Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 Of 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Runmus 2. Logitech G332 3. Turtle Beach
Runmus K3 Best Gaming Headset Under $50 Logitech G332 Turtle Beach Recon 200

Talking about a video game, what do you think contributes to its success? Is it the graphics or the plot that envelopes the player, or is it something simple, like the basic design or concept of the game?

Although most of you would say all these attributes combined make or break a video game, only a few will credit a game’s audio for its success.

The audio makes the game real; the soundtrack, characters’ dialogues and real-life sounds that build the ambiance of the surroundings in a game, all of it gives the game its true identity.


For example, one of the most famous video game franchises, Resident Evil, depends on its audio to provide the players with an unforgettable experience; without it, the game is nothing. Great sound can turn the scene on the screen into a reality within seconds.

And since we have already mentioned numerous reasons for why the audio of a game is essential, and how it undeniably guides its success, let’s talk about how you can exploit it and make the most of your gaming experience.

Irrespective of your current experience with games, a headset/headphone is and will always be important gaming hardware. There’s no denying that you can always use your speakers. But are they convenient for use? The obvious answer is no.

You cannot catch every little sound unless you increase the sound level to the highest volume, and even then, the voice breaks considerably making it difficult to understand. The sound at this point is basically noise and nothing more.

Besides, you will have to spend thousands on soundproofing your room. Unless you’re okay with your neighbors always banging on your door, asking you to use your headphones instead, there is no point in using speakers.

Why even try to save money and then spend more money in addition to getting in on the bad side of your entire neighborhood? Moreover, if the price is your real concern, then you’ve just found the gold mine.

Through this article, not only will you learn about the various features that make a headphone a great headphone but also find a decently long list of under-the-budget headphones and headsets.

Go ahead and take your time to read the piece. Make sure you study what factors are important to you, and which suit your needs better to help with your decision on which one of the best headsets under 50 you should buy.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Gaming Headset Under $50

Before we dive deeper into our list of the best headsets under 50, let’s understand how and why they made it to our list.

Each of these headsets and headphones has distinct features that make them great at what they do which is to give you the best audio experience possible.

They don’t just offer high audio quality but more. These products provide considerably better usability and durability to ensure the ultimate user experience.

Here are a few features you might find note-worthy.

1. Audio Quality

Undoubtedly, good audio is essential for a great gaming experience. But it becomes crucial for league matches online, competitive or otherwise. You operate in the game, depending on the sounds of your surroundings. They can help you get a better understanding of what or who is closing in on you or what you could expect next.

Pro tip, one of the easiest tells to predict when something big is happening, say an approaching climatic scene, in a video game is the change in the soundtrack.

2. Microphone

When playing games online, clear communication with teammates is integral. More than providing dialogue with teammates it aids in coordinating the game plan.

Furthermore, for the successful execution of the very game plan the teammates need to communicate back and forth with each other throughout the game.

You can’t miss out on all this important plotting and planning, and even worse, be the reason behind your team losing the match. Plus, you might even never play with a team again if your low-quality headset turns you into a weak link in the team.

3. Quality Material

Considering the time you might spend with your headset, it has to be durable. I mean, why waste $80 on a headset to buy another equally expensive headset just after a month?

If you plan on spending some bills on a product, you might as well spend them on something that will last longer than a mere week.

And besides, you won’t be using your headsets just to play video games, will you? It would be funny (and weird) to have a headset for watching a movie or series, then another for music and yet another for games. That would be a complete waste of money, wouldn’t you agree?

4. Comfort

Pro gamers and online streamers play for hours on end with little to no breaks. For example, one of their sessions could easily last for as long as 17-24 hours. In such cases, comfort becomes a huge concern. Discomfort caused by the gear can ruin the game and hence the entire match or stream.

Plus, even if you don’t plan on playing for hours, headphones can start hurting after as little as an hour. The ears can’t take all that weight for long nor can they stay pressed like that without hurting.

Moreover, the design and size of the headsets are critical to comfort too. I mean, how can anyone enjoy a game when their ears hurt from the oddly made headset that doesn’t fit their head right?

