Best Power Supply For Gaming of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Evga 650 GQ2. Evga BR 6003. Corsair CX 750

Power supply units are one of the most underrated components in a gaming PC setup. This is largely due to gamers misunderstanding their usefulness.

However, PSUs can prove to be vital for your PC’s reliability, durability and performance, the three pillars of your gaming experience. Hence, it becomes paramount to choose the best power supply for gaming.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind before opting for computer hardware like a power supply. The first step any gamer should do before buying one is to know their PC in and out. It is then that they will be able to know their requirements.

So, jump into the next section after learning about your PC configuration.


What Are Power Supply Units?

All PSUs are basically used to convert the current from your power outlet before they reach the computer. The outlet current is usually alternating in nature and is not useable by your PC. Hence, a power supply unit is essential for operations.

The converted direct current is supplied to essential components like motherboards, graphics cards, speakers etc. They cannot work in tandem without a power supply unit. Moreover, PSUs also come in handy when the computer overheats or there is voltage fluctuation.

How Power Supply Units Work?

Now that we have seen the importance of having a great power supply unit, let’s see how they work. This vital component is usually found in the form of a metal box placed in a corner of your CPU. It is easily recognisable from the outside as it is connected to the power cord and contains a cooling fan.

PSUs are also called switching power supplies because they use a switcher mechanism to convert AC to DC voltage. The common voltages needed in a PC are 3.3 volts, 5 volts and 12 volts.

Furthermore, the 12 volt supply is used for bigger components like motors and fans while the smaller ones are used for circuits.

Modern power supply units are advanced and as you would know, the whole system can be turned off by using a menu button in the software.

Additionally, there is a standby 5 volt circuit in place which is usually connected to the power button in the CPU. This is in place to let you switch on the power supply and in turn start the whole computer.

A typical power supply unit has small transformers, transistors, cylindrical capacitors and aluminium heat sinks. The transistors take care of the switching while the heat sinks absorb excess heat. Diodes are attached on the sides, which are responsible for converting AC to DC.

Technology has come a long way since computers were first invented and has enabled the best gaming PSU to be a fraction of the size they once were.

The current is usually supplied at 60 Hz and PSUs convert it into a bigger frequency. This allows a miniscule transformer to step down the 220 volt AC input into smaller individual DC voltages.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Power Supply For Gaming

1. Wattage

The first thing you should look for in the specification sheet of a PSU is wattage. Basically, wattage indicates the combined amount of watts that particular power supply can deliver to various internal components. The minimum wattage of a PSU is 300 while some higher end ones come with a staggering 1600 watt capacity.

A potential buyer should always keep in mind that bigger is not always better in the case of gaming PSUs. Although, most gaming PC setups need a lot of wattage, it’s better to check your individual requirements using this online tool.

It really would be beneficial if you don’t spend a ton of money on something you really don’t require.

After getting the exact value of wattage needed, round it off to the bigger near value and look for a PSU with that number. If you plan on adding or upgrading components in the near future, it’s better to buy one with 100-200 watts more than what is recommended.

One important thing to note while looking for wattage on the label is to inspect whether it is continuous wattage or peak wattage. The latter doesn’t tell the complete story. Consider a PSU with a wattage of 500. In the case of peak wattage, the 500 watts are delivered when the demand is maximum for a few minutes.

However, you will find that a continuous wattage PSU will be able to deliver those 500 watts for a prolonged period of time. So, it goes without saying that the best PSU for gaming will come with continuous wattage.

2. Power Efficiency

Now, who wouldn’t want a power supply unit that consumes less power and saves you big bucks on your electricity bill? That’s why prior research to find out the efficiency of a PSU is vital. Moreover, an efficient power supply will also be cool and quiet when throttled.

As we know by now, PSUs convert AC to DC, so that individual components get the correct voltage. During this conversion process, energy will obviously get wasted. Some power supply units waste more energy while some don’t. Consequently, the latter is said to be more efficient than the other.

Thankfully, independent certifiers have created a rating based system that evaluates the efficiency of power supply units. The best gaming power supply will have an 80 plus titanium rating.

That is the gold standard as far as efficiency is considered. However, anything with an efficiency of 80 plus is considered good enough.

3. Rails

The rails are paths through which power flows to the independent components in a PC. Generally, there are two types of rails in a PSU. One is single-rail and the other is multi-rail. As the name indicates, a single rail PSU doesn’t divide the voltage and supplies the full value to a particular component.

