac protocol then you should consider getting an adapter that transmits on 802.11ac protocol too. As per today’s standards, you should either go for 802.11ac or its predecessor 802.11n, which will get you a reliable and fast connection.

If this is too much information for you then just look for MU-MIMO adapters which stands for multiple user, multiple input and multiple output. For example, the previous n series of 802.11 was limited to one input and one output whereas the advanced ac version follows the multiple input and multiple output protocol so that multiple users can have connectivity from the same device.

2. USB Port Type

Since we are looking for USB adapters, which type of USB you go also matters. There are basically 2 types of USB in the market right now. The USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. The 2.0 is a bit low-end technology which will be able to provide you a maximum transfer speed 60 MBps which is pretty low by today’s standards. 3.0, on the other hand, will be able to get to 640 MBps. But it won’t matter if your router is not providing a speed greater than 60 MBps, or if your router protocol is anything other than 802.11ac. So just confirm your router speed and protocol before the purchase.

3. Software

Software is another important aspect of the purchase. You should confirm that the adapter you are going for is compatible with the operating system you have on your computer. Some of them don’t require any driver installation whatsoever, making the whole process a bit easier.

Whereas some come with their own software suite which will do all the tuning for you but you should know that they might sometimes interfere with the integrated settings. If at all you face such issues you should definitely consult with someone from the product company.

4. Wireless Frequency

There are two frequencies on which the wireless transmission happens. The 5 GHz band and the 2.4 GHz band. Each of these frequencies has its own set of pros and cons, so you have to do some research to decide which one will provide you with the maximum advantage. The 2.4 GHz band works best if you have lots of walls in your home and also when there is not a lot of interference present.

But sadly there are a lot of devices that operate in this spectrum hence you will be facing a bit of interference every now and then. You won’t be getting any interference problem if you go with the 5GHz band but the transmission will be dropping significantly with distance and also it doesn’t work well with lots of walls around.

But there is good for you. Some of the adapters (as a matter of fact, most of the adapters in the list below are dual-band adapters) come with the dual-band technology which means you can switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz band in the same adapter, giving you the best of both worlds. In other words, the 2.4GHz band is more suitable for web surfing and social media and the 5GHz band is more useful for gaming and 4k online media streaming.

5. Build Quality

This is another important aspect of a product that you need to consider before getting your hands on any adapter. There are tons of low-grade products on the market that will give you amazing performance in the beginning but won’t last for even a month. But there are also products that will give you amazing results but will cost you a fortune to buy them (if you have researched and decided to buy such a product, then by all means, go for it).

So you have to find a sweet spot that will have a balance between cost and quality. The build of the product should be good and durable as well as it should be easy to handle. In order to make an informed decision, you should go through the buyer’s guide for each product. This will help you achieve that balance.

6. Beamforming

Another aspect is Beamforming which means that the market is becoming more diverse and hence the competition is also on the rise. Unlike the past, the same manufacturers need not make both the router and the adapter. This will force the manufacturer of both adapter and router to focus on the performance of their respective products, hence improving the end-user experience.

7. Adapter Size

This factor will decide how easy is it to use the product and how handy it is. If you are a person who is mostly on the go, then you should go with an adapter that is a bit small (and foldable). But if you are a gamer or someone who works or plays only at a specific place, then you can go for the bulkier models that will provide you with better heft and sturdiness. There are nano-sized WiFi adapters which are very portable and come in handy if you travel a lot but will fail to provide a reliable connection. But to be frank, the kind of computer you are going to use the adapter with also determines the size of the final product that you should go for. You have to keep in mind that most USB ports are very close to each other, so if you buy a bulky one then the adjacent port will be useless as it will be completely covered.

Our list of best WiFi adapters for gaming on the market today:

Top 12 Best Wifi Adapters For Gaming 2020

1. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter

Netgear Best Wifi Adapters For Gaming

Coming straight to the looks, the adapter looks pretty futuristic. It has got this flip-phone look that makes it very appealing. Now coming to its technicalities, the AC1900 WiFi can provide a very high-speed internet connection (obviously, it can’t provide you with speed greater than what your WiFi is providing but it can help you get the maximum speed from your router). At 2.4GHz it can provide upto 600 MBps, and at 5GHz it can give the maximum speed of 1300 MBps.

