Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Black Hawks2. SteelSeries3. Corsair
Blade Hawks RGBSteelSeries QcKCorsair MM300 (Extended)

Sometimes certain desk surfaces can be really unsuitable for your gaming mouse. They can be uneven and bumpy in places. However, even the smooth glass tables prove to be highly inappropriate for optical mice.

There are plenty of good reasons to why getting a gaming mousepad is a good idea for your gaming desk and other gaming hardware. For starters, it will help prevent your mouse from wearing out the polish of your desk’s varnished wood surface. It also prevents the transfer of dust particles, which are collected on your desk, to the mouse’s feet.


There are plenty of affordable mouse pads available. However, in order to find the best gaming mouse pad that works well for your gaming desk, the following are some of the factors you need to consider beforehand.

Factors To Look For When Buying A Gaming Mousepad

1. Material And Texture: Smooth Or Hard

Most gaming mousepads use cloth surfaces instead of smooth plastic or teflon fabric. This is largely because they are a lot more thicker, softer, and smoother than others. The gliding surface allows the mouse to be consistent throughout.

A smooth mousepad makes it much easier for FPS and action-packed games that feature quick impulsive movement. However, at the same time, the more textured your mousepad is, the more control you have over your shots. This is essential for games where the main focus is on precision and accuracy.

Finding the right mousepad that strikes a balance between smooth and textured surface can save you a lot of time in levelling up your skills in the long run.

2. Size

Most mousepads are about 8 to 10 inches in length. However, if your priority is gaming, then that 10 inches of gaming space isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need a gaming pad that is much larger and wider than that to accommodate your keyboard, your mouse, and even your laptop, if you prefer it that way.

There are several gaming pads that come in large sizes, ranging between 15 to 31 inches. Extra large and extended versions, too, are available for certain brands. Not only does the size give you enough space to fit your keyboard and other gaming gear, it also helps dampen the sound of you striking your keys during an immersive MMO gaming session.

A larger mouse pad also gives you enough free space to move. This is great for gaming titles where you need to make a long sweeping motions that require a lot of room.
Choosing the best gaming mouse pad for yourself is largely dependent on the size of your gaming desk. If you own a large desk, go for a large mousepad. It will help make your gaming surface look less cluttered and more appealing.

3. Thickness Of The Pad

The thicker your gaming pad is, the more comfortable your gaming experience becomes. This is because a gaming mousepad with enough padding or cushioning feels softer on you wrist, so that it doesn’t feel calloused or numb at the end of your long gaming session.

On the other hand, there are some gaming mouse pads that are extremely thin and perfectly adapt to your gaming desk’s surface, so much so that they nearly seem to be a part of the desk itself. These mousepads make for great mouse performances and are easily portable in case you have to take them to the nearest gaming cafe or gaming events. However, they might not offer much in terms of comfort.

It would be best to weigh out the options and see which of the two types suit your gaming needs. Are you looking for a more comfortable gaming pad or a better performing one? Are you interested in buying a softer model or an easily portable one? This is entirely up to you to decide.

4. RGB Lighting

A lot of gaming mousepads theses days come equipped with a combination of dynamic and static lighting modes. They help make your gaming area look a lot more fancy with the flashy LED display lights.

Some gamers would rather not pay extra for the lighting features since it doesn’t do much to enhance your gaming performance whereas some of the more casual gamers don’t mind having a showy display to impress little toddlers and kids when at home.

If you’re playing in a really dark gaming environment, then the lighting can be really useful to give your gaming desk a nice glow that helps you see the keys and tell them apart during a fast-paced game.

5. Non-slip Rubber Base

This is a feature that most gaming mousepad offer. The underside of the pad is textured rubber. It helps keep your mousepad planted firmly on your desktop and prevents it from slipping in response to random movements. In other words, they keep your mouse pads glued to the surface of your desk.

Some pads have a sticky adhesive texture at the bottom that ensures no matter how fast or aggressive your gameplay is, the mousepad stays resolutely in place without budging an inch.

6. Anti-fraying

You might find that some of the best gaming mouse pads we’re about to mention have stitches along their edges that keep the pad’s fabric from peeling off and looking worn out over time, thus ensuring that the pad lasts a lot longer.

Top 15 Best Gaming Mousepads 2020

1. Blade Hawks RGB

Blade Hawks RGB Best Gaming Mouse Pad

The Blade Hawks is one of the best gaming mouse pads you can find in the market right now. The cloth is made of super-fine fiber and provides a very smooth and comfortable gaming experience. The surface is thin enough to ensure that your wrist doesn’t hurt.