However, in multi-rail PSU, voltage is divided into two or more parts. This is usually done by using many connectors and cables. Thus, the single rail system will be able to provide the full power to every component.

On the other hand, the risk is also higher because in case of voltage fluctuation, it will shoot too much current to the components in one go.

This makes the two rail system safe and secure. However, power sharing between two rails can’t occur. If there is a mismatch between maximum amp rating and required amps, overcurrent protection will occur and shut down the system.

So, be aware of your requirements and choose between single rail and multi-rail carefully.

4. Connectors

Connectors and cables are one such factor that do not require too much attention. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are in the market for a very high end and specialised PSU, you should be fine with the standard.

20+4 is the most used connector configuration. It means that 4 pins are separate and can be used according to your needs.

High end PSUs are special in terms of connectors as they use something called as modular cabling. This allows the end user to fit custom cables and connectors. This is highly beneficial when you need to upgrade your gaming PC by attaching many custom parts to your rig.

5. AT And ATX

PSU’s are generally made for two types of motherboards, that is, AT type and ATX type. Sometimes, you can find Power supplies made for both types, but this is very rare.

Most PC’s these days have ATX motherboards and hence require the same kind of PSU. However, it’s better to check the details of the type of motherboard your PC has and then proceed.

6. Brand

The best Power supply for gaming is usually made by the best and most renowned brands in this niche. If you buy a PSU from less reputed brands, you run the risk of using a product that is made from substandard parts.

Moreover, such brands usually overstate the specifications and features to make the product look good.

Longevity is also a massive issue and should never be compromised on. If you buy a power supply from a reputed brand, it will easily last you till your next PC upgrade or even more than that if wattage requirement of both is the same.

Some of the well known brands are Corsair, Antec and Seasonic.

Top 20 Best Power Supply For Gaming 2020

1. Evga 650 GQ

Evga Best Power Supply For GamingThe EVGA 650 GQ is our choice for the best gaming power supply. This is due to its spectacular specifications sheet and top class reviews. You might have figured out from the name itself that the wattage this power supply offers is 650 watts.

This is more than adequate for most gaming PC setups. However, there are some other things that you also need to be aware of. Let’s check them out in the next section

As you would know by reading our previous section, efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider prior to buying a power supply.

We are pleased to note that the 650 GQ doesn’t compromise on that one bit. It comes with a score of 80 plus gold standard. Moreover, the company also claims an efficiency of 90%, which makes it class-leading.

EVGA has ensured the use of the highest quality components inside this power supply unit. Capacitors, which are an important part of the setup, are made by a premier Japanese brand. This ensures that the product lasts long and provides optimal performance.

Another important factor is the semi-modular design that this power supply unit comes with. This is vital to reduce clutter formed due to excess amount of wire. Furthermore, it also makes air flow easier due to less clutter and allows you to use wires that you truly need.

Coming to the fan configuration, the 650 GQ comes with a 135 mm wide fan and has fluid dynamic bearing. EVGA has come up with an eco mode for this PSU that claims to reduce noise levels. This is done by optimal usage of fan only when required.

However, many users have still reported that the noise level is still quite high. This turns out to be one of the minor chinks in the armour of this best selling product.


2. Evga BR 600

Evga BR 600The BR series from EVGA is another popular gaming power supply that has rave reviews online. It is slightly less powerful than the GQ series, having a wattage of 600 watts, but the reliability is equally the same. Adding to that, the wattage is continuous in nature, which means that 600 watts can be supplied constantly. There are some other factors too which set it apart from the competition.

The efficiency might not be the best in class but it is definitely good enough for most users. The rating is 80 plus with bronze. EVGA has made sure it has at least 85% efficiency which means 85% of the AC converted can be used. The cables are completely matte black in nature which gives out a VB classic look.

According to most online reviews, the cable length is more than adequate and also won’t clutter that much even though it doesn’t have a modular design. Moreover, the fan has a diameter of 120 mm and is very quiet unless you throttle it hard in high room temperatures.

EVGA has provided enough number of connectors as it has 20+4 pin for the motherboard, 4+4 pin for the CPU and 6+2 pin for the GPU. On top of that the 600 BR has been equipped with a 12 volt, single rail. This allows it to harness all power at a single go , without splitting.

