Best Gaming Motherboards For i7 7700K 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Asrock Z270 2. Asrock Z270M 3. Asus ROG
Asrock Z270 Best Gaming Motherboard For i7 7700K Asrock Motherboards Z270m PrO4 Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme Motherboard

Intel Core i7 is one of the best processors in the gaming range. If you want to play modern games and use heavy software, i7 is the one to choose from. However, the performance of the processor depends on various other factors.

Having a motherboard hardware is undoubtedly a requirement to make fair use of the processor. You have to consider features like maximum memory supported, the port sizes, maximum storage, and many other aspects while choosing the motherboard. To help you simplify the process and relieve you of hours of research, this guide will show you everything you need to buy the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700K.


Factors To Consider When Buying Best Gaming Motherboard For i7 7700K

1. Processor Support

Every motherboard supports only a specific set of processors. Motherboards are designed to support a pre-designed system. So when getting a motherboard for your processor, the foremost thing you have to consider is the support. Since i7 is a top-rated series from Intel, there are many motherboards out there that can support this processor. However, be extra careful when buying because if the motherboard doesn’t support the processor, you may not be able to return it.

2. Memory Support

Thre is only so much of memory that you can install in a motherboard before overloading it. The maximum memory size that a motherboard can support varies with the type and model of the motherboard. You should also check the kind of memory that the board supports. Some motherboards support DDR3, which is cheaper but less efficient than DDR4.

If you are building a gaming system, we suggest you choose a motherboard that supports DDR4 memory. Usually, 32GB is considered a lot for gaming systems. However, some people also prefer a higher speed for effortless multitasking. Most of the motherboards in the market have either 32GB or 64GB support. Getting a motherboard with high memory support will help you in the future if you ever decide to upgrade your system.

The number of memory slots on a motherboard also varies with the model. The more the number of ports, the better it is to upgrade your system later on. However, some people prefer a motherboard with less number of ports to reduce the clutter. The number of ports does not have any impact on the performance whatsoever.

3. Storage Support

These days, most of the gamers are choosing Solid State Drives over traditional HDDs. However, Solid State Drives are costlier than HDDs. So we suggest that you choose the motherboard based on your budget. Getting an SSD-HDD hybrid may be the best choice if you are on a budget. Since the Solid State Drive boosts your computer speed and apps boot-up speed, you can install heavy applications and games on the SDD and store the files on the HDD.

Motherboards also have different slots for the SSD and the HDDs. Two of the most popular and most used SSD slots are M.2 and SATA. If you already have an SSD from your previous computer or a laptop, choosing the motherboard with the same port will help you save some money.

4. Price Of The Motherboard

Some motherboards come with features and software support that is usually unnecessary for games. You can also save money by choosing the motherboard similar to your current motherboard, as some components like memory sticks and storage devices can be resued.

Top 10 Best Gaming Motherboards For i7 7700K 2021

1. Asrock Z270 Taichi Motherboard

Asrock Z270 Taichi Motherboard
ASRock Z270 is a decent motherboard for Intel i7 processors. The motherboard supports every processor with the chipset Intel Z270. This wide range of chipsets includes Intel Celeron and Pentium series, which are quite popular as everyday processors. The motherboard also supports modern processors such as i3, i5 along with most of the i7 series CPUs.

Taichi motherboard is one of the most modern motherboards from ASRock. The motherboard has a black and white finish with a blue LED at the chipset. The motherboard looks super cool in any black and white setups. You can also go against the tradition and fill the black and white motherboard with inverse LEDs. The overall customization opportunities that come with this motherboard are numerous.

The motherboard has a dual-channel RAM with four ports. It supports a maximum of 64 GB memory. If you want to max out the memory of the motherboard, you can either choose to buy two pair of 16 GB memory sticks or two 32GB sticks. Both work equally efficiently, so it is a matter of choice and cost. While purchasing the RAM, try to get them all from the same brand for less setup process. Even though it is not necessary, it is usually better to get the RAM of the same type so that you won’t face many problems in the long run.

