Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Corsair 2. Redragon 3. EagleTec
Corsair K55 Keyboard Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50 Redragon K552 Kumara Keyboard EagleTec KG010 Keyboard

In an industry that flaunts some of the most expensive devices money can buy, young gamers are often under the impression that the product’s cost determines its quality. Although it is true that the price of a product is indeed a good indicator of quality to some extent, getting the best product does not necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money.

When it comes to a quality gaming system, you need a hardware device that is easy to use, delivers solid performance, and has some additional features that will help you give a tough fight to your opponent. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of best gaming keyboards under 50 that will deliver you the best gaming experience while also allowing you to save some money.


Can You Really Get a Good Quality Keyboards Under $50?

If you are assembling a gaming computer yourself, then most of your budget might have already been spent on motherboards, cooling systems, CPU, graphic cards, and other parts. Keyboards are usually not the first to make it on the list as there are other essential things to start with, when making a gaming computer.

However, keyboards have an important role to play, and with little money left to spend, you need to find budget-friendly keyboards, without compromising on quality. Mechanical keyboards usually cost more than others due to their high quality and great typing ability, but you can still find some affordable models online.

You just have to spend a little more time looking for one and may have to compromise on a few features. The main things most people look for are typing speed and ease of use. Features like lighting, sound, spill-resistant design, etc. count as additional qualities.

Keyboards play a huge role in not just gaming but all other computer work. So, it goes without saying that you need a keyboard that is easy to use, durable, and of high quality. Quality matters a lot, especially for gamers for whom the keyboard works like a joystick.

A variety of keyboards are available online, among which the mechanical ones are the most popular among gamers. They offer more functionality and have a higher lifespan, and this is what most gamers need. We have compiled a list of top 20 gaming keyboards under $50, to make it easier for you to select a keyboard within your budget.

Top 20 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 2021

1. Corsair K55 Keyboard

Corsair K55 Keyboard Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50

The first model on our list of best gaming keyboards under 50 is the Corsair K55 RGB keyboard, an astoundingly efficient gaming system, at a budget-friendly price. It comes with three RGB backlighting zones, a removable wrist pad that feels comfortable, quiet and responsive keys, an ergonomic design, and a textured face design that offers a better grip.

The keyboard also offers 6 programmable keys to amplify your gaming experience and escalate your performance speed. The feature allows you to assign combos, key remaps, and strong actions to find the ideal control scheme. A great additional feature is that the keys offer tactile feedback within microseconds of contact.


2. Redragon K552 Kumara Keyboard

Redragon K552 Kumara Keyboard

With the K552 Kumara, Redragon has launched a gaming keyboard that appears like a gaming system, at twice its price. It is an ideal choice for most professional gamers looking for a good quality, durable product.

It features compact metal construction and comes with mechanical keys, tactile feedback, adjustable red LED backlighting, and medium resistance. It has 50 million keystrokes, and double-injection molded keys that make sure that backlighting is even, and add to the durability of the product by preserving the symbols.

Music lovers will love this keyboard as it has 12 multimedia keys that will allow them to listen to their favorite songs while gaming. The system also comes with 87 conflict-free keys with anti-ghosting. It also comes with non-slip and splash-proof features so there is no need to worry if you happen to spill coffee on it.

The only downside is that it does not come with a separate numeric keypad. Still, this ergonomic and compactly designed keyboard guarantees easy and comfortable use.


3. EagleTec KG010 Keyboard

EagleTec KG010 Keyboard

This best gaming keyboard under 50 by EagleTec is one of the most reliable systems you can get. It features Outemu Blue Switch keys, which are known to be audible, consistent, smooth, and offer incredible feedback. The system offers medium resistance and is remarkably compact and sturdy enough to provide exceptional ergonomics.

Other features that make this keyboard a must-buy include 100% anti-ghosting keys, interchangeable Arrow and WASD keys, and the customizable blue LED backlighting. It offers good keystroke accuracy plus speed and is designed to be non-slip and pill-resistant, which helps to attenuate unhappy accidents.

A lot of recent buyers have reported that having the option for solid colors makes it a great buy. The keys are precise, but the only problem is that they are a bit noisy, but that is indispensable in a mechanical keyboard for gamers.

The keyboard is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS, which increase the product’s durability and strength. The splash-resistant design adds to its durability, and the RGB lighting can be controlled for each individual key. The RGB lighting will definitely impress gamers, but given the speed and precision of the keys, it is suitable for other users too.

It features a separate number pad, which most work environments require. The USB connection is gold-plated that adds to its appeal and durability. This, along with high-grade aluminum construction ensures that it does not deteriorate even after years of usage.