You might be thinking that since it’s a single rail system, it might be susceptible to voltage fluctuations. However, that has been taken care of by providing a range of protections like OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP and OTP. EVGA has also rolled out a 3-year warranty program for this PSU. This might be reassuring news to many users.

In the end we can say that although the specs may not be best, it is reliable in every aspect. This makes it easy to recommend this product as the best PSU for gaming.


3. Corsair CX 750

Corsair CX 750Corsair are one the most reputable brands when it comes to gaming power supply units. The CX series is one of its best selling range of products.

It’s also the recommended product by critics and users alike in its price category. So what makes this so popular? Read further to find out.

As we can see from the name, the wattage rating is 750 watts, making it one of the higher rated PSUs. This makes it a viable power supply option for even high-end gaming rigs.

The efficiency is also not compromised on as it has an 80 plus bronze rating. Under typical loads, you can expect 85% efficiency from the PSU.

The CX 750 comes with semi-modular cabling. As we already know, this is a big advantage as it reduces clutter to a large extent, makes it easy to install and improves air flow in the unit.

This also helps in keeping the system cool under most circumstances. On top of that, the fan Corsair has implemented a clever design to make fan noise non-existent. However, this works only during regular usage.

This particular product from Corsair comes with an all matte black design, making it blend in with your sporty gaming PC. The company has gone with a single 12V rail to offer the best compatibility.

Last but not the least, the product weighs just 6 pounds, making it one of the lightest. All things considered, this proves to be a powerful and all round PSU that you can buy with eyes closed.


4. Corsair RMX 750X

Corsair RMX 750XThe RMX series from Corsair is it’s premium range of power supply units. The price may be more than most of the other products on this list but the experience you get from these products is also top-notch.

The wattage, although quite high, is the same as in the CX series, which is priced lower. However, other enhancements justify the price.

The RMX 750X comes with a great efficiency rating of 80 plus gold. Furthermore, Corsair claims that this power supply offers one of the best voltage regulation that you can find in gaming PSU’s. The user reviews support these claims too.

In addition to this, the cabling is fully modular in nature. This is seldom found in other power supply units on this list. The result is faster installation since you can mount the unit first and later attach the cables needed.

Another advantage is less clutter and more space for air to move around, keeping the system cool.

Corsair hasn’t compromised on internal components either. They have used state-of-the-art 105° degree Japanese capacitors. Using these quality components means that the company can provide 10 years of warranty on the power supply unit.

Coming to the noise and heat level, there isn’t an issue in those departments too. The fan is quite large in size but won’t be turned on at all in low and medium usage.

This takes care of the noise that some PSUs are infamous for. Also, according to the reviews, it doesn’t get overheated either.

The cables are also of top notch quality. They are paracord sleeved and come in white colour. This along with the fully modular setup ensures a satisfactory cabling network.

The item weight is also one of the lowest at 4 pounds. All this makes it the best power supply for gaming if you are willing to spend a bit extra.


5. Evga Supernova 1200

Evga Supernova 1200The supernova 1200 is one of the higher priced power supply units that EVGA has in its product list. That is because it has the best specifications found in gaming PSUs and can take on any other product.

As you might have noticed, there is a massive 1200 watt capacity that can be used to power any high-end gaming rig. It also has many other features that will be discussed in the next few paragraphs.

To compensate for that huge power supply, EVGA has made this PSU so efficient that it has been rated 80 plus platinum. This is the highest efficiency rating that a power supply unit can obtain.

On normal loads, you can expect it to convert 92% of the AC voltage into DC. The efficiency may decrease with increase in load.

As you would expect from a product in this price range, the cable system is fully modular in nature. This will lead to a clutter free experience while connecting various components. Moreover, the cables are braided so that they don’t get tangled.

EVGA has also used high quality components inside. We say this because all the capacitors and other vital parts are made by Japanese companies.

This makes it a reliable product that is sure to last long. On this premise, EVGA has been confident enough to provide a 10 year warranty on the Supernova 1200.

The fan size is 140 mm and it is made using double ball bearing setup. You would be pleased to know that no user reported an issue with its noise level or cooling rate. However, it’s huge size and weight is a drawback.

All things put into perspective, we have to say that you won’t go wrong by buying this big capacity PSU. In fact, this will at least last you a decade owing to its huge power capacity.