It has dual-band WiFi which will get you to switch between more WiFi routers faster. This adapter is compatible with Windows and macOS only and you will be able to get maximum performance from this device by using it with USB 3.0 (although it is USB 2.0 compatible too). It works only with Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS X 10.8.3 or later.

And with Windows standalone driver, you can use the built-in configuration tool of Windows to link the WiFi network to your adapter. It has the 3×4 MIMO design which enhances the bandwidth limit for both uploading and downloading from the WiFi network.

It has been designed to improve your HD video playing experience, online gaming becomes amazing as it makes it lag-free since the speed of the network is kept at a maximum. Its sophisticated look is accompanied by sophisticated features such as a magnetic cradle which allows you to place it anywhere without worrying. You can even boost the speed of internet access as it has Beamforming.

It’s also equipped with a WPS button using which you can achieve secure connections available very fast. One of the reasons the performance of this adapter is so high is because it has got four high-gain antennas. The package also comes with a NETGEAR installation CD which will ease up the installation process. Using this NETGEAR Genie, app you can easily control all the networks, monitor and connect.

It weighs 2.4 ounces which is pretty light for such a powerful device but that said, this also makes the device lack heft. It sticks very firmly to metal surfaces but struggles a bit while on nonmagnetic materials.

Coming to a few more drawbacks, the magnet is pretty strong in this device and you might want to keep it away from hard drives, other storage media, cell phones, and even credit cards (or any other devices that might get affected by strong magnetic fields). According to a few users, the software was a bit buggy which Netgear fixed on the subsequent updates.


2. TP-Link Archer T4U

TP-Link Archer T4U

This device is a beast when it comes to performance. It’s one of the best WiFi adapter for PC gaming. It lies in the lower price range. It has the Dual-band WiFi which makes the connection much faster, giving you a smooth gaming experience. The Archer T4U has the wireless AC technology making its connection much faster (upto three times faster when compared to the previous N standards of wireless connectivity.)

It provides an impressive high-speed WiFi. In the 5GHz band, it will provide upto 867 MBps and over the 2.4GHz band, it will give 400 MBps. Hence it is more than capable of handling all your online activities like web browsing, video streaming, and playing online multiplayer games without any lag.

Another feature that makes it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, is the foldable antenna. This allows the device to have high gain, extending the coverage and range compared to its predecessors. It becomes very handy and portable due to its folding feature.

Because of the Beamforming and MU-MIMO technology, when connected to an MU-MIMO compatible router, it will be able to provide two data streams simultaneously, thus enhancing the efficiency of the network. As it performs best with USB 3.0, you can achieve a humongous transfer speed of 4.8Gbps (when combined with 802.11ac WiFi networks). It is compatible with Windows and Mac only.

It can work on any version of Windows above XP and it is compatible with Mac OS 10.9 or later. In addition to all of this, you have the reliability of TP-Link, which is a world’s leading WLAN provider and has millions of satisfied customers.

It weighs 8 ounces which makes it sturdy and you can keep it straight without toppling it over.
Now coming to the drawbacks. It is not supported by Linux OS. Linux users will not be able to get it running on their systems unless they switch to Windows or OSX. It does not come with a USB extension, so you have to directly plug it into the USB port. So it might get bumped into stuff as it sticks outwards.


3. TP-Link Archer T2U Plus

TP-Link Archer T2U Plus

First of all coming to the looks, unlike the above two, this one is more like an antenna stick rather than a flip-phone type. Throughout your house, you will be able to get lag-free, uninterrupted and long-range wireless connectivity. And if you happen to upgrade your PC or Mac to the superior 802.11ac then you can enjoy a three times faster network compared to the N standard wireless speed. It’s one of the best wireless network adapter for gaming.