4. Cooler Master Devastator 3 Keyboard

Cooler Master Devastator 3 Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard is built to provide comfort and ease of use. The wired system is available as a keyboard and mouse combo that dazzles with its sleek, compact, lightweight design, and sturdiness. With the highly tactile keys you get some customized media buttons intended to allow you to take charge of your media experience.

The keyboard is designed to offer a lot of options for gaming at three DPI levels (1000, 1600, and 2000). The keys are laser-engraved to provide a crisp and responsive feel. Another great feature is its 7-color LED backlight that shines continuously, making it simpler for you to identify the keys while working in the dark or a dimly lit area.


5. Tomoko MMC023 Keyboard

Tomoko MMC023 Keyboard

The TOMKO MMC023 is sturdy and resilient. It does an amazing job of delivering functional features like multimedia integration, water-resistance, blue mechanical switches by Gaote, anti-ghosting, and 87 non-conflicting keys. The Gaote switches offer a polished feel that is sure to leave gamers impressed.

The keys are not only smooth to touch, but also look luxuriously sleek. But, even though the Tomoko MMC023 provides comfort while typing, it doesn’t come with a variety of additional features like number pad and backlighting. Still, considering its price and quality, it is one of the best gaming keyboards under 50. Gamers who can overlook these drawbacks will definitely find this keyboard to be a must-have.


6. Havit Rainbow Keyboard

Havit Rainbow Keyboard

Like the Cooler Master Devastator 3, the Havit Rainbow also comes in the form of a keyboard and mouse combination with a variety of amazing features. It features attractive breathing LED lighting, membrane-based keys, and delivers up to 3200DPI.

It comes with a total of 104 keys (number pad included), and gamers can operate 19 of the keys simultaneously without any problem. The system allows gamers to take control of their media experience through 5 multimedia keys. The dedicated WASD keys amplify your gaming experience, while the RPG lighting lets you personalize the keys using up to 7 different colors.

Gamers report that the sensitive floating key design offers good speed and pressure. The responsiveness of the keys and excellent lighting control make it the best mechanical keyboard on a budget. In less than $50, you not only get a good quality keyboard, but also a decent mouse. The only issue that users have reported is regarding the mouse; that its DPI button has some lighting problems.

It also comes with a detachable wrist rest, so your wrists don’t get tired even after playing for hours at length. It features 5 groups of backlit mode recording and a fully adjustable light; you can adjust the intensity, colors, and breathing effect. There are separate switches for all keys plus a full N-key rollover.

The all-metal panel construction makes it a durable product that will last you well for the years to come. This keyboard and mouse combo is compatible with Windows 2000, MAC OS, Linux, and Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It is a bit pricey than the previously listed models, probably because of the mouse that comes as an addition. However, the keyboard falls under the $50 category.

You can record the custom lighting using a few keyboard shortcuts given with the wired system. Overall, this fully mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the best you can find within this price range.


7. Redragon S101 Keyboard

Redragon S101 Keyboard

This is another best gaming keyboard under $50 by Redgragon. The Redragon S101 is a functional keyboard that offers superb performance and a great feel that will enhance your gaming experience. In addition to its incredibly smooth performance, the S101 delivers a unique and reliable design that signals a high level of quality and workmanship.

It comes with 25 anti-conflicting keys, 8 independent keys, and 12 multimedia keys. The keyboard is also equipped with 5 programmable buttons that offer crossover and FPS game fanatics. You can also make profiles illustrating functions and to allocate keyboard keystrokes to the buttons so that you can achieve greater performance.


8. AULA SI-859 Keyboard

AULA SI-859 Keyboard

The AULA brand is a professional E-sports gaming peripheral company that provides the best quality personalized peripherals for gamers all around the world. Established in 2002, it is one of the earliest professional gaming peripheral manufacturers based in China.

The AULA SI-859 is programmed to amplify your gaming experience with its 104 tactile keys, and full-size anti-ghosting keys, both of which are required for smooth gaming.

It comes with a gaming mode that locks out essential keys, a dozen function keys, three brightness-adjustable LED backlit colors (red, blue, and pink lights), six multimedia keys, and a spill-resistant innovation that prevents it from getting damaged if you happen to spill any liquid on it.


9. Razer DeathStalker Essential Keyboard

Razer DeathStalker Essential Keyboard

This fully mechanical gaming keyboard comes with a variety of interesting features. The construction of the Razer DeathStalker is solid and robust which makes it long-lasting. The quality of the features is also incredible for a gaming system this economical. It is equipped with highly responsive chiclet keys that resemble the silent yet responsive cherry red switches.

The keyboard also features up to 10 non-conflicting keys and a gaming mode. Also, the fact that all the keys are completely programmable makes this product the very definition of an efficient, adjustable gaming keyboard.


10. BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard

The BlueFinger gaming keyboard flaunts a dazzling design and a variety of functional features that makes it a must-have for gamers looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard. It features tactile keys for a superbly responsive gaming experience. It is also equipped with 10 dedicated media buttons that further enhance the experience by allowing you to control your music while gaming.