Honestly, it becomes more than just a distraction when the headphones cause discomfort. It’s a big turn off.

5. Size

Apart from the material, the size can also greatly affect the comfort of use of a headset.

The size of the headband and ear cups should never be small for your head and ears. It doesn’t have to be exact, but roughly close size will come more handy than an expensive small headphone. In fact, it is even better if it is bigger.

The headbands are almost always adjustable, and bigger ear cups don’t cause as much irritation as the smaller ones do.

Additionally, the cushions should not put any extra pressure or weight on your ears. Instead they should be light and soft. The softness can lend some extra space to the ears to breathe which is great for long gaming sessions, comfortable and convenient.

It is these tiny details, if ignored, that make the experience of using a headphone or headset highly uncomfortable. It significantly impacts their usability.

6. Inline Control

Inline Control is another feature that not only adds to the usability of a headset but also enhances the game experience.

Clearly visible buttons for mic and volume control that are also appropriately placed on the headset can be extremely helpful in a game. It saves up a lot of time wasted on finding the buttons and aids in greater focus on the game instead.

7. Mute Indicator

Another small but useful feature is the mute indicator. A light-based indicator that tells the player if the mic is on mute mode or not is extremely convenient to pro players and streamers. And even otherwise, a simple feature like that saves up time and helps the player to engage better in the game and with the other players.

8. Longer Cord

Don’t even think of compromising on this feature, a longer cord is a must. It is a necessity more than anything else. Enough room to move provides the player with a comfortable environment to play.

The game won’t be disturbed just because the player accidentally unplugged the headphones. After all, isn’t it the primary reason why people are attracted to the high-tech cousin of the headsetthe bluetooth headset? Longer cords can provide just as much comfort as no cords.

Many times, when using gaming PCs, the headphones are required to be plugged in specific ports that are placed differently depending on the system and built.

This particular variable in design of the hardware can make the cord make a couple of rounds around the CPU before it can finally be placed on the player’s head. And this won’t be possible unless the cord is long enough to cover the whole length.

9. Better Battery Life

Now, coming back to the idea of buying a wireless headset, even though it can be a great choice for people who don’t play for long hours there are still some things you should consider before making the final call.

The battery life is an evident concern. Whether the battery performance degrades over time is another issue. Some other legitimate concerns with buying these headphones is the range the Bluetooth headset can cover, and the price tag that comes slapped on the product.

If you still want to buy a wireless headset, then by all means please do, but we strongly recommend not to because there aren’t many wireless headsets worth the money in the market yet. But if there are any new ones worth mentioning you can always count on us to update you with the latest best products.

Since we have discussed everything you need to know and consider before buying your headsets and headphones, let’s jump right into our list of the best headsets under 50.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 2021

1. Runmus K3

Runmus K3 Best Gaming Headset Under $50Price: $29.90
Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation, Nintendo 3ds, Nintendo Switch
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Audio Type: 7.1 Surround Sound
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • Comes with an AUX cable and an adapter for PC or gaming laptops
  • It has 50 mm powerful sound driver
  • Features colorful LED indicator lights
  • Boosts of a robust audio cable for everyday use

You can be sure to experience a full immersion into the game with the elite feel and sound of RUNMUS K3. The built-in 50 mm dynamic audio drivers catch every little sound from every direction and deliver it right to your ears.

This over the ear headphone comes with an adjustable headband (which is filled with a comfortable foam) and a pair of leatherette ear cups to give you the support you need during that long gaming session.

You can count on it for every game you might play over the years to come. We consider it to be the perfect choice for streaming because it also comes packed with an efficient noise-canceling microphone.

Be it your friends or the audience, with RUNMUS K3 you can talk to them with crystal clear sound without any background noise.


2. Logitech G332

Logitech G332Price: $44.99
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Audio Type: Stereo
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • Offers great performance for the set price
  • It has an amazing design and a color scheme for every style
  • Can be easily used with every other Logitech G product
  • The volume scroll can be conveniently found on the right can

Built perfectly for Battle Royale, the Logitech G332 headphones are just what you need for your next battle. The 3.5 mm jack makes it possible to use the headphones with both consoles and PCs comfortably.