The pad is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the cloth if you accidentally spill your beverage on to it during an intense session.

The non-slip rubber base features two layers of thick fabric that make it super rigid so you don’t have to worry about the pad sliding off-position during your gameplay.

The 31.5 inch gaming mouse pad is large enough to accommodate just about any keyboard and mouse setup, offering you plenty of room for navigation. It allows for an extremely dynamic gaming experience.

What distinguishes the Blade Hawks from the rest of the gaming mousepads is its combination of dynamic and static lighting modes. There are a total of 10 lighting modes, 7 of which are dynamic and the remaining 3 are static.

The Blade Hawks’s lighting only requires a USB port. All you need to do is plug it into your system and you’re ready to go. Besides, the lighting can be easily controlled using a single button. A simple click allows you to change the lighting modes while pressing for longer durations is how you change the brightness.

While some hardcore gamers might find the flashy LED lighting a bit gimmicky and unnecessary, the more casual gamers are more than likely to not mind the RGB lighting that certainly sets the mood for some space war action as you’re playing StarCraft.

It is definitely the best gaming mouse pad you can get at a price below $20. The affordable price combined with the various lighting modes and the generous gaming space it offers make it a solid buy.


2. SteelSeries Qck

SteelSeries QcK

The SteelSeries Qck may not be the largest gaming mousepad you can get, but at its price, it certainly is one of the smoothest.

The micro woven cloth surface offers splendid and fluid gaming performance allowing you to navigate your mouse with pinpoint accuracy without ever messing up the precision of your shot. We all know how annoying it is when your car veers off course during a highly competitive circuit race. You can rest assured that this won’t be an issue with the SteelSeries QcK, which offers you absolute dominance over your gaming controls.

The non-slip rubber base is adhesive enough to stick to your desk’s surface tight, and regardless of how aggressive your mouse movements are, it won’t budge an inch once you spread it out over your gaming table.

The few minor quips we had with the gaming pad was the fact that compared to some of the other models, the size isn’t all that remarkable. It’s great for a medium gaming platform set up, but if you’re looking for something more suitable for a dual monitor and large keyboard, you might want to look elsewhere.

Another drawback is the lack of any waterproof coating. This is a bit of an issue if you’re someone who likes to enjoy a meal or a can of coke at your gaming space while playing. You wouldn’t want to play for long hours either, since the pad isn’t very good at handling natural skin oils.

Overall, the SteelSeries is the best mouse pad for gaming if you’re looking for something that works well for your daily CS:GO sessions. The pad offers incredibly smooth mouse control, is large enough to fit your average gaming keyboard while still leaving you plenty of room for free movement, and just as easily can be rolled up and stored in your backpack if you’re a gamer on the move. It also features a very minimalist all-black design that generally appeals to more serious gamers. At a very affordable price, the Qck is quite the catch.


3. Corsair MM300 (Extended)

Corsair MM300 (Extended)

The MM300 is a gaming mousepad that works well with any type of mouse, be it laser or optical. While it might be a bit narrow, the 92 cm length makes it big enough to cover just about any desktop surface with ease.

Designed to look like scratched steel with the Corsair sails emblem (looks like a combination of the Dark Knight Rises logo with the Stark wolf banner), the MM300 has a perfect rubber base that gives the mousepad a tight grip on the desk surface. It also features merrow stitching on the edges to prevent the top layer of the cloth from fraying. This ensures that the mousepad lasts much longer than most average gaming pads. However, the edges don’t feature the rubber base as the rest of the pad, so you can expect there to be some movement along the edge if you tug on it too hard.

It is worth mentioning that the Corsair logo is woven into the mousepad rather than imprinted on it. This is to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your gameplay.

The fabric is woven tight enough to offer your gaming mouse a smooth and frictionless gliding performance.

The silky-smooth texture also makes the pad easier to clean. Given that it is made of cloth material, it is recommended that you try not to spill any food or beverage onto the pad since that would make it a lot harder to clean.

The MM300 is also quite bulky enough that its weight along with its rubber base allows it to rest on your desktop without being prone to any sudden movement.

The pad’s surface is also comfortable and smooth enough to set your wrists on for hours without it feeling rough or harsh on your skin.