The BlueFinger comes with 3 LED color lights with three distinct breathing modes. Other features include 19 non-conflicting keys, a fancy crack design that gleams, and double-injection molded keycaps that prevent the lettering on the keycaps from wearing off over time.


11. Azio Levetron Keyboard

Azio Levetron Keyboard

The Azio Levetron is a durable gaming keyboard that packs plenty of punches that makes it the ideal companion to a gaming enthusiast. It comes in a sleek design and offers wrist support, which provides essential ergonomic comfort to protect your hands from hurting or cramping after long hours of gaming.

It comes with blue color backlights to enhance visibility when you’re playing in the dark or dimly lit environment. Additional features include a volume adjustment knob for quick volume adjustment, multi-key rollover, and spill-resistant technology to ensure that it survives accidents while gaming. Overall, this product is worth considering if you are looking for comfort and smooth performance.


12. Rii RK100 Keyboard

Rii RK100 Keyboard

The Rii RK100 is yet another gaming accessory that rightly deserves a place among the best gaming keyboards under 50. This impressive system is programmed for gamers who desire a mechanical keyboard but can’t afford to buy one. It boasts an attractive matt finish that should add a spark to your gaming interest and keep you going.

The keyboard comes with standard 104 keys with 11 dedicated multimedia keys combination. Additional features include 3-LED backlit (red, blue, purple) and breathing lights, anti-ghosting, and large print lettering that makes the keys easy to read. Thanks to its highly eye-catching ergonomic design, gamers will find the keyboard very comfortable to use.


13. SAREPO ECHO Keyboard


The SAREPO ECHO gaming keyboard comes with the right features to take your gaming experience to the next level. It comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys, a built-in palm rest, and 9 LED modes. The palm rest helps keep your wrists in a neutral position to prevent cramping.

The switchable LED mode lets users set the lights to three distinct styles, including on, off, and breathing. It also comes with double shot keycaps to prevent them from fading as well as ensures durability. In addition to delivering a variety of features, the keyboard is highly tactile to users’ input and offers great key accuracy.


14. Cooler Master Devastator II Keyboard

Cooler Master Devastator II Keyboard

The Devastator II by Cooler Master is another trustworthy budget-friendly gaming keyboard. The system delivers great performance, with regards to both design and functionality. It makes use of ‘mem-chanical’ switches that offer a mechanical feel and responsive feedback. You can easily switch the removable keycaps to suit your gaming needs when you don’t feel like it.

The blue key illumination and backlighting are helpful when you’re working in dark environments. The laser-engraved symbols are sturdy and of outstanding quality, meaning they will not fade away over time and remain intact for a long time.


15. Rii RM400 Keyboard

Rii RM400 Keyboard

The Rii RM400 is a stylish gaming keyboard that’s made for the most capable hands. It puts you in charge by allowing you to brighten up the dark corners with its RPG-backlit functionality, while you simultaneously leverage the responsive feedback of the mechanical keys to give a tough fight to your opponent.

The keyboard comes with an equally responsive gaming mouse with 2000 DPI and preset levels (100, 1600, and 2000). Additional features include multimedia keys, spill-resistant technology, laser-etched and grip coated keycaps.


16. VicTsing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

VicTsing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The main thing to consider when buying the best gaming keyboard under 50 is the keys and how they function. The VicTsing RGB mechanical gaming keyboard features blue keys and delivers excellent performance with 50 million click tests. The company has focused a lot on design and looks to construct this model.

It comes with a detachable metal outer frame that you can remove, add, or replace with a different one as per your wish. The completely customizable RGB lighting with 16.8 million options allows you to alter the lighting according to your preferences, and the keycaps are detachable to make the cleaning process easy. It comes with a total of 96 highly tactile and accurate keys.

The keyboard is specially designed for those who want complete control over the look of their accessory. It allows you to change the frame as well as adjust the lighting. Additional features include removable keycaps for cleaning, cascading ergonomic keycap design, and splash-resistant design with 2 drain holes.

Not only do you get keys that perform well, but also all these amazing extra features that make it a long-lasting and fun-to-use product. Overall, it is worth considering. However, users have reported some issues with noise as the keys are too loud, but that can be easily overlooked.

The customizable RGB system is great and well-built. Similar to all the keyboards mentioned on this list, this one too, is available at an incredibly low price despite the quality and durability. The keystrokes are smooth, which can help you type really fast, and the cascading keycaps help improve the design’s efficiency.


17. Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Keyboard

Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Keyboard

The Ajazz AK33 RGB is yet another best gaming keyboard under 50 that rightly deserves a place in this list. This keyboard comes in a space-saving design with 82 keys laid out in a distinct manner. The keys come in an ergonomic design to prevent your hand from getting tired, or cramped during long gaming sessions.