6. Seasonic Focus Plus 850

Seasonic Focus Plus 850As we have already mentioned in a previous segment, Seasonic is one of the best brands you can choose while buying a power supply unit for gaming.

The focus plus 850 is one of the ideal PSUs as it doesn’t cost a bomb but still has functionality sufficient for most users. An 850 watt power supply will give you enough juice even if you want to upgrade in the future.

The efficiency is satisfactory as it has been rated 80 plus gold. Seasonic has clearly mentioned the efficiency percentage At different loads.

At peak load, you can expect 87% efficiency while it improves to 90% under 50% of peak load. However, it again drops down to 87% if used at a low load of 20%.

Coming to modularity; it has been provided with a fully modular setup. This is vital when dealing with high capacity power supply units and it’s good to see Seasonic have not compromised on it.

As you already know, the full modularity will improve the air ventilation to a large extent and reduce unwanted clutter.

Seasonic has made this PSU really compact and light in weight as compared to its counterparts from other brands. This would definitely be a game changer if you are finding it difficult to choose between two similar PSUs.

In addition, the brand has implemented its patented three phase thermal control to reduce fan usage and still keep the system cool. This also reduces fan noise.

Last but not the least, Seasonic has provided a 10 year warranty cover for this PSU. This is a very commendable strategy at this price point and power capacity. Hearing all this, you might not be wrong in thinking that this is the best power supply for gaming.


7. Corsair AXi Series 1200

Corsair AXi Series 1200The Corsair brand needs no introduction. The AXi series is definitely one it’s premium offerings. The design is a testament to that as it takes power supply aesthetics to the next level.

However, design and looks aren’t the only few things that make it stand apart. Read on further to know the other features.

As you might have noticed, this PSU comes with a whopping 1200 watt capacity. This means you don’t need to worry about upgrading at all unless the internal components have some problems. You can easily expect 10 years of worry free usage.

The efficiency is also top of the line as it is rated at the best possible rating of 80 plus platinum. Corsair claims this is the first series of PSUs to use DSP control. Moreover, the company’s patented iCUE technology is also said to improve customisation capabilities.

Connecting the motherboard with a USB and downloading the Corsair iCUE software will enable you to monitor the performance of your PSU in real time. This is one of the unique selling points of this series.

Even the voltage being supplied can be regulated to save the components from unnecessary loads.

The platinum rating also means that heating is kept to the bare minimum. This also impacts the fan speed and hence, the noise emanated. As a result, we were hard pressed to find any issues with heat and noise in the user reviews.

As you would expect from a power supply of this price, the system is fully modular meaning easy installation, more air ventilation and no clutter at all.

One drawback that we could spot was the bulkiness of this product. This might be a big factor of consideration for some.


8. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750

Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 750Although Thermaltake might not be the most famous brand when it comes to power supply units, the great specifications and value for money make us recommend this wanting a great PSU for a low amount. Let’s find out more about the product down below.

The Toughpower Grand comes with a 750 watt output that would be sufficient for most gamers. However, if you plan on upgrading your rig in the near future, this might not be the PSU for you.

Coming to the design aspect, this power supply unit is very unique as it has a color ring that can produce 256 different shades. This makes it apt for anyone buying it for a gaming PC setup.

The fan has been placed with its face up, so that users can see the range of light it emits. There is also an option of selecting just one light to display.

The face-up fan also has a functionality advantage because it can be an exhaust mechanism to take out excessive heat from the chassis. Thermaltake claims that this reduces heat by up to 3°C.

In addition, the company has put in place hydraulic bearings to reduce noise as much as possible. This has worked wonders as no user reported excessive noise from the power supply unit.

Moreover, the ripple noise under 50 mV also has been taken care of. This will ensure longer lifespan for essential hardware like GPUs.

Although the price may be lower than its competitors, thermaltake hasn’t compromised on quality at all.

They have used top-notch Japanese capacitors that can handle 105°C of heat. This is unparalleled at this price point. Another price leading feature is its full modularity. The added benefits of this are known to all.


9. Apevia ATX VS450W

Apevia ATX VS450WOne of the lowest priced power supply units on this list is the ATX VS450W from Apevia. This should be your go-to choice if your budget is low or you don’t need a PSU with high output.

However, you should note that there isn’t any particular feature that will floor you. Seeing the price, we are not complaining though.