In short, the Corsair MM300 extended is one of the best gaming mouse pads you can find that is large enough to accommodate your deskspace and allow for a fantastic gaming experience.

If you’re enthusiastic about First Person shooters such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike, then the Corsair MM300 is definitely the mousepad to go with.


4. AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Mouse Pad

AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Mouse Pad

If you’re looking for a purely functional gaming mouse pad for ultralong gaming sessions, the AmazonBasics pad is an extremely affordable choice.

Like many other standard gaming mouse pads, the AmazonBasics uses a non-slip rubber base for ensuring a tight grip that prevents it from slipping and sliding across the desk during those hour-long gaming sessions.

The cloth is made of high-quality material and the best part of all, it can be washed using a machine. So if you do feel like tossing your mousepad into the machine for a regular wash or in case you spilled your morning coffee on it by accident, there’s no reason for you to worry about damaging the cloth.

Compared to a lot of other gaming mousepads, it might be a bit thin. It also does tend to collect a lot of dust and natural oils, sweat, etc. over time, so washing it regularly is more of a necessity than an option. The edges are also irritatingly sharp, but do flatten out on the table over time.

However, there’s more than enough space for you to move your arms up and down while controlling a low sensitivity mouse without putting too much pressure on your wrist.

The AmazonBasics is yet another one of the best gaming mouse pads that offer quality performance within a budget price.


5. Havit RGB

Havit RGB

The Havit RGB is yet another affordably priced gaming mousepad that comes with amazing features well above what it costs.

The mousepad is soft enough to provide comfort to gamers who are looking for a mousepad that works well for long sessions of gaming. It can also easily be folded, so if you happen to be a gamer on the go looking for an easily portable gaming mouse pad then the Havit RGB is certainly a great choice.

Like many other mousepads, the Havit RGB features an Anti-slip rubber base that keeps it tightly gripped to the surface of your gaming desk.

There are plenty of lighting modes (seven dynamic and static) for you to choose from, and changing them from time to time is super easy since they can all be accessed using a single button on your mousepad. If you’re used to gaming in a dark corner of your room where the only source of light is your brightly lit PC screen, the RGB lighting modes can be a nice way to brighten up your gaming environment. By merely touching a single button, you can watch your gaming mat flicker and come alive to set the tone for your next spaceship adventure.

The mouse pad is about 14 inches long and almost 10 inches wide, perfect for accommodating your gaming mouse while giving enough space to maneuver it along as you’re exploring foreign land or shooting down enemies in Call of Duty or busy building an empire in World of Warcraft.

The Havit RGB also handles heavy objects very well. Laptops, cans, cups, mugs, no matter what you throw at it, nothing leaves a lasting imprint, which is a huge plus in the case of such an inexpensive mousepad.


6. Glorious


The mousepad is designed by the Glorious PC gaming race, an organisation of gamers dedicated to producing high quality yet affordably priced gaming gear.

The Glorious gaming mousepad comes in a variety of sizes, from large to extra large all the way to 3XL.

The micro-woven cloth is super comfy and with an extremely smooth surface that offers a consistent and easy-glide quality throughout. In a lot of ways, the material is quite similar to the SteelSeries QcK.

Flattening the mousepad might take a few days. The underside is textured rubber that prevents it from slipping around your desk. While the rubber material might not stick to your gaming table the way the SteelSeries QcK would, its sheer mass helps it stay firmly grounded.

The surface of the pad is completely even once you lay it out on the table. There isn’t the slightest hint of abnormalities or uneven spots anywhere. The stitches along the edge of the mat may make it stick out a little, but apart from that, there isn’t much at fault with this terrific gaming mousepad.

Performance-wise, it is a solid and exceptionally good mousepad. The sensors respond well regardless of which mouse you’re using.

It is also worth mentioning that the mousepad is machine washable. This is a huge plus when it comes to regular washing.

The Glorious gaming pad is ideal for fast-paced action gaming titles that require quick and speedy mouse movement.


7. VicTsing Extended

VicTsing Extended

The VicTsing mouse pad features a braided super fine surface and at 31 inches, large enough to fit just about any keyboard and mouse while providing ample room for movement.

The stitched edges make it more capable of holding up well to daily use and keeps it from wearing out or deforming over time.

The microfiber texture is perfect for smoothly gliding any mouse model along its surface. It also makes it all the more perfect for FPS and fast-paced games that focus on speedy mouse movement and quick reflexes. It allows you to retain more control over your gameplay during sharp shooting games where precision is key.

