Best Gaming Headsets For Xbox One 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. BENGOO 2. RUNMUS 3. HyperX
Bengoo Stereo Best Gaming Headset RUNMUS HyperX Cloud Stinger

Gaming requires all the senses to work in cohesion with the mind to produce the best result possible. Seeing the target the player needs to shoot at, feeling which key to press at what time and, most importantly, listening to the other players and characters in the game. Players need to listen to the minutest sounds in the game. Sounds such as footsteps, creaking doors, or other players talk.

Not only does the player need practice to attain a certain level in this area, but also requires the correct tools that will help them to play the games with more finesse. These tools are necessary to aid the senses of the gamer in their pursuit of achieving their goals. During a game, distractions from the outside world can be disastrous for the gamer. Anything which distracts the user has to either be removed or be subdued.


All sounds from the surroundings cannot be removed, hence subduing them is key. A good headset will help in subduing the sound to a certain extent. A great headset helps the user not to get distracted at all, but the best gaming headset one makes the user feel as if there is nothing other than the game for them to focus on.

It is an important part of the gear which is required in gaming. All professional gamers have a headset which they use for the perfect gaming experience. There are many factors which need to be kept in mind when picking the correct headset. Any headset will not do justice to the amount of focus that is required when completing a mission in a game. All factors should be kept in mind, as each contributes to making the gamer’s skill better.

Best Gaming Headset for Xbox one: What to Look for?

1. The Platform

This is a logical thing to look out for. The most essential aspect of buying a headset is whether or not the headset goes with the console on which the gamers play all the games. Platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, PC, Mac, etc. have different headsets, all depending on the way they function as well as their specifications. One has to be careful while buying a headset, as it should be compatible with the console that they have. Some headsets are made specifically for a certain model, while others have the design to be used with all consoles which are out there.

Since we are mainly talking about Xbox one, then the compatibility should be checked according to that itself.

2. Sound Quality

The sound which is coming out of the headset is the most critical aspect of the headset. It is this sound, which is the reason a gamer invests in such a product. The question of sound quality arises, and there are factors to measure that. Firstly, one should observe what driver size is. The driver size should be 40 MM or more. This will ensure that the sound quality is good and clear.

Other than the driver size, the headset must have other contributing factors, such as the property of noise cancellation. Noise cancellation ensures that other environmental and surrounding factors do not disturb the sound that is coming from the headset to the ears of the user. It is a property which is now a standard feature on many headsets.

Such features make the sound emanating from the headset makes the customer’s entire gaming experience all the richer and better.

3. Microphone

A microphone is crucial to the entire system of a headset. Games nowadays are much more of a group affair. Hence, to interact with others, one has to be able to speak and convey important messages to their teammates. A microphone is now an essential part of the headset. Without it, a player is lost as they cannot contribute to the game anymore.

A headset should have a microphone attached to it so that the user can enjoy the complete experience of the game. In the case of Xbox one, the games are usually one in which a team of people has to get together to play. Some may be offline, but mostly all games are online. When playing online, teams have to coordinate amongst themselves to win and defeat the opponent. This will not be possible without a microphone in the headset. Hence, in the case of Xbox One, the microphone becomes imperative.

4. Comfort

Comfort is a big factor which many people usually miss out when buying a headset. Comfort is important as the headset has to be worn for a long period of time. If it is uncomfortable, then it will interfere with the entire process and ruin the fun of the game. There is nothing more irritating than a headset, which is uncomfortable.

To measure comfort, one must look out for certain factors such as proper padding around the speakers and the correct size of the headset. An even better feature would be an adjustable headset, which can change its size according to the users’ prerogative. The placement of the buttons, which control the volume and other functions, is also a factor that should be considered.

5. Wired Or Wireless

This is a factor that the gamer has to choose, depending on their preference. People who do not want the wires to interfere with the game they are playing should go for the wireless type of headset. The connection between the console and the headset will be a bluetooth connection, which is quite useful . The only problem with a wireless headset is that it needs to be charged regularly.