This device supports the dual-band connectivity giving you amazing transfer speed at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz if it is connected to the latest dual-band WiFi router. You will get a whopping speed of 433 MBps on the 5GHz band and 200 MBps speed on the 2.4GHz band. This along with faster speed also enhances the range of connectivity. It has a high gain antenna is 5dBi which helps to improve signal strength over long distances and also improves the reception

Coming to compatibility, it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Any version of Windows above XP is fine and 10.9 or later versions of Mac OS X is fine. For this adapter to work on your device driver installation is required which you can easily download from the TP-Link website for your corresponding version of OS. TP-Link will provide you with 24/7 customer service for any technical assistance and you will also be getting a 2-year warranty on this product. Also, because of its slim pen-type design, it is very light, weighing just 0.64 ounces. You can also keep it upright at 90° or you can bend it horizontally to 180°.

This device doesn’t have many drawbacks as it is very reasonably priced and the size is very handy, but users have faced difficulty during the installation of the driver from the website. So you need to be extra careful while downloading the drivers and must check for the latest version compatible with your operating system.

Overall, this is a great product (that you can literally put anywhere on the go without any difficulty) that is available on budget and will provide you with a superior grade wireless connectivity experience.


4. Inamax USB WiFi Adapter

Inamax USB WiFi Adapter

This adapter also looks like a pen with a USB head. It has the dual-band technology giving it an extended range and faster connection. It offers an astonishing speed of 1200 MBps on the 5GHz band and an impressive 300 MBps on the 2.4 GHz band. This feature helps it to reduce any freeze or lag while playing online games or using any streaming service, giving you a smooth internet experience. You can get this ultra-fast speed when you pair this with your 802.11ac router that supports dual-band technology.

This device comes with the USB 3.0, so it can give you a transfer speed upto a whopping 5GBps, which compared to the USB 2.0 is ten times faster. This also ensures that you get the maximum throughput performance, smooth and stable wireless connectivity experience. It also has backward compatibility with 1.1 and 2.0 devices. Inamax also provides a high gain antenna of 5dBi, which along with the dual-band technology will help you achieve stable internet connection even in areas with weak signals.

Now coming to the compatibility. In one word, it is amazing. Its compatibility with Windows 10 is a bliss. You don’t need any drivers for it to run on Windows 10. Just plug and you are good to go. Apart from Windows 10, it is also compatible with Windows 2000 and all later versions, but you need to download the respective drivers. Mac OS X 10.5 or later are compatible with this device.

You will be getting a CD that will install the software part of this device after which you can use the latest AC WiFi router to avail the faster speed and improved range. This device is not compatible with Linux. Also, it can’t be used with any kind of printer, TV or projector. You will also be getting a full refund or a replacement for a faulty device.

One thing you should avoid doing is plugging and unplugging the adapter repeatedly as it will loosen up the USB port. Also, don’t keep it plugged in all the time. Take it out while you put your laptop in the bag to avoid breakage. It weighs about 2.88 ounces, which is very light, making it highly portable. Coming to the drawbacks, it is incompatible with Linux, which is a huge let down given the amazing service it provides. Given the features, it will be worth the money as said by many of the satisfied customers of this product.


5. Techkey Wireless USB WiFi Adapter

Techkey Wireless USB WiFi Adapter

This is a dual antenna WiFi adapter. It has two antennas protruding from the USB dongle which makes reception better than the built-in adapter. This adapter will give you a speed of 867 MBps on the 5 GHz band and a decent speed of 300 MBps on the 2.4 GHz band. When you use this with the upgraded 802.11ac WiFi router, you will get the desired speed.

The antennas have a high gain of 5dBi which ensures your uninterrupted stable connection even in an area with a weak signal. It also helps in getting an extended WiFi range and also superior grade consistency in the network. Add to that the high-speed internet, and it will be able to deliver you a smooth and lag-free online gaming experience. Which means your game won’t freeze in the middle of the gameplay which enhances the user experience of the product.