As expected, the base is a non-slip rubber stitched together to ensure that the mousepad stays firmly rooted to your desktop.

The pad is thick enough to dampen the constant annoying clicking noises from the keyboard. It also features water-resistant coating, which makes it all the more appealing to gamers who like to have their drinks by their side as they engage in hour-long sessions of Overwatch and can’t help it if some of it actually spills onto the pad. You can clean your pad up in an instant. All you would need to do is give it a thorough wipe-down with a dry cloth, and you’re good to go.


8. Pecham


The Pecham mousepad is the latest in a line of gaming pads that come at affordable rates while at the same time offer a super comfy surface for your to set your keyboard and mouse on.

Not only is the 3mm thick water-resistant pad safe for drinking your morning cup of coffee, but it is also the perfect protective cover for your desktop surface keeping it safe from scratches and other potential damage.

The edges are stitched together tightly to prevent the mousepad from fraying or peeling off from the sides in any way. This ensures the pad lasts you a really long time making it worth purchasing.

The pad is perfect for rapid mouse movement and doesn’t budge an inch no matter how harshly you run your mouse along its surface, thanks to the anti-slip rubber base.

In case your pad does get dirty over time as a result of prolonged use, you can easily wash it by tossing it into your machine without worrying about it being damaged.

The Pecham pad is also quite light and combined with its extra lengthy 30.7 inches of space for free movement, makes for an incredibly comfortable gaming experience.


9. Redragon PO16

Redragon PO16

The Redragon is 13 inches long and 3mm thick, which makes it large enough to accommodate your mouse and keyboard and soft enough to offer a comfortable resting spot for your wrist.

The cloth has a top layer that is silky smooth and offers you a frictionless mouse gliding experience. There are also layers of light reflecting segments by the thousands. This makes the mousepad compatible with any type of mouse, be it laser or optical. Whether you’re indulging in a long session of World of Warcraft with a laser MMO mouse or an optical one, it doesn’t matter. The Redragon is flexible enough to work perfectly well with either.

As you would expect in any good gaming mousepad, the texturised non-slip rubber base helps the Redragon maintain a steady grip over your gaming desk surface, whether it’s glass or even polished wood panels. The foam rubber pad prevents it from curling while the stitching along the edges helps prevent the pad’s surface from fraying or peeling off over time.

It is also worth mentioning that the waterproof coating on its surface makes it easier to clean accidental spills. All you need to do is use a washcloth to get the stains off.

The Redragon is packaged in a tube. In other words, it arrives rolled up into this cylindrical container, which is a bit of an issue. This makes it harder for you to get the mousepad to flatten like it’s supposed to.

Apart from the packaging, there really isn’t much at fault with the mousepad.


10. GGLTeck XXL


At a length of 36 inches and 3mm thickness, the GGLTeck offers you enough space to fit your gaming laptop, your keyboard and mouse while leaving you with enough room for movement.

The high-quality spandex material is incredibly soft and smooth enough to offer near-perfect tracking for your mouse. Like many other mousepads of late, the GGLteck too features an anti-fraying edge that ensures it doesn’t peel off over years of intensive use.

The rubber bottom offers you a firm grip on your desk surface while the microfiber weaved surface is also machine washable. You can enjoy your sandwich in front of your gaming screen without having to worry about how you’ll get those spilled mustard stains off without damaging the mousepad in any way.

The red and black color scheme really works well for most gaming setups. At the surface level, it’s great. It works well with any mouse, allowing you to maneuver it along the smooth and frictionless surface accurately.

The GGlTeck is a solid buy for a mousepad at its price range. While there might be a slight elevation around the edges as a result of being rolled up while packaged, the mousepad does flatten out quite nicely over time, so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.


11. Luxcoms RGB

Luxcoms RGB

The Luxcom is a moderately priced gaming mousepad that features upto 4 flashy, dynamic RGB lighting modes and 7 static modes. The backlighting is a lot more eye-catching thanks to the super glow fiber used in the pad.

At 31.5 inches, the Luxcom provides more than enough space for multiple gaming peripherals including all size variants of keyboards and mice while still leaving you plenty of room for gameplay regardless of whether you’re managing your avatar’s daily routine in SIMS or patrolling the crime-infested streets of Gotham as Batman in Arkham Knight.