This is a problem because the headset might lose power during the duration of the game, which is quite a substantial problem. On the other hand, to deal with this problem are the wired headsets. They do not require constant charging to be done. The issues which are associated with wired headsets are different in their nature.

The wire which is attached to the headset tends to interfere with the hands of the gamers. They can get tangled within themselves, hence posing another problem for the gamer. Nowadays, products make sure that the wire is covered with materials that do not get tangled easily. Still, some users prefer a wireless headset to a wired one. It is all up to the gamer and their preference, whether they want a wired or a wireless headset.

If the preference is equal, then a wireless headset should be invested in, as they tend to be much more effective and easier for the gamer to handle.

6. Costs

This is one of the driving factors which will decide which headset the user buys. Costs of the headsets usually lie in the range of $23 to $100. There are many factors that the cost of a headset. The comfort level of the headset, the entire ergonomics which has been designed to make the whole experience easier, and also the fact whether the headset is wireless or wired. A wired headset costs substantially less than a wireless headset, simply because there are technological differences between the two models.

Cost is a major issue as all peripherals that need to be bought to make the entire experience of gaming are quite expensive. After buying all the other essential components, a cheap headset may also seem like a preferable option to choose from. It is quite obvious that a cheaper headset will not be as good in its quality of sound as well as the comfort which it will provide to the user. Finding a middle ground between quality and cost, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the gamer.

Here are a few options of gaming headsets for Xbox one which is available online for the customers to buy:

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets For Xbox One 2021

1. Bengoo Stereo

Bengoo Stereo Best Gaming Headset For Xbox one

A gaming headset in the true sense of the term, the Bengoo Stereo Gaming Headset, is pleasing to the eyes when looked at and has a great quality of sound. This is a wired headset that ticks all the boxes of factors that one looks for in a headset.

First and foremost, the quality of sound, which is determined by the driver size of the headset, is perfect in this model as the driver size is 40 MM. Not only the size, but the fact that the driver is a magnetic neodymium driver is also a factor that makes sure that the sound which reaches the ears of the gamer is crystal clear.

Next comes the comfort of the entire setup, which will determine whether the user will be able to wear the headset for a long duration or not. Factors such as the padding and the ergonomics come into play here. The padding of the headset is such that it promises noise cancellation, which is a big plus for the headset. Other than that, the design is such that it provides copious amounts of comfort to the user, hence helping them in focusing on their game.

There is a microphone as well, which is equipped with the feature of noise isolation. This helps in clarity of the voice that is being received by the microphone and in turn by the team players as well.

The cost is not too much considering there are more expensive headsets out there that basically offer the same features. This price is not a huge investment when it comes to buying a decent headset that will make the user’s gaming experience quite convenient.




The RUNMUS Gaming headset is a headset that has been designed to cater to the gamer’s most basic and essential needs. It has a great look, which is because of the dazzling LEDs which have been used to give a great effect to the headsets. It comes in three colours, namely blue, black and red.

The sound quality is exceptional. This is because of the 50 MM driver of the headset, which makes sure the sound which is reaching the ears of the gamer is pleasant and clear to hear. Such a driver is also accompanied by various other techniques that help in making the sound all the more clear and amazing. Features like noise cancellation help in keeping the sound from getting interrupted by other external noises that could hamper the concentration of the gamer.

Coming to the ergonomics of the entire model, it has been structured in such a way that any user will not hesitate to wear this headset for long hours and enjoy their game in utter peace and tranquillity. Comfort is the main motive of the RUNMUS gaming headset, and it is achieved through a detailed understanding of the needs of the user.

The range of the cost is not much to invest in a headset. It is actually on the low end of the scale, hence making this product quite affordable.