The installation process of the product is really simple and also it uses the USB 3.0 port. So the transfer speed is pretty high (as much as 10 times higher compared to the USB 2.0). This also has a backward compatibility with 1.1 devices and USB 2.0.

The bonus feature that comes with this device is that it can be used as a hotspot. That’s right! You can use this wireless adapter as an internet hotspot for a wired connection. So basically if you have a wired internet connection (like a modem) to your PC or laptop, then you create a hotspot and use your mobile device to use the internet.

It can also be used in 5G signal but the WiFi router must be dual-band. It goes without saying that it won’t be able to boost up your WiFi signal, but it will help you achieve the maximum speed the router can offer. We would suggest that you use the adapter in the 5G band while using it for video streaming or gaming in order to get maximum output from the adapter.

We would also suggest you backport of the computer host while using a desktop to ensure that the dongle gets enough energy for optimum performance. It is the AC1200 series which offers a secure network. So the network won’t be distributed by any kind of interference like mobile or Bluetooth.

This device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X only (this too won’t be able to work on Linux computer). It will be fine with Windows 2000 or later versions, and for Mac running on version 10.5 or later it is compatible.


6. BrosTrend USB WiFi Adapter

BrosTrend USB WiFi Adapter

This adapter from BrosTrend has two antennas. Both the antennas have a high gain of 5dBi which makes your internet experience smooth. This also helps in extending the range of your device and provides you with superior quality lag-free stable connection.

The high gain antenna also ensures consistent connection even when the strength of the signal is weak. As it is a dual-band adapter, it provides you 2.4 GHz band at a maximum transfer speed of 300 MBps and 5GHz band gives you a wireless speed of 867 MBps. This allows you to enjoy any kind of online gaming or any streaming services without any freeze or lag.

It is also equipped with USB 3.0 Cradle along with a 5 feet long extension cable. So you can use this extended cable to put the adapter where the signal strength of your internet connection is maximum, without physically moving your laptop or desktop any other location (this is one of the unique features of this device compared to other devices in this list). But if you don’t need the extension then you can directly plug the adapter with your laptop.

As it is USB 3.0 the transfer speed of this adapter is pretty fast reaching upto a maximum of 1.3GBps (which is almost 10 times faster than its USB 2.0 counterpart). This is possible because the USB port is gold-plated which ensures that the electric resistance is minimum so that you get solid and more stable internet connectivity. It has also backward compatibility with USB 2.0 port, making this one of the WiFi adapters for your laptop and desktop.

Now coming to compatibility, it can practically work with any kind of routers, but to get the maximum result your router should have the 802.11ac protocol. You can use this device on any Windows or Mac device. It is compatible with any version of Windows later to XP and if you have a Mac OS X running on version 10.9 or above, you are good to go. And if you are running on Windows 7 then you just need to plug and play (no need to install any drivers). Just make sure you download the latest driver compatible with your OS from the official website.
It has a great customer service too, with a 24-month warranty period of unconditional refund and replacement.

This device has a two detachable external antenna with a gain of 5dBi which helps you get a connection even when your router is on a different floor. It also has a very secure network connection as it supports WEP/WPA2/WPA, TKIP/AES wireless encryption. Thus, you don’t have to be concerned about your online privacy, as this device protects it.

One of the drawbacks of it is that it is not compatible with Linux, and also it doesn’t provide any Linux support ticket, which means you won’t be getting any technical expertise support even if you install it in Linux. It weighs around 2.4 ounce which is very light makes it easy to carry but the antenna should be kept carefully if you are taking them in a bag.


7. NET-DYN USB Wireless WiFi Adapter

NET-DYN USB Wireless WiFi Adapter

This device is really handy and small. But as we all know great things come in small packages. It’s a bit pricey compared to the rest in the list but rightfully so as it delivers the result as well. According to some customers, they were genuinely surprised by the performance of this product. It is again a dual-band WiFi adapter but the best thing about it is that it doesn’t have any antennae protruding out from the main body which makes it that much easier to carry (you can literally carry this device in your pocket without any problem or danger of breaking it).