The 50 mm drivers deliver great oomph, and the microphone works exceptionally well with almost every multiplayer game you wish to play.

Moreover, they also offer great comfort with their cozy leatherette cups. Their flexibility of use and guaranteed durability guarantees your money was indeed well spent.


3. Turtle Beach Recon 200

Turtle Beach Recon 200Price: $49.95
Platform: PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Audio Type: Surround Sound
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • It offers powerful amplified audio
  • Boosts a flexible flip-up mic
  • Has variable mic volume
  • Compatible with multiple platforms

Another great option to consider when deciding on which headphones to buy is the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headphone. These rechargeable headphones are battery-powered. And if that wasn’t enough, they also offer an amazing amplified sound for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Even though they are specifically designed for these two platforms, they also work well with other platforms such as Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

And since the headphones are optimized to deliver a captivating Windows Sonic Surround sound they are guaranteed to work exceptionally well with Windows 10 PCs.

The flip-up Mic proves to be another efficient feature. When playing games the mic can act almost like a switch button and you can flip it up and down to switch it off and on respectively.

You don’t have to worry about any more fussy buttons and their random placement on the headset. In addition, the option to change the volume of the mic also ensures a greater sound quality for in-game communication and even live streams.


4. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud StingerPrice: $49.99
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Audio Type: 7.1 Dolby Surround
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • It offers a comfortable design solution to fit every head shape
  • The rotatable ear cups can move upto a range of 90 degrees
  • Comes with an easy-to-use microphone which automatically mutes when swiveled up
  • The cup has easy-to-use inbuilt volume controls

HyperX Cloud Stinger definitely deserves all the attention it has grabbed since its release. Even though it is a PC gaming headset under 50, it promises to exceed all your expectations of a headset.

Along with 50 mm drivers, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, this gaming headset also offers a versatile fit with its 90-degree rotatable leatherette cups. If you find a certain angle uncomfortable, you can easily rotate it to fit you better. Plus, the boom mic works on easy-to-use switch-like operation instruction. How? Flip it up if you want to switch it off and flip it down if you want to switch it back on.


5. Turtle Beach Recon 70

Turtle Beach Recon 70Price: $34.99
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Audio Type: Stereo
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • Comes in many vivid color combinations
  • Has a flip-up mic that lets you control all types of in-game communication
  • Conveniently lightweight and comes with comfy cushioning on the inner cups

Turtle Beach Recon 70 comes in multiple color schemes, one for each major console. What’s more is while the synthetic leather gives the headset its iconic appealing look, the soft interior adds extra comfort.

The piece can also support a 90 degree rotation as and when needed for that added convenience of use.

And even though it works on 40mm drivers, it has a subtle yet noteworthy oomph. Moreover, it also has a dynamic sound fidelity which is perfect for every type of game you might play. It provides an excellent sense of surroundings with its stereo audio. Talk about worth the money.


6. Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken XPrice: $39.99
Platform: PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Connection Type: 3.5 mm, USB
Audio Type: 7.1 Surround Sound
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Razer Kraken X is the ultimate package with its ultra-light body and multi-platform compatibility.
It is built for superior comfort with its soft ear cushions and adjustable headband. Take advantage of the 7.1 surround sound and master every game with its accurate positional audio.

The oval shape makes them more flexible with the fit. The leatherette offers a comfortable fit and soft feel. Plus, it is a 100% durable to twisting and bending over time.


7. Sliq Element Elite

Sliq Element ElitePrice: $29.99
Platform: PC, PS$, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Tablet
Connection: 3.5 mm, USB
Audio Type: Stereo
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key feature

  • Guaranteed premium quality and comfort
  • Comes with a detachable noise-cancellation Mic
  • Offers multi-platform compatibility
  • Lightweight for a better experience

Sliq Element Elite Gamer Headset is one of a kind. It delivers high-quality sound with long durability.