The bottom of the mousepad features a non-slip rubber material that helps it cling tightly onto your desk’s surface harder than a cat’s paw. Regardless of any voluntary or involuntary movement on your side, you won’t have to worry about your lightning-quick mouse movements altering the position of your mousepad in the slightest. It also comes with a waterproof coating, so if you wouldn’t mind getting a jolt of that late-night caffeine buzz to keep you up for those ultra-long gaming sessions, go ahead and grab a can of coke. You can set it right by your desk space if you’re someone who prefers taking intermittent sips without it interrupting your gaming Because with the Luxcom, you won’t have to worry about a random spill damaging the fiber.

The mouse is also equipped with a single button for configuring your lighting mode. The RGB lights are activated by simply plugging in the USB cable into its port.

Overall, the Luxcom is a gorgeous looking mousepad with a generously extended surface but is a tad pricey compared to similar gaming mousepads that are a lot more affordable.

However, if you are interested in getting the RGB lighting modes to add some color to a dull desktop, Luxcom is well worth a shot.


12. Razer Sphex V2

Razer Sphex V2

Affordably priced and yet extremely durable, the Sphex V2 features a non-slip adhesive bottom to keep it from sliding off the PC desk and a smooth yet long-lasting polycarbonate surface.

Regular usage and repeated clicks and thumps are less likely to leave an impression on the mousepad. It is designed to withstand long sessions of gameplay. The mousepad is also only half a millimeter thick, which makes it feel less like a mousepad and more like a part of your desk sometimes.

This helps you to feel more at home with your gaming space and lets you get more comfortable while using the pad.

The mousepad features a rainbow palette of colorful lines that feel more like neon bass graphs progressing higher throughout the length of the gaming pad. It also makes the pad look lit in the dark giving your gaming area a glowing, futuristic look.

The Sphex V2 is the ideal gaming mousepad. It’s thin design also makes it easily portable. You can toss it in your bag on the go and yet not feel the weight at all.

The V2 is also quite sensitive to laser sensor mice. If you’re into playing fast paced eSports games or some First Person Shooter, the V2 is the perfect gaming mousepad to go with.

The only downside with the Sphex is its lack of sufficient cushioning which makes it fall short when it comes to comfort levels.

Although the V2 looks a lot more appealing and holds up well to intense gaming sessions, it might not be the best gaming mouse pad you can find in terms of comfort and ease of use. Gamers who are more accustomed to long gaming sessions might prefer to go with something with more padding or cushioning, a mousepad that goes easy on the wrist.


13. Hyper X Fury

Hyper X Fury

The Fury is a gaming mousepad that makes use of a cloth surface instead of aluminum alloy materials or teflon feet which, as test results have proved, tend to decay faster over time.

The Fury is quite soft and smooth allowing for swift mouse movements with ease. The stitched edges are great for preventing any fraying or peeling off of the surface and It features a gritty rubber base that gives it a nice grip and enough traction to help it stay firmly planted to your desk surface and also makes it easily portable. The next time you have LAN event, you can simply roll up your pad and take it with you; no hassle.

The pad offers high accuracy tracking for just about any mouse sensor. The desk sized mouse pad is large enough to accommodate your mouse, keyboard and PC without seeming the slightest bit overcrowded.

The glide performance on the Fury is consistent thanks to the smooth and overall even surface.

The mousepad’s design and appearance make it the perfect mat for competitive gaming environments. However, one thing you might want to take note of is that the smooth feel does get worn out over constant usage. While it may be lengthy, the pad also isn’t thick enough to cover up or make up for rough or uneven desk surfaces so if that’s a concern for you, you might want to look elsewhere.


14. Flopad


The Flopad is a gaming mousepad that features a smooth nano-textured surface for fast-paced gaming.

The Flopad allows you to choose between upto 15 RGB light modes comprised of 11 static light modes and 4 dynamic ones, all at the touch of a single button and powered by an easy to connect USB cable. Configuring your light modes won’t be much trouble even without an instruction manual.

At 31 inches of length, there’s still plenty of maneuvering space even after you set up your keyboard, mouse and even PC.

The edges of the gaming mousepad is stitched with nylon and prevents it from fraying while the anti-slip rubber base offers a strong support for your pad while simultaneously gripping your gaming table surface.

The nano textured surface also helps with enhancing your mouse’s tracking by offering a smoother surface that translates every inch of movement to the cursor thereby increasing the overall accuracy of your gaming mouse’s performance.