It’s the size of a pen drive. On the 5GHz band, it will be able to provide you with a speed of 867 MBps and on the 2.4GHz band, the speed will max out at 300 MBps. (Hence, this adapter guarantees fast speed for your internet experience.)

Now coming to the company itself for a bit, the NET-DYN is a family-owned business. In order to deliver the best experience possible many of the family members of this company are scattered throughout the United States and even in various parts of the world so that they can test their product there. This gives them an in-depth analysis of the customers worldwide and then they have improved their services over the feedback to get to this point.

Now coming back to the product you can literally say goodbye to dead zone or weak signal areas as the high gain of the device helps you achieve stable connection even in the worst internet conditions possible. You can easily move around anywhere within 100 yards of the router and have uninterrupted connection (so just feel free to move around from your living room to bedroom to the backyard).

These features make it ideal for gaming, which needs an uninterrupted signal for a smooth and lag-free experience. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. All you have to do is install the driver after plugging it for the first time and then you are good to go. If you are running on Windows XP or a later version in PC, you won’t be facing any issues and for Mac OS X version 10.7 and later – it works fine for this adapter.

Now coming to security this device provides you with a very reliable and secure connection. It supports all the WLAN routers with WPA/WPA2/WEP encryption so that your online privacy is not compromised. Also because of its design, it is not disturbed by any kind of interference from other devices such as a cordless cell phone or any Bluetooth device nearby.

Thus you won’t be getting any kind of signal loss or unexpectedly dropped call quality with this adapter. You also get a lifetime warranty with this product, so you need not worry about any manufacturing defects or any functional errors. They provide a 24/7 customer service which will give you technical assistance, should an issue arise.

Another striking feature of the device is that it has 20MHz, 40MHz, and 80MHz bandwidth transmission along with Draft2.0 standard compliance. You can even turn this adapter into an internet hotspot provided you have a wired connection. Then you can use the connection to surf the web through your mobile device with the same impressive speed.

It weighs a mere 0.48 ounces which is as light as a pen drive. Hence it is super portable and ergonomic. Overall the adapter will give you excellent range, signal strength and throughput performance so that you have lag-free gaming, video streaming experience. One of the drawbacks of the device is that it doesn’t support the Linux operating system. But the company has been working on improving the drivers constantly and plans to introduce Linux compatibility soon.


8. USB WiFi Adapter For PC, Techkey

USB WiFi Adapter For PC, Techkey

This WiFi adaptor supports 360-degree rotation and is a wireless device to the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port of the desktop as well as the laptop or Mac.

The speed of the connectivity provides is 1300 MBps on 5 GHz bands and 450 MBps on 2.4 GHz bands. Can work along with any wireless routers that include ac/a/b/g/n.

The maximum speed cannot be attained, as usual, the speed depends on the network environment, router, laptop or PC’s internal memory, Barriers and many more factors that affect the speed of the connection. The maximum speed that the router can play is 1750 MBps or a little more than that.

This speed in itself is a great feature of this device as a very small number of devices can provide such speed at this price range. The speed of the convention does not solely depend on the product. If the WiFi dongle is plugged into the USB port of the computer host then it gives the maximum power to WiFi dongle.

This WiFi dongle helps the computer to receive signals that are faster in speed and provides better router signal. It does not boost up the speed of the original router. While using this WiFi adaptor one should remember to turn off the WiFi that is built in the computer system (if the system had the built-in WiFi).

For installation, one inch to insert the mini CB or download a driver from the online link to install the program in the system. This product comes with a long-range WiFi antennas which ensures the range can be extended and offers superior stability on the laptop, PC, etc. Installation process is very easy when compared with the other competing products and offers faster services then the 2.0 and prevents complicated operations to install.

Speed of the WiFi is excellent and can get 1300 MBps wireless speed over 5 gigahertz WiFi band and a speed of 450 MBps over 2.4 GHz WiFi band. If you want, you can create a hotspot area with the feature named soft AP if the computer has a wired internet connection. One can also connect mobile devices with WiFi from the computer.