It features a signature 53 mm Audio Driver that produces crystal clear sound to give the truly immersive experience with unprecedented comfort. And you will have tons of fun with its E-Sport Mic.

Not only can you rotate it in all directions as per your needs, but you can also detach it when you no longer need it. Plus, the headset is as delightful to hold as it is to look at with its premium smooth finish.


8. Bengoo G9000

Bengoo G9000Price: $39.99
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, PC, Mobile Phone.
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Audio Type: Stereo
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • Surrounding stereo subwoofer
  • A better, humanized design
  • Effortless volume control
  • Compatible with multiple platforms

Bengoo G9000 is a new, more affordable option. What makes it a great buy? It supports every single platformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone. Sadly, it doesn’t come with an adaptor, and you’ll have to buy your own.

However, it’s clear sound, and strong bass creates the perfect ambiance for FPS gamesHalo 5 Guardians, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront.

The acoustic precision enhances the sensitivity gives you a more vivid and clear image of your surroundings. Adjustable microphone with a comfortable design, it’s worth its price tag.


9. Mmusc

MmuscPrice: $23.99
Platform: Laptop, Tablet, PS4, PC, Xbox One
Connection Type: 3.5 mm, USB
Audio Type: Stereo
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • Has a lightweight, soft padded head beam
  • Comes with optimally sized over-ear cups
  • Packed with LED lights that come in bright colors
  • Produces faster sound transmission
  • Better communication with 360-degree voice pick-up Mic

Who says the best gaming headphones under 50 are a fluke? MMUSC is a great headphone that is not only compatible with every gaming device out there but also doesn’t deter great sound quality.

MMUSC understands the importance of noise isolation during a game session, especially during a live stream. To tackle this very issue MMUSC offers an exceptional omnidirectional microphone. It can rotate a full 90 degrees giving you the flexibility to set your Mic as per your needs.

Additionally, the design also pays close attention to comfort. It uses skin-friendly earmuffs to avoid stuffiness or discomfort in a game session. With the least weight possible, the headphones exert little to no pressure on the player’s head and ears.


10. Beexcellent

BeexcellentPrice: $23.99
Platform: PC, Mac, Laptop, PS4
Connection Type: USB
Audio Type: 7.1 Surround Sound
Noise Cancellation Mic: Yes

Key features

  • Offers a lightweight design for unparalleled comfort
  • A sensitive microphone for better quality audio
  • Offers a USB interface
  • Can be easily plugged in for instantaneous game play
  • Has an efficient, well-placed volume control with one key mute
  • Software available online for sound adjustments

For PC gaming headset under 50, Beexcellent delivers an enjoyable 360-degree surround sound and deep bass. It produces a clear, balanced sound with its 40 mm neodymium drivers. Moreover, you can easily install its software to adjust the EQ and even configure your own Virtual 7.1 Channel.

Its flexible microphone also allows you to record sounds with higher sensitivity. The headset also removes noise significantly and further enables you to deliver or receive clear messages throughout the game session.

It’s extremely convenient to use. It offers an easy-to-use volume adjuster along with different keys for Mic, LED lights, and mute mode.



Irrespective of what game you play, your headset, or headphone needs to play a supporting role that lifts up your game. It must give you all the audio help you need to not only perceive your virtual surroundings but also communicate with your teammates from the real world.

Yet it’s only practical to realize and understand that we cannot always afford the most expensive gadget. And sometimes, the most expensive might even turn out to be a complete waste.

You can never know until you’ve tried and by then it’s already too late. So, why not look for other decent, cheaper options? It doesn’t hurt to explore the market a bit.

With that thought in mind, we decided to do the research for you. We decided to write this article to help you find more affordable and suitable alternatives to the fancy headsets your favorite streamers use or endorse in their streams.

After all, in the end, what really matters is if the quality is acceptable and the headphone or headset can get the job done.

We hope the guide helped you understand your needs and also gave you some good options to choose from. Happy Headset Hunting!

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