The VS450W comes with a 450 watt output that is sufficient for entry level gaming PC setups. However, anything above that isn’t recommended as it will not provide a satisfactory experience and also reduce PSU life.

The efficiency is nothing to write home about. We assume that as Apevia hasn’t mentioned a rating for this product.

One thing to note is that the wattage being provided through this PSU isn’t continuous, but peak. So it won’t be very ideal when dealing with large and heavy games. The design is also very basic, but you really can’t have better aesthetics at this price.

The power supply also doesn’t offer any type of modularity or braided wires. However, since the output is not high, heating won’t be a big issue. On the other hand, clutter and tangling of wires is something that you will have to deal with.

Apevia is providing a basic 20+4 pin for the main supply and an additional 4 pin for peripherals. You might want to buy extra cables that you need, separately. For safety concerns, the company has provided protection against over voltage, under voltage, short circuits, high temperatures etc. Nevertheless, it won’t be wise to throttle this PSU hard.

The weight is also very less and it is easy to handle. In the end, we would like to say that if you have a budget constraint, this is one of the best power supply for gaming.


10. Corsair SF600

Corsair SF600The SF series from Corsair make up its mid-range power supply units. It brings some of the coveted features from the higher end while keeping the price low.

This is done by reducing the output wattage. Hence, it’s safe to recommend these PSU’s who want the best quality but don’t need so much power.

The main advantage of using the SF series is the compact form factor that it comes with. It makes it easy to install but also doesn’t compromise on quality, longevity and reliability due to Corsair’s world class engineering.

Also, there are no issues regarding continuous power supply.

The cabling network is also of excellent quality. Paracord cables are something that the company has brought down from its higher end products.

This gives the SF600 an added advantage in this segment. Corsair has also ensured that each cable is individually sleeved to make routing and management of cables easier.

The efficiency is something which gives this PSU an edge over its competitors. Being rated at 80 plus platinum is not something common in this segment at all.

The higher efficiency also results in better heat management and very low sound output. Corsair has also added it’s zero RPM fan mode to better manage the sound.

Talking about the fan, it has a diameter of 92 mm. This may seem low, but there are no issues in heating and that makes us believe it is sufficient. In addition, the capacitors used internally are Japanese and can withstand 105°C maximum temperature.

The unique aspect of this PSU is that instead of wires, Corsair has used soldered PCBs in some cases. This reduces ripple and fan noise to a large extent. Needless to say, it also has protection against all the common electrical hazards.

All in all, we really like this product and would like to claim this as the best power supply for gaming if you want a 600 watt output.


11. Rosewill Gaming 1200W PSU

Rosewill Gaming 1200W PSUProbably one of the best value for money gaming PSUs that you can buy these days is this spectacular product from Rosewill.

We say that because in a price range populated by 600-700 watt power supply, Rosewill has been able to provide us with a 1200W output. That is not all, there are some other interesting things too, which we will see shortly.

The efficiency of this product is also very good if not spectacular for this price range. It is rated at 80 plus gold. This will ensure you get a minimum of 90% efficiency percentage on most type of loads.

Moreover, the company has also provided full modularity, ensuring easy setup. The added advantages are less tangling and more air movement.

The single fan is 135 mm in diameter and is definitely big enough for a 1200 watt output. It also has the feature of auto speed control that is found in higher end PSU’s.

Additionally, the type of rail used is single rail, allowing you to harness all the power at one go. To protect against damage, Rosewill has also provided ways to shield against common electrical failures.

The package includes a 20+4 pin for the main connection and eight 6+2 pins for other connections like GPU etc. It also has 4+4 and single 4 pin connectors inside the box. The weight is also not too much considering that it has 1200 watt capacity.

The full modularity, efficient supply and auto on-off can help the power supply unit in reducing noise from the fan and ripples. It also goes a long way in keeping the whole system cool. Moreover, we haven’t noticed anyone complaining about noise and heat issues in the user reviews.

Finally, The Rosewill PSU is definitely a great choice for someone who doesn’t want to burn a hole in their pocket trying to buy a 1200W PSU.


12. Corsair CX550

Corsair CX550One of the numerous products on this list from Corsair is the CX550. It is an entry level power supply unit from the manufacturer that is ideal for anyone who has set out to build a basic gaming PC for themselves.