According to the customers that have bought this wireless device, the WiFi adaptor works better if one has Windows 10 installed in their devices as it increases the speed of the received network. Now coming to the compatibility of the device, it can easily connect with Windows and Mac OSX without any issue. In Windows, it is compatible with any version later than XP and for Mac, it works fine with all the versions later to 10.5.

One of the drawbacks of the device is that the antennas are long and should be used with utmost caution as it can break easily.


9. AE Wish Anewish

AE Wish Anewish

The drivers on WiFi adaptor help you get strong signal as this is a wireless adaptor with 5dBi standard transmit. You can put this WiFi router anywhere in your building or living space and get a satisfactory internet connection speed.

Streaming HD videos, playing online games, surfing smoothly are a few things you could do after you get this wireless WiFi dongle for yourself. The WiFi adaptor is a dual-band conform for many protocols such as 11 AC. The speed that the router can play is 5G connection over 867 MBps or a 2.4 G connection over 300 MBps. WiFi adaptor can turn at any angle that one finds suitable, that is, the product is adjustable, and also an omnidirectional antenna that is detachable.

The best part about this product is not getting heated up even after a long time of usage. It is very easy and convenient to install this wireless adaptor. You can either download the driver from the CD and download it with the online link that provides such a driver.

The WiFi speed is ultra-fast with 1200 MBps speed for PC. The connection provides us with lag-free connectivity and also provides 4k video online with excellent quality and many more activities such as listening to high-quality music, gaming, HD video streaming etc.

It has a dual-band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz free flexible connectivity. The PC desktop or laptop are provided with multiple access to the WiFi dongle with dual-band that have faster speed and a range that is extended by combining both 2.4G and 5G strength for USB WiFi adapter.

The high gain antenna of 5dBi ensures a stable signal in long-range. This adapter helps us to surf at home as well as enjoy a line outside even if it is over 100 yards of coverage. The one with Windows 10 don’t require any drivers and makes it easier and convenient to use. You just have to plug and install the driver if you don’t have Windows 10 installed in your system. Many reviews show that the WiFi adapter is worth buying, as in many cases it has increased the speed of connection mostly in cases of old desktop.

The device is really handy and the installation is easier. It needs the recognition of USB device and then it will start working. This wireless adapter is easily portable and one can find it at a reasonable rate when compared with the features it provides its customers. One of the features this product has that most of the adapters in this list doesn’t is that it is compatible with Linux. Yes! That’s right! Even Linux users can use this product pretty easily.

You just need to download the correct driver from the official website and then you are good to go. It also has seamless compatibility with Mac OS X and Windows. And if you have Windows 10, then just plug and start using it. No need for drivers to run this on Windows 10.

This company also provides a two-year warranty for damaged products or if you have any software issues. You will also get expert technical support whenever you face any difficulty, through their customer care helpline.


10. EDUP WiFi Adapter

EDUP WiFi Adapter

The WiFi adapter has USB 1200 MBps WiFi speed over 5 GHz and 300 MBps over 2.5 GHz. The 876 MBps over 5 GHz helps with streaming of HD quality videos without any kind of lag. It also helps with smooth online gaming. The 300 or more MBps over, 4 GHz helps with surfing the internet that provides a smooth experience. It also means you will be having an uninterrupted connection over a long-range and because of the 2.4 band, you will have a pretty stable connection even when there are walls in between or when the router is on a different floor.

The WiFi adapter is supported by various OS such as Windows XP, Win 8, Win 7, Win 10, Win Vista, Mac OS 10.4 -10.14. The installation is easy as you just have to install and then run the software. For the installation, you can either use the CD-ROM provided with the package or you can also download the software version that is compatible with your OS directly from the website.

Then you can simply plug in the adapter in order to get connected and then upgrade your device such as a PC, laptop or even Mac, in order to work with the latest ac WiFi router for faster internet connection and an extended range too. (But that doesn’t support TV or projector or printer or any other wireless device.)