The motherboard has a decent number of ports for increased connectivity—two USB 3.1 ports of type AA and Type C can be used to connect various devices such as controllers, mouse, headphones, etc. The maximum speed for the USB 3.1 ports is 10Gbps each. Along with the 3.1 ports, you will also get eight USB 2.0 ports. These ports can be used to connect the monitor, keyboard, etc.

The winning aspect in this motherboard is the built-in wifi feature. Most of the motherboards in this price range do not come with built-in wifi. The wi-fi is widely tested and reported as stable and fast by many users. However, using a direct connection may be faster in some cases as some games hog the network.

The main disadvantage of this motherboard is the AURA light. The light that comes from the processor slot is very dim and will not be visible if you insert a big video card. So turning the light off will save you some power.

If you are looking for something modern and stylish, this is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700K under 300 dollars. 


2. Asrock Motherboards Z270m PrO4

Asrock Motherboards Z270m PrO4
ASRock Motherboard PRO4 supports Z270M chipsets. Z270M chipset series has a lot of core processors in it. Some of the popular processors in this series are 6th and 7th gen processors in i3, i5, and i7, including the 7700K. You can also use Intel Pentium and Celeron processors with this motherboard.

The motherboard has a dual-channel RAM with four slots. Just like the ASRock Taichi, the maximum memory of the motherboard is 64GB. You can fully utilize the RAM space by installing four 16GB RAM sticks or two 32GB ones. There won’t be much difference in the performance, but the cost may vary depending on the brand.

The dual-channel memory boosts the performance of the system considerably. Even though it costs more than a single channel memory motherboard, the difference in performance is enormous. The high memory support also makes it easier to upgrade the system in the future. Most of the market games, including announced AAA titles such as Creed Valhalla, Avengers recommend just 16GB memory. So getting 32GB now and upgrading later would be the most efficient choice.

The motherboard comes with four ports for fans. Gaming systems usually get pretty hot because of their high performance and power consumption. If you want to run a dedicated gaming system, you can hook up the motherboard with three fans and one cooler, two coolers, and two fans, or any other cooler combination as per your requirement.

Every CPU comes with one or two OEMs. However, they are not the best choice for gaming systems. You can use the OEM fans if you are planning to use the system mostly for everyday tasks. The storage options for the motherboard are also fantastic. You can either install an HDD for inexpensive memory or the efficient and speed-boosting Solid State Drive.

The SSD will not only boost the app-boot up speed but also decrease the system boot-up time as well. Using hybrid storage is something a lot of gamers consider. There are hybrid storage systems available directly in the market, or you can use adapters and make one for yourself. Many gamers use Firecuda hybrid storage devices all over the world.

The main disadvantage of the motherboard is that there is no in-built Bluetooth. You have to purchase additional hardware to enable the Bluetooth feature. Most gamers prefer a m.2 key three wifi Bluetooth combo. It will allow you to use both wifi and Bluetooth on the computer.

If you are looking for something cheaper than the Taichi but with a similar design, this is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k in the market.


3. Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme Motherboard

Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme Motherboard

Asus is one of the legends in the gaming industry. The ROG series of gaming equipment and components are some of the finest and most efficient in the world. ROG Maximus IX is one such great motherboard from the highly celebrated series. The style of the motherboard is quite stunning if nothing more.

Maximus IX is designed explicitly for seventh-generation Intel Core processors. This is, by far, the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700K. The price of the motherboard is a bit higher than regular motherboards, but you won’t have to buy any additional software or hardware to use the wifi and Bluetooth features.

The motherboard has dual M.2 compatibility. You can install two Solid State Drives for maximum performance or one SSD and one HDD for both memory and performance. It is better to install the massive applications and the OS on the SSD because it will enhance the boot-up speed of everything stored in it. HDD can be used to store files that you don’t access often.

The unique feature about this motherboard is the support for Optane memory. Optane memory further enhances the system performance and increases the speed of almost all the applications. This motherboard is perfect for gaming in many ways.

For starters, it has everything you need to build the best cooling system. The motherboard comes with temperature sensors, a flow meter, a leak detector, and a conductive M.2 slot. These components will help you build the optimum water cooling and system management features that you need.