The cost may be a bit higher than what you would generally spend on a 500 watt power supply. However, the company has brought in some cool features found in higher priced PSUs to give it an edge.

As with every product from Corsair, you can expect class leading reliability and longevity. You should really consider this as an one-time investment. However, buying a low output power supply is risky as you might wish to upgrade your PC 5 years down the line.

Coming to the actual features, you won’t find any glaring issues. It has got an 80 plus bronze rating for efficiency which is more than enough for a power supply of this output and price.

The CX550 also comes with full modularity. This is almost unheard of in this configuration. This is definitely a plus for people who are building a gaming PC for the first time.

Coming to the looks and design of this product, Corsair has got it spot on. The matte black finish and black wires give a stealthy look.

Additionally, the fan on this power supply unit is adequately large and can run in a very silent way. It also does a great job of reducing the heat when you increase the load on the system.

Lastly, as with all Corsair power supply units, it is very low in weight and won’t be of much trouble while installing.

All together, We have to commend Corsair for creating an excellent quality product at this price point. For anyone building a basic rig, this is the best power supply for gaming they can choose.


13. Evga Supernova 1600 T2

Evga Supernova 1600 T2The Supernova 1600 T2 is the second product from EVGA’s famed Supernova series of power supply units. This is the PSU with the highest output wattage in this list.

If you are in the market for a such powerful power supply for your gaming needs, then this is the product that we would have to recommend.

With such great specifications and features, its natural that it comes with such a high price tag. The efficiency is also at the peak of what PSUs can offer currently. It is rated at a whopping 80 plus titanium.

This is something that isn’t found in any PSU on this list. Moreover, the rating translates to almost 96% efficiency percentage when using it as normal loads. The lowest it can go is 94%.

It goes without saying that EVGA offers full modularity on this power supply unit. Combined with such a high efficiency rate, you would be hard pressed to make this PSU heat up beyond comfort levels.

This combined with top of the line internal components will make sure you have a stellar experience while gaming. The longevity, reliability, overclock capacity and comfort levels are the best ever.

The size of the fan is 140 mm which is almost standard across any power supply with more than 1200 watt output. It has a double ball bearing design to reduce crankiness and noise.

You would be pleased to find that none of the users reported any issues with the noise levels even at higher loads. In the end, if you have the money to spend, then this is the best power supply for gaming.


14. Asus ROG Thor 1200

Asus ROG Thor 1200Although Asus is a very well known name in the gaming niche, it isn’t popular as a power supply unit manufacturer. Although, the ROG Thor 1200 is one product that the masses have liked.

This is owing to its great design and specifications. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Asus has used it’s ROG (Republic Of Gamers) platform to release some groundbreaking gaming hardware and software.

The Thor 1200 follows suit as superb value for money power supply. It offers a 1200 output wattage at a great price. In addition There are a lot of unique features in this product.

The efficiency of the ROG 1200 is very good. The rating of 80 plus platinum is more than sufficient for most gamers. It will return an efficiency percentage of 90% if used under normal loads.

The fan used for the purpose of cooling is 135 mm wing-blade fan. This is very unique in nature as the design is patented to increase the lifespan of internal hardware.

Furthermore, the blade is dust resistant and is also IP5X rated. To further reduce temperature, a heat sink is also provided that is not found in any other power supply. It is claimed to reduce heat by 20%.

Another very unique thing about this power supply unit is that it comes with synchronous RGB LED lights. It emits the same colour of light that is being emitted by the other components in your gaming rig.

It also consists of an OLED display whose sole purpose is to provide real time info about the power being used. This is another feature that isn’t found in other PSUs.

Asus hasn’t compromised on quality of internal hardware as well. It has used the best quality Japanese capacitors for reliability and longevity. Lastly, all the cables are sleeved in order to protect them against damage and also make set-up easy.

One drawback that we were able to find was that the PSU is quite heavy at 11 pounds. Other than that, it gives tough competition to the best power supply for gaming.


15. Gigabyte G750H

Gigabyte G750HThe Gigabyte 750H is a value for money power supply unit. This is a viable option for anyone looking to buy a relatively high output PSU but don’t want to spend too much on products from bigger brands.

It has all the features you would want if you a powerful gaming rig but doesn’t offer anything special. However, at this price, it’s hard to complain.

As you would have already guessed, the maximum output wattage is 750. However, since it’s continuous, you won’t have to worry about less power. The efficiency is 80 plus gold rated.