3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is a classy headset which is quite comfortable for any gamer to use. It has extremely professional looks and also has been designed to make it comfortable for the customers to use. It is black in color, with highlights of red, which make it take fire and menacing, wreaking havoc into the minds of the opponents.

The look needs to be corroborated by its features, which need to be as perfect as its look. The quality of sound is not compromised because the driver size is 50 MM, which makes sure that the quality of sound which the gamer receives is perfect. This is important for any gamer. Other than this, the sound is aided by noise cancellation, which is another point in the bag for the quality of sound.

The ergonomics of the headset is also a thing to admire. The placement of the buttons on the headset are such that it is easy for the gamer to make adjustments whilst playing their game. Other than that, the padding and structure of the headset is such that it is extremely comfortable for the user.

Coming to the price point, this headset has been priced on the cheap side of the coin. This headset offers great features at a price that is decent by the average gamer’s standards.


4. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The name of this headset itself sounds so cool that the features have to be world-class. This is a headset that is on the higher end of the price scale, but it is completely worth the investment. Firstly, talking about the look, this headset is jet black, which may seem like a dull color, but comes together with the structure of the headset to give a great look.

The biggest difference which this model has from its peers is that it is wireless. This means that it is easier to handle, although it has to be charged regularly. Each charge promises to last upto 15 hours of gaming continuously. This time is more than sufficient for any gamer. Other than that, the sound quality of the entire model is also outstanding. It is equivalent to the sound quality any wired headset of 50 MM would have.

This quality, along with features such as noise cancellation and huge size of the speakers, help in perfecting the sound for the customers. Other than that, this headset is easy to use and is very convenient in its make. The placement of the buttons along with the entire make of the model, all contribute to the comfort which is provided to the customer.

The price at which this headset has been set is on the higher side of the scale. The cost is expensive as headsets go, but with features such as this and the fact that this is a wireless headset, all make it a worthy investment.


5. Sades SA930PLUS

Sades SA930PLUS

This headset promises great features at a price that is the best one can come across. The features may not be the best that is out there, but they are more than enough for a great gaming experience.

The first thing to notice is the look and the structure of the headset. It is a wired headset that is of a purple color. This color itself is quite attractive. The structure has also been designed to make it easier for the customer to maintain the headset properly, making it a long lasting-product.

The sound quality of the headset is one of the best, as it is governed by a 40 MM driver. This driver ensures that sound quality is perfect. Along with that, it supports noise isolation. This means that the person using the headset will only hear what is meant for them to hear. This is a great quality that is also there in the microphone attached to the headset.

All these features are proof of the fact that this headset is a great buy for anyone who wants to invest minimally in the headset. The cost is one of the major factors why this headset sells like hotcakes.

The cost of this headset is inexpensive. Upon comparing to the other headsets that are there in the business, this headset offers many things for such a minimal price.


6. Ziumier


The Ziumier Gaming headset is a great headset for someone who is looking for a professional gaming headset for a low price. This headset promises features that bring it to the top of the list. It even has features that make it a professional headset.

The look also has to be professional to make the headset look appealing. The headset is totally black, with a line of different color combinations, which gives off a really impressive look. The design of the headset is made in such a way as to provide maximum comfort with minimum efforts.

The sound quality is perfect, because of the 50 MM driver, which is used for the connection. This driver is key in making sure that the sound emanating from the speakers is pure and clear. The property of noise cancellation also helps in the sound becoming better. The sound quality has been perfected to such an extent that minute sounds such as footsteps could be heard clearly. This is an important factor that makes this headset stand apart from the rest.

The cost of the headset is not expensive. It is a great buy for someone who is on the cusp of becoming a professional gamer, as it consists of all the features that one is looking for.


7. SteelSeries Arctis 9X

SteelSeries Arctis 9X

This is a high-end product that stands a class apart from all the other headsets that are out there. This is a wireless headset that puts other headsets to shame. The look of this headset is sleek and yet robust. It is in the color of black and green, with black being the dominant color.