The critical factor that makes this motherboard stand out is its five-way optimization. The motherboard automatically optimizes the performance of the components to fit the user profile. The Exert Fan feature will adjust the fans and the cooling systems to cool the CPU and GU even at overclocking speeds. Since many manufacturers do not provide warranty for overclocking, the Fan Exert feature will surely help you protect them from overheating.

If you want to customize your system a lot, then this motherboard is an ideal choice for you. The AURA Sync feature will allow you to synchronize the colors across the computer through Aura-enabled devices. You can set up an entire lighting system with minimal software and hardware configuration with the sync feature.

A feature to look out for in Maximus IX is the input-output shield. This feature will drastically decrease the installation time, giving you more time to focus on playing the games. The contact with the ports is optimized in the motherboard making every multi-processing problem a piece of cake to handle. If you want to build the best gaming system under 350 dollars, this is the best choice for you. 


4. Msi Pro Series Intel Z270 Motherboard 

Msi Pro Series Intel Z270 Motherboard 
MSI Pro Series motherboards are exclusively made for Z270 chipset. This chipset includes most of the Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors along with Intel Pentium and Celeron. The motherboard has a distinctive look with a complete black coating. Many gamers use this motherboard without any lighting effects because of its stylish design. It’ll make for a great pure color gaming system with black or a combination of black and white.

The motherboard is optimized for modern-day games like Hal Life Alyx 2. The VR ready hardware will enhance the VR games and make the whole gaming experience a whole lot better. The hardware is not just VR ready, though; it is VR boosted, which means that the VR games will run much smoother on this motherboard.

Along with the VR boost, the motherboard also has audio boost technology. The audio boost significantly improves the audio quality and range of the speakers connected to it. The feature applies to any audio device connected to the motherboard, so even the headset audio will be boosted to the maximum amount.

The motherboard has excellent support for the cooling system. You can install up to six fans to cool the processor. However, some people prefer the fans to cool both the processor and the GPU to prevent overheating at overclocking speeds.

You will have full control over the fan’s speed on the motherboard. The motherboard is water-cooling ready. Water cooling is usually more effective than air cooling and is recommended for a lot of gaming systems.

One of the most useful features in this motherboard is the M.2 Genie helper. The M.2 Genie will help you set up the system faster and will take care of all the setup for the storage and memory devices. You don’t have to sit through hundreds of lines of raw data before getting to use the system.

The memory circuit of the motherboard is fully isolated. The isolation of the memory circuit ensures that there won’t be any internal problems inside the computer case. As a result, the overall stability of the memory system also increases, thus increasing the performance of the entire system.

The bios that you need for i7 7700K are pre-installed in the motherboard, so the setup will become much easier with that processor. If your budget is in the range of 150 to 200 dollars, this is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k. 


5. Asus TUF Z270 Mark 2 Motherboard

Asus TUF Z270 Mark 2 Motherboard
The TUF series is a mid-range gaming equipment series from Asus. The internet community’s support for this gaming is at the next level. This series is also known as the inexpensive ROG series for its impeccable performance. Along with motherboards and cases, the TUF series also has some core laptops, which are a big hit in the gaming industry.

TUF series products are made with military-grade materials. Thus, it will endure more than a few hard knocks. Along with durability, the efficiency of the motherboard is also unmatchable. Designed for the seventh-generation Intel Core processors, this motherboard enhances the processor connectivity to ensure the best speed at all times.

The motherboard has integrated dual M.2 slots. You can install two SSD storage devices in the slots to boost the system speed along with storage space. However, many gamers prefer using a hybrid of SSD-HDD for enhanced performance and inexpensive storage. The motherboard also supports Intel Optane’s memory. It is essentially a flash memory and increases the speed of the system and the applications.

The motherboard is made of a thermal armor and a thermal core that distributes the heat evenly to the surroundings. Overheating is very rare with this motherboard, even when you’re overclocking the system. The manufacturer provides a five-year warranty for the product. The warranty covers various issues mentioned on the warranty card.

The motherboard supports a memory speed of 2130MHz, which is pretty high for this model. There are two sub-variants in this model. The mark 1 model comes with an HDMI and DP port, while the Mark 2 model comes with an HDMI and DVI ports. DVI is currently in the trend, so getting the latter will help you save some money by providing better hardware compatibility.