For extra durability, the frame is made of anodized aluminum and ABS. The switches are durable and long-lasting. The blue mechanical switch it features has been tested for 60 million keystrokes. It is important to note that this system is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista, and Linux.

It comes with a standard detachable USB connection that you can attach to any PC. This professional gaming keyboard has an edge on the others because of its keystroke durability. Additional features include splash-proof design, 100% anti-ghosting keys for accurate performance, fully customizable RGB lighting, and high-end mechanical switches.

The only problem is the shiny back-gassing, which many gamers don’t like. Other than that, it is a very stylish mechanical keyboard with a metallic top plate. The design and build of this product are sturdy and reliable. The keys are tactile and have a good click. You get full control over lighting, which means you can enjoy the game even more.

This one may cost a little more than the others mentioned above, but it also offers better performance and more durability. As highlighted before, it has been tested multiple times for more keystrokes, so you can expect precise, fast, and efficient performance from this model.


18. Roccat Vulcan Keyboard

Roccat Vulcan Keyboard

Roccat is a German firm that sets itself apart with its unique Titan switches and skinny keycaps, which offer good responsive feedback for typing. It comes with a brushed aluminum top plate and a floating-key design to provide a distinctly stylish look.

It comes with a variety of exciting features like a handy volume knob, a mute key in the upper right, RGB backlighting, and substantial programmability through the Roccat Swarm software. If you are looking for something different and genuinely incredible- the Vulcan is a great choice.

The brand has made a couple of changes to the Vulcan, resulting in different models. The Vulcan 120 comes with a magnetically-attached palm rest to support the wrists and arms, but is otherwise similar to the cheaper Vulcan 100 model. There is also the less expensive Vulcan 80, which doesn’t come with the RGB backlighting and media controls.

The Vulcan 121 and 122 are comparatively new releases, offering anodized aluminum top plate and a white paint job, respectively.


19. Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard

Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard

The Logitech G915 TKL is the combination of two leading trends from the very companies that propagated them; dependable wireless connectivity from Logitech and low-profile mechanical switches from Kailh. The fusion is quite impressive, allowing the creation of a sleek keyboard for gaming and typing.

It offers three low profile switch types- clicky, tactile, and linear- so you can choose the amount of tactile and audible feedback according to your own needs. The lightspeed wireless connection works perfectly and offers the same wired feel as Logitech’s G Pro gaming mouse.

The battery life of the system is amazing, as it can last around 40 hours with backlighting at maximum brightness. If you choose to turn off the backlight, it can manage over a thousand hours. Another great feature is that it offers Bluetooth connectivity which enables the keyboard to work with different tech devices.

The Logitech G915 TKL comes with an aluminum alloy body, which adds to its durability despite its thin design. It has soft-rounded corners and a “zero friction” volume roller located on the upper right corner. Each individual key comes with RGB lighting which can be turned off, disabled or set to a single color.


20. Glorious GMMK Keyboard

Glorious GMMK Keyboard

The last product on our list of best gaming keyboards under 50 is the Glorious GMMK. While all Logitech models flaunt deep customization, their high price takes them out of the wishlist of most gamers who are on a tight budget. Most gamers assemble their own PCs for gaming, and a lot of their money is spent on buying other components like motherboard, CPU, graphics card, storage, etc. Hence, they look out for budget-friendly gaming keyboards.

The Glorious GMMK is an affordable alternative. It comes pre-assembled with the usual minimalistic metal frame and RGB backlighting, but what makes it unique is that it offers a barebones kit. The kit comes in three sizes (60%, 80%, and 100%), and it allows you to select your own switches and keycaps.

You can choose switches and keycaps either from the brands’ own collection or from several other compatible options available online. Glorious offers 14 switch types that you can get from their store, plus keycap sets that come in three colors.

If you go for the standard options available on the market, like the aura keycaps and speed Bronze switches, the end result is a keyboard that doesn’t cost more than a mainstream keyboard. Yet it offers an incredibly different typing experience. You won’t even have to consider other vendors to find unique switches and keycaps.

If you want a thoroughly customized keyboard that doesn’t cost much, look no further than the Glorious GMMK. It is also considered a good keyboard for beginners, as the replaceable switches offer you the flexibility to make big changes down the road.


Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 – Final Verdict!

The keyboard is the gateway of communication to your PC. It works faster than a mouse in many cases and thus, gamers depend on it more. So, just like any other product in high demand, you can definitely get some affordable alternatives if you search hard enough.

We hope that this guide helps you find the best gaming keyboard under 50. It is not necessary to stick to the above listed keyboards only, you can look for more products and select accordingly. You just need to be clear about what you want before you start browsing through various websites and finalize a product. Best of luck!

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