There is a soft AP feature which helps us to create a hotspot area that helps the computer gives WiFi services to mobile devices with a good internet speed. The product usually comes with the flash disk USB that contains the driver that one needs for the installation of the adaptor. One can also download the latest driver from the official web site EDUP. It has super speed USB port 3.0 which supports the transfer rates by making them 10 times faster as compared to USB 2.0 port.

This is the reason this WiFi adaptor has maximum throughput performance and establishes an internet connection that is more stable compared to the USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices (but it does provide backward compatibility with both of these devices). The product comes with two pieces of long-range high gain 6dbi antenna that helps to connect signals that are weak.

The series of AC1200 supports all the WLAN routers and supports WPA & WPA 2 encryption and many security authentication mechanisms. Which basically means your online privacy is secure and no one (whether they share the network with you or not) will be able to access your personal data.

The driver updates are easily available and the technical part is in English which makes it easier for the user to operate it. This WiFi dongle has dual-band which doesn’t boost up the speed of the internet connection of the original router as it is simply a WiFi receiver. After seeing the adaptor, if it doesn’t work properly or shows unavailable then check for the driver by opening the computer’s “device manager.” If it’s disabled then you need to turn that on.

Overall this is an amazing product that can provide you with optimum gaming experience. According to many customers, the device worked like a charm and provided them with lag-free gaming experience for several years. Also, the company cares about every customer, which is why you will have 24/7 customer service support for any technical difficulty.


11. EDUP WiFi Adapter AC1200 Mbps USB 3.0 Wireless Adapter

EDUP WiFi Adapter AC1200 Mbps USB 3.0 Wireless Adapter

This adapter resembles a pen drive which makes it super portable. It has also got a unique design and appearance which gives it a premium look. It has got small bumps on its body which makes it easier to grab. This is also a dual-band wireless adapter.

You will be getting an amazing speed of 1200 MBps on the 5GHz band and a decent speed of 300 MBps on the 2.4G band which enhances the network performance and reduces freezing and lag during online gaming or HD video streaming experience. Of course, you will be getting the maximum speed if you have a router with 802.11ac protocol. It can offer bidirectional data transfer at ultra-speed to enhance the user experience as a whole.

It also has a USB 3.0 port which supports an awesome transfer speed of up to 5 GBps which is 10 times faster than its USB 2.0 counterpart. Also, this wireless adapter ensures maximum throughput performance and hence is able to provide an internet connection which is stable. Along with all these facilities it also provides backwards compatibility with USB 2.0. It is also equipped with an advanced chipset. The high configuration 8812BU chipset provides you with much faster speed and a stable internet connection even in weak reception areas.

Coming to compatibility, it has seamless compatibility with almost all the versions of Windows. If you run any version of Windows above XP the device works smoothly and Mac OS X version 10.6 or later supports this adapter like a charm. It also provides backward compatibility with previous generation protocols like 802.11a/b/g/n which allows to have lots of choices when you are travelling, and not all routers have the latest 802.11ac protocol.

You can install the required software from the CD-ROM provided with the package. If you are unable to find the CD then you can directly download the software from the EDUP website. The company also offers you warranty through which you can get a full refund or a replacement if you find your product unsatisfactory or damaged.

It also provides you with wireless security as it supports all the standard encryption like WPA/WPA2128bit WEP and WPS. It is pretty smart too, as it can switch between networks whenever it detects any change in the speed of transmission automatically.


12. Trendnet TEW-809UB Wireless USB Receiver

Trendnet TEW-809UB Wireless USB Receiver

Coming to the looks first. It looks more like a drone than a WiFi Adapter. But the build quality is pretty solid which gives it a premium look. Also, the material used is very sturdy yet flexible which you can feel while adjusting the antennas. It has got 4 antennas protruding from the main body (which is a bit bulky but you won’t be needing a cradle to keep it upright).