The main disadvantage in this motherboard compared to the ROG series is that there are no built-in WiFi or Bluetooth features in this motherboard. You’ll have to purchase additional hardware to enable those features. If you’re looking for something inexpensive and modern, this is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k. 


6. Asrock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming 

Asrock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming 
ASRock Gaming K4 motherboard is optimized for maximum gaming. The motherboard looks fantastic with a black and red palette. You can find the digital display on the upper portion of the motherboard. This screen shows various parameters in the motherboard like temperature, control, etc.

The Z270 chipset supports both Intel Celeron and Pentium processors along with all of the modern 6th and 7th gen core chips. The high flexibility in selecting the processor is one of the critical factors in which this motherboard became so popular. The dual-channel RAM enhances your system speed and is best for multitasking.

The maximum RAM size of the motherboard is 64GB. However, most of the games in the market will run smoothly with just a 32GB memory. So we suggest you get the 32GB while building the system and then upgrade as per your requirement. Getting a 32GB RAM now not only saves you some money but also avoids any resource misuse in the computer.

The motherboard has a total of four RAM slots. These DDR4 slots have different sizes in different models. You’ll have to check the size specifications carefully before purchasing the memory device.

The most amazing thing about this motherboard is the storage support. The motherboard has 2 SATA Express slots, 6 SATA3 slots, and 1 Ultra M.2 slot. You can install Solid State Drives in all the slots or choose HDDs for a slot or two to get some inexpensive storage space. However, files stored in HDD will take more time to open than the SSD files and apps.

The total number of connection ports is also huge in number. The motherboard has eight USB 3.0 ports with five type-A ports, one type C port, and two ports in the front. The Type-A ports can be used to connect keyboards, mouse, controllers, etc. You can use the ports to connect any mobile or temporary storage device as it’ll be easier to remove.

The main disadvantage with this motherboard is that you’ll have to purchase separate hardware to access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, there are some products for this purpose alone readily available in the market. Or you can just connect the computer to an ethernet cable and hope for the best. If you’re looking to spend around 350 dollars, this is a decent choice for you.


7. Asrock Z270 Killer Motherboard

Asrock Z270 Killer Motherboard
The Killer series is one of the best gaming equipment in the industry. With unbeatable quality and high power efficiency, this series surely gained a lot of following on the internet. One of the attraction is the design of the motherboard. The motherboard has a killer K design in the center with a traditional Aura LED in the processor slot. The Aura LED isn’t useful as the light is often blocked by the video card. A custom setup with this motherboard will still be fantastic.

The motherboard supports 6th and 7th gen processors from the Core series, Pentium and Celeron, as added bonuses. One of the most notable features in this motherboard is the high-speed M.2 slots. The motherboard has slots that are capable of delivering 32GB/S, which most PC’s are not capable of handling. You can also use the SATA 6Gb/S slot if you want to stay on a budget. However, having the option to go either way will make it easier to upgrade the system in the future without any additional configuration.

The graphics card on the motherboard will be protected from the surroundings by a thick steel coat. It prevents any interference that usually occurs with heavy graphic cards. This increased stability ensures better graphics and less damage to the card.

Like the top motherboards from ASRock, this motherboard is also VR ready. This means that you can play games like Half-Life Alyx 2, Skyrim VR, etc. on the computer itself with the necessary equipment. The Intel LAN provides the best gaming throughput performance with enhanced network stability and lower CPU utilization. These features are only seen in top models in the market.

One of the main disadvantages of the motherboard is the less number of fan headers. You can still buy the fan headers in the market, but you will have to spend more money on them. You can always go for just a water cooling system, but constantly using such a system would be inefficient.Gaming PRO K4 is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k under 150 dollars.


8. Asrock Z270 Professional Gaming 

Asrock Z270 Professional Gaming 
This model from ASRock is one of the most stylish motherboards in the market. It is the upgraded version of the Gaming PRO K4 edition from ASRock. With a stunning design and high performance, many gamers suggest this motherboard for everyday gaming.