A huge plus with the Flopad is the fact that it can easily be rolled up and packed in your bag. If you’re a hardcore gamer looking for a portable gaming mousepad, the Flopad is a good choice for you. You don’t have to worry about the surface wrinkling or being damaged as a result of being folded up either which is even better.


15. BenQ Zowie

BenQ Zowie

Some might consider the BenQ Zowie to be a tad expensive but the textured rubber grip bottom combined with the smoothness of a premium soft cloth surface might persuade some to give it a try.

The mousepad features an incredibly even surface that offers your mouse a consistently flat surface to glide on. If you’re a gamer who prefers a mousepad that does a great job of transforming your rather bumpy desk spots into a properly levelled gaming surface, this is the mousepad to go with.

The Zowie also works with any mouse, optical or laser, regardless of the brand. There’s plenty of space for long range sweeping motions and it is comfortable enough to keep your wrist from getting calloused even after a strenuously long gaming session. The mousepad’s surface balances comfort and control incredibly well. Let’s say you happen to accidentally switch lanes during a race in one of your NFS sessions. You can instantly correct courses in a heartbeat without the pad’s surface feeling obtrusive at all.

As long as you don’t mind investing a bit extra, the Zowie is a sleek looking mousepad features a quality design and is built to last you several gaming sessions without damage.


So there you have it. Those are the best gaming mouse pads of 2020.

If you’re someone with a busy work schedule and a perfectly fine gaming desk, you might be wondering whether getting a gaming mouse pad is really necessary.

First of all, PC gaming works so much better with a gaming mousepad. Your mouse’s tracking performance on a smooth cloth surface is so much better compared to polished wood or metal.

Besides, just about any gaming mousepad comes at a large size ranging between 15 to 32 inches in length. Not only is this more than enough for you to set up your keyboard, monitor, mouse etc., it also leaves you plenty of space to make long sweeping movements if you’re keen on playing something more adventurous or action packed.

Some of the best gaming mouse pads are big enough to cover an entire desktop area which includes your keyboard, your mouse and even your gaming monitor. It allows you to comfortably set your wrist or your arm wherever you want on the gaming table without worrying about hurting yourself.

If you consistently use a specific desk or gaming environment for your daily session of Black Ops, then getting a good gaming mousepad might be just the right thing to accommodate a quicker and more responsive gaming style without compromising comfort in favour of performance.

A lot of the gaming mousepads mentioned in the above list come at really affordable prices and are even generally favored by several hardcore gamers. If you’re still using a standard 8 by 10 inch mouse pad that isn’t big enough to fit your keyboard and doesn’t really do much for your mouse’s gaming performance, then perhaps it is time you decided to upgrade to a better pad; a gaming mousepad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Mousepads Help Improve Your Gaming?

Gaming mousepads are a lot larger compared to regular mousepads. They offer you a wider range of motion. This is great for FPS (First Person Shooter) gaming where a surface with minimum friction allows you to aim at your target more accurately. So in a way, the smooth texture and design of a gaming mousepad does help you perform better when it comes to gameplay.

2. Are Gaming Mousepads Better Than Regular Mousepads?

Most of the mousepads designed exclusively for gaming are made of cloth material. They are thicker, more dense and even more comfortable to use thanks to the delicate foamy structure.

The layout of the mousepad’s surface also offers you a consistent surface for you to move your mouse around on. The tightly woven rubber and synthetic fabric also makes them a lot more durable than regular mousepads.

3. Do Gaming Mousepads Make A Difference In Competitive Multiplayers?

Absolutely. Here’s why.

Let’s say you’re playing Counter Strike:GO. Naturally you’d have your DPI set to a really low setting (anywhere between 200 to 500). In this case you’d have to exert more control over your gaming mouse. In order to do that, you would probably rest your arm -usually up to your elbow- on the gaming desk. Now if you’re using a wooden desk with no gaming mat at all, there’s nothing to cushion your arm and after longer sessions of gaming, you might find that your wrist feels calloused or your arm is cramped.

Another thing to note is that when you’re playing at a low dpi setting, you need a wider radius for your mouse to move and operate in without encountering any friction. Most gaming pads are smoother and larger in size and are therefore, much more suitable for competitive multiplayer gaming.

4. What Are Some Of The More Popular Gaming Mousepad Choices For Counter Strike: Go?

The SteelSeries QcK and the HyperX Fury are both impressive gaming mouse pads that a lot of professional gamers opt for when it comes to competitive multiplayer gaming such as Counter Strike.

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