It is very difficult to find a power supply that has this high a rating around this price point. So, if your main concern is efficiency, this is a good product for you.

Gigabyte has also been able to install high quality Japanese capacitors internally that will ensure reliable power supply with minimal fluctuations. The fan is also very large for the power output as it is 140 mm in diameter.

This size is usually found in PSUs which give 1000 watt output. The fan also doesn’t produce so much noise that it becomes unbearable.

Although the G750H isn’t fully modular in nature, Gigabyte has given it semi modular functionality. For the price, it is standard and we really shouldn’t expect more. This along with the large fan is perfect to reduce the temperature.

Moreover, users are very satisfied with the quiet and coolness of this power supply.

This particular PSU also comes with single rails to allow the maximum power supply to components, without dividing it up into sections.

All things considered, we would be dumb to not recommend this product to anyone on the lookout for a 700 watt power supply on a budget.


16. Apevia ATX AS450W Astro

Apevia ATX AS450W AstroThe second product from Apevia on this list is also a very low cost power supply unit that is designed for the most basic of gaming computers. It is also quite similar to the VS450W in both looks and functionalities.

As you might have figured out, it comes with a 450 watt output. Although this is good enough even for some mid-range gaming rigs, the lack of other features prevents it from being an option for those PCs.

The AS450W comes with a fan of diameter 120 mm, which would be adequate to cool a PSU of this output.

Additionally, it is also automatic in nature, meaning it gets turned on by itself when the temperature increases or it senses a heavy load. This is definitely one of its better features.

Inside the box you will find a 20+4 main connector pin and a single 4 pin. It does miss out on having both 6+2 or 4+4 pins. This is definitely one of its major drawbacks.

Apevia has also given it 5% tolerance against 5V, 3.3V and 12V outputs. This is also quite familiar in this price range.

Since the power supply unit is using a single rail mechanism, the manufacturer has provided it with protection against common electrical hazards like short circuits, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature etc.

This however doesn’t cover every type of hazard like the PSUs from bigger brands.

Additionally, the weight seems to be quite low at just 2.65 pounds. Even for a 450 watt PSU, this seems low.


17. Letang Raidmax Cobra

Letang Raidmax CobraLetang might not be a very famous brand in terms of power supply units, but this product from the manufacturer is one of the highest rated PSUs in its price bracket.

It boasts of class leading specifications and a very funky looking design suited for gaming PC’s. What else has it got to offer? Let’s find out in the next section.

The power output wattage of the Raidmax Cobra is 700 watts. This is unparalleled at this price point. You can also find 700 watt PSUs for twice or thrice this price.

The efficiency is also class leading as it is rated at 80 plus bronze. This means that at normal load, it can give an efficiency percentage of 85%.

The combination of good power output and great efficiency means that this power supply can punch well above its weight and give competitors a run for their money.

Although the company has not specified the size of the fan being used, users have reported that it’s big enough and can handle all the heat that is produced under peak load. It is also quite by nature and the noise won’t distract you.

Letang has not been able to provide semi or full modularity in this product. However, we should not consider it a drawback at this price point. Moreover, since there isn’t any heating issue or tough installation, modularity wouldn’t have made a big difference.

The system uses a single rail design and Letang has its vulnerability covered by making it resistant to short circuits, over power, over and under volt. It has also provided all connectors necessary like the 20+4, 6+2, 4+4 etc.

Last but not the least, the weight is around 4.2 pounds, typical of most 700 watt power supply units. All of this makes it the best power supply for gaming at this price point.


18. Evga 500BT

Evga 500BTWe have reviewed a long list of EVGA products in this article and the last one is from the lower end of its spectrum. Although it’s specifications might be at a lower level than the similar priced Letang Raidmax Cobra, the EVGA brand name and reliability make it a viable option.

Unlike other EVGA power supplies, it doesn’t have a list of unique features that sets it apart from others but offers good value for money.

It has an output wattage of 500 which is good enough for a mid-range gaming rig. The efficiency is also quite good as it has an 80 plus bronze rating.

This combination will suffice for most gamers. The fan diameter is around 120 mm, this is typical for 500 watt power supplies.

Like most other EVGA products, the product users have not reported any issues in reliability or longevity. Also, the fan is quiet and the system remains relatively cool under intense loads.