The motherboard has a socket 1151, which supports every 6th and 7th gen core processors along with the Celeron and Pentium processors. The motherboard also has support for DDR4 3733 memory. This memory is known to be faster than the previous model and boosts the system performance by the extra mile.

The graphics card support for the motherboard is extensive and perfect for gaming. You can choose from a variety of graphic cards, thanks to the big motherboard. You can either choose the NVIDIA cards or AMD cards for this motherboard. These cards does not come pre-installed, so you’ll have to install it manually after getting the computer.

The 7.1 GHz audio port has integrated support with the Realtek Audio console. You can manage the audio controls of the entire system through the audio console itself. There are various options like volume equalizer, surround sound effect, and advanced settings configuration in the console. This makes your gaming experience a whole lot smoother.

The motherboard also comes with antennas for WiFi support, which is the most interesting feature. Usually, you’ll have to buy the wifi hardware in the market separately. But since the feature is integrated into the motherboard, you can save some money on buying additional hardware.

This is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k under 100 dollars.


9. Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Designare 

Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Designare 
Gigabyte is another legend in the gaming industry alongside Asus and MSI. GIGABYTE products are highly trusted across the world and are used by many professional gamers and streamers. Designare LGA1151 is one of the most popular motherboards by Gigabyte.

This motherboard is known in the gaming field for its refined style. The LED lighting and the color palette of the motherboard go well with most of the cooling systems in the market, making it the obvious choice for highly customized systems. The best part about this motherboard is that you can use it without any customization whatsoever, but it still feels like a customized motherboard. So if you’re running on a budget and don’t want to spend more on styling, this is the best gaming motherboard for i7 7700k for you.

The support for the cooling system on the motherboard is adequate for most of the gaming PCs. The graphics and the storage systems are isolated to prevent any interference between them. This increases the overall system stability and enhances system performance.

The motherboard has four slots to insert memory sticks. The best memory option considering the games that are currently in the market is 32GB. You can upgrade the RAM later when more modern games release. However, if you’re a heavy multi-tasker, then a 64GB stick won’t be a waste for you.

The main disadvantage of the motherboard is the absence of an in-built wifi system. You’ll have to get a wifi card separately in the market to use the feature. Even though this may seem like a tough process, there are very few manufacturers who offer motherboards with wifi built-in.


10. Msi Performance Gaming Intel Z270 

Msi Performance Gaming Intel Z270 
MSI performance motherboard is quite famous for its power efficiency. It takes less power from the circuit and consumes fewer CPU processes to function properly. This leaves the majority of the CPU for external or other internal processes making the whole system faster and efficient.

The carbon design of the motherboard attracts a lot of gamers who don’t want to use RGB lighting. If you don’t like lighting or if it’s just out of your budget range, for now, you can get this motherboard and still build a stunning gaming setup.

Like the other MSI gaming motherboards, this one also has full support for an optimum cooling system. The motherboard gives various parameters like temperature to the user to verify and find out the best cooling system among the many in the market.

If your budget is around 200 dollars, this is one of the best i7 7700k motherboards that you can buy. Buy it here MSI Performance Gaming Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON)


FAQs on Gaming Motherboards For i7 7700K

Q1. Is An i7 7700k Good For Gaming?

i7 7700k is a high-end CPU from Intel. It has a ton of processing power and a four-core processor that can get anything done in seconds. Even though there are models in AMD that are relatively cheaper and offer better performance than this processor, it is still one of the most used processors for gaming.

Q2. Is 7700k Still Good In 2021?

Yes, the processor is still powerful in 2021. Due to its great design and efficiency, a lot of gamers prefer to use this processor when they’re on a budget.

Q3. How Long Will An i7 7700k Last?

Observing the current market trend, the processor may be relevant for a couple more years. In terms of durability, the processor works well and good for up to five years.

Best Gaming Motherboards For i7 7700K – Conclusion

The number of motherboards available for Intel i7 7700k is really amazing. The most crucial part when it comes to buying a motherboard is the clever usage of available resources to save some extra money. Remember to get a motherboard that can be upgraded in the future to stay relevant.

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