The sound quality is bound to be amazing, as it promises a world-class mixture of perfect treble with perfect bass. Sound is not an issue for this dynamite.

The connection to Xbox One is made through bluetooth, which is the best way to connect devices such as headsets. The battery life is always a question mark in wireless headsets. In this case, the battery promises more than 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. Hence, the timing of the headset is also not an issue.

The only issue with this model is the price. All these features cut a deep hole in one’s pocket. This headset is something that should be invested in if one has a budget to spare in this department. The headset, although, is worth every penny spent on it. It promises not to disappoint the customer for a very long time.


8. Turtlebeach Recon

Turtlebeach Recon

This is another turtle beach product, which is a product meant to blow people’s minds. This product is attractive to look at and has features that are even better. This headset has a color code of black and green in equal amounts, which looks outstanding.

If we talk about the features and, more importantly, the sound quality, then we will know that this headset offers the best. The driver, which this headset uses, is 40 MM, which means that the sound quality is excellent and will not deteriorate over time. This product also applies a different technology to its driver, making it superior to other headsets. The ergonomics of the headset are also designed keeping the needs of the user in mind. It is comfortable to use because of the padding and the structure of the headset. All factors have been designed, keeping the comfort of the user in mind.

This is on the lower side of the cost analysis when compared to other headsets. This may not be the best headset, but it is the best which is available at this price.


9. Astro Gaming A40 TR

Astro Gaming A40 TR

This is a headset that has many features that will help any gamer out there who is looking to enhance their sound experience. This is a high-end headset, but for a good reason. It has features that make it stand apart from the rest of the mediocre headsets.

The look itself is quite spectacular. The combination of dark blue with black gives off a classic look that cannot be beaten. This look has been corroborated by many features which make this headset a professional one. The most significant feature is the fact that the sound quality is outstanding. This is because this headset is paired with the Astro audio V2, which is a device that works in tandem with the headset, making sure that the quality of sound is not compromised.

Other than this feature, the feature of noise cancellation also helps in the clarity of sound. The mic also is accompanied by noise isolation, which helps in making the spoken word clear to the teammates.

Coming to the cost, this is a high-end headset. The Astro Gaming A40 TR headset costs such that it looks expensive. When compared to other headsets, it is, but it is also fully loaded with features that are unavailable in other headsets. This is what makes it a great buy.


10. EKSA E900


The EKSA E900 Stereo gaming headset is a headset with a simple and straightforward aim. The aim is to make the customer comfortable while using the product, at the same time providing the best quality of sound that there is out there.

The look of the product says it all. Maroon rims with a black body is a combination that is to die for. This look just goes to show that this headset has features that will blow anyone’s mind away.

The quality of sound is the best because of the driver size, which it incorporates. Along with this, the fact that the design if the headset promises noise cancellation is an added bonus. The microphone as well as noise isolation, making the entire situation a win win for everyone.

The cost is quite affordable for the average user. Getting such features in such a price range is something that should not be ignored.


Best Gaming Headset For Xbox One – Conclusion

Headsets make a very important part of the entire gaming setup. Gamers need to communicate amongst themselves, hence headsets are what make it possible. XBox one is a console which supports many such games and so getting a headset which is compatible with this console is important. Hence, the array of headsets which have been discussed above are all high grade headsets which can make or break a gamers career.


Q: Are The Above Headsets Compatible With Xbox One?

A: Yes. All the above headsets have been selected keeping in mind that they should be compatible with XBox One.

Q: How Importantly Should One Consider The Capabilities Of A Microphone In A Headset?

A: A microphone is what makes a headset different from a headphone. The microphone’s features and capabilities should be kept in mind as speaking into the microphone is an essential part of gaming.

Q: Why Is There Such A Price Difference?

A: This price difference comes into play because of the fact whether a headset is wireless or wired mainly. Other features corroborate in the cost as well.

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