These antennas are detachable which makes the whole relatively easier to carry, but it would still come under the bulkier adapter section. Because of this, it doesn’t come with a direct USB 3.0. Rather it comes with a USB 3.0 micro-b to USB type -A cable. This cable is approximately 3 feet long which will allow you to keep the adapter in the most optimum place for best reception. And as it supports USB 3.0 it will give a superior transfer speed of 1.4 GBps when connected to an 802.11ac router.

Now coming to the technicalities, all the four antennas have high gain of 5dBi which increases the range of the adapter by four times, making the entire internet experience smoother. It also provides superior quality stability in the connection, which in turn gives you a lag-free gaming experience. The high gain of the antennas also ensures that you get a stable connection even in weak signal areas. Like most of the adapters in this list, this is also a dual-band adapter, which will give you an absurd speed of 1300 MBps at 5GHz band and a speed of 600 MBps at 2.4GHz band. These speeds will help you to play online games without any freeze frames and also allows you to stream 4k videos without buffering.

It is compatible with almost all the versions of PC and Mac OS X. The device comes with a CD-ROM which has all the software required to pair your desktop or laptop to the adapter. Even if your device doesn’t have an optical disk drive, you can still get all the required software from the website which will be mentioned in the manual or box. You will also be getting a 3-year warranty on this product from the manufacturer. This product also has Beamforming which essentially increases the dynamic performance of the adapter by directing a stronger wireless signal to the specific locations of individual device. It also comes with an LED light indicator that shows you the status of the device.

As discussed earlier, because of its build and quality, it is a bit heavy compared to the other adapter in the list. It weighs about 11.2 ounces but according to some satisfied customers, the antennae are very easy to remove and the main body can fit into any pocket of your backpack. Hence it’s practically portable. Now coming to the drawback, this device doesn’t support the 802.11ac protocol, which is a huge let down considering the price of this product. It only supports the rest of the three types of wireless protocol (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n). But if it is speed which you only care about then you can choose this one without any hesitation. The customer support of this product is also great which provides you with all the technical guidance 24/7 whenever necessary.


Best Wifi Adapter For Gaming – Your pick?

So now you know a lot about the wireless adapters and how they work. You also came to know about some of the amazing products that are available in the market that can enhance your gaming experience. But before we bid farewell, we just want to summarise the important aspects that you should keep in mind before making your final decision.

Which Is The Best Wireless Adapter For Gaming?

For a desktop, the PCI-E card will always be the best WiFi adapter, as it can handle pretty hard-core gaming stuff without any lag. But they come with their own set of limitations. They can’t have multiple devices connected to them simultaneously, and also their maximum speed is limited by the motherboard that they are integrated with, no matter how much speed they can reach, which can lead to underperforming results. So if you are looking for something a bit flexible then go for the USB type wireless adapter.

Now the limitation of these adapters is the speed limit of your USB port, but with the introduction of USB 3.0 and the fact that most laptops and desktops come with one, voids that limitation. Beamforming also helps in achieving a solid network strength even in weak signal areas.
Also, most of the hard-core gamers will converge towards the fact that USB wireless adapters will give you the best results no matter what, because they are built incorporating the latest technology, hence their performance is significantly better.

You should also be looking for the latest 802.11ac protocol compatible adapter as they will be able to provide you with maximum speed (just confirm that your router has the same protocol). And if your adapter has dual-band technology then just go for it because you will be able to get a wide range of speed options as well as mobility options (mobility option means, you will be able to move around freely within the house if you use the 2.4GHz band as it can perform well through walls).

You should always check for software compatibility with your current OS version, or else you won’t be able to fully utilise the adapter. There are two best ways you can get the driver for the adapter right. First, install the software that is provided with the package (generally a CD-ROM), which will install all the interface you need to control the adapter. If that is not given, go for the second way, which is going to the official website of the adapter company. Then go to driver download option (generally the website after asking your permission will auto-detect the OS version on your computer). From there, download the software version compatible with your OS, and then install it. This way you won’t be facing any software issues at least.

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