19. Coolmax I500

Coolmax I500Coolmax is one of the brands that makes very affordable power supply units. Most of its products occupy the lower price categories. Hence, it is in direct competition with Apevia.

The consumers have received the I500 with good reviews. Also, the specifications offered by the power supply unit is more than enough for the price tag.

The power output from this unit is around 500 watts. This is more than enough for a mid level gaming PC but other features like efficiency and temperature control will not be suitable for it.

One thing that does disappoint is that even though the PSU has a single rail design, the company hasn’t provided protection against under voltage and over temperature.


20. Coolmax 240 Power Supply

Coolmax 240 Power SupplyThe Coolmax 240 is the lowest priced power supply unit on this list. It is very similar to its bigger brother, the I500. The only difference you would be able to spot is in the power output.

The form factor is very basic and doesn’t consist of braided cables, modularity, all black wires etc.

The 400 watt output will be enough to power the most basic gaming rigs. However, it doesn’t have very good efficiency or an automated fan. This might make it obsolete in the coming years.

Also, the company has provided just a 20+4 and single 4 pin. All this makes us recommend this product only for the entry level gaming rigs.


Best Power Supply For Gaming – Your pick?

So, we have come to the end of our list. Without a doubt, these are the best options for power supply for gaming that your money can buy right now. We have tried to include products from every price range.

We have also adhered to customer requirements and selected products that would suit every type of consumer out there. So in a nutshell, we can say that there is something for everyone.

However, there might be some who are still spoilt for choice looking at all the options in this list. For them, let us condense down everything in the above sections down to a few paragraphs.

If you have a gaming rig, in most probabilities, a power supply unit with an output of less than 750 watts will be more than enough. Hence for such people the EVGA 650GQ, EVGA 600BR and the Corsair 750CX is recommended

If you are a consumer who wants the biggest output possible for your power hungry PC, then the EVGA Supernova 1600 should be your go to power supply unit.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, you might want one that is very basic in nature. For such users, the Apevia ATX VS450X should be your go to option.

There will definitely be some consumers who will be looking for a product that provides the most bang for your buck. Such users would definitely be interested in Gigabyte G750H.

Those looking for a superb product from a well established brand should look no further than the products from Corsair.

We understand that some people might be design fanatics. Such consumers who give a lot of importance to aesthetics should definitely look at the Asus ROG Thor 1200.

It has a very unique design and also offers some very unique features. Those who want a low output power supply but from a good brand should look at the Corsair CX550.

Also, the Rosewill PSU deserves a shoutout as it is the best all-rounder. It is very cheap for a 1200 watt output PSU but also doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

Hope the above few paragraphs have cleared up everything and made it even easier for you to choose the best power supply for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good power supply wattage for gaming

It’s a frequent occurrence that many gamers overestimate their power supply needs and buy large PSUs that are overkill for their gaming rig. This is usually done on the pretense of being on the safer side or for future upgrades. However, this can lead to more power consumption, reduced efficiency in the long run, increased build cost and operation cost etc.

So, to make it more clear to gamers reading this, here is a general rule of thumb. If you use a beginner level gaming rig, then a power supply unit of 300-450 watts output is more than enough. If you use a mid-range gaming PC then you would need anywhere from 450-650 watts of output from your PSU. However, if you do use a very high-end gaming PC, then too you would not have an output wattage of more than 900 watts.

2. How Long Would My PSU Last?

Like with any other product, it totally depends on the quality of the components used. Assuming that very good quality internals are being used, it would be fair to expect a lifespan of 5-6 years. However,if the warranty of the power supply unit is more than that, it will last as long as the warranty period.

To make sure that you get the best longevity, don’t subject your PSU to loads that it can’t handle. Also, before buying, it’s better to buy from a reputed brand and make sure the internals are of great quality.

3. What are the signs of a bad power supply?

Lookout for these vital indicators to know if your power supply is of bad quality or is at the end of its lifespan:

  • Trouble in starting up or hanging up during starts
  • Random shutdowns in the middle of operations
  • Occurence of memory type errors and parity checks
  • Fan or HDD not switching on even under intense load
  • Fan switching on under very basic tasks and loads
  • Overheating due to a number of reasons

4. What are some of the best brands which make power supply units?

The best brands when it comes to power supply units are Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA and Antec. If you have a choice, always prefer these brands.

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