Best Gaming Headsets For PS4 of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Runmus2. PlayStation Gold3. Turtle Beach

If you are a gamer who uses the PS4, you must have realized that gaming hardware like using a good headset will take your gaming experience to the next level.

The audio quality, gaming-based enhancements, surround sound, etc. are definitely worth paying for. However, the vast number of choices that you are presented with can make the decision to buy quite complicated.

Keeping that in mind, we have surveyed the most popular ones in this category. Then, I looked at their specifications, reviews, and prices to come up with the best gaming headset for PS4. So, Read further to simplify your search.


Factors To Look For Before Buying The Best Gaming Headset PS4

1. Surround Sound

If we could choose just one factor that is essential in a gaming headset, it would have to be surround sound. We say that because it will go a long way in ensuring that you get immersive gaming experience.

With surround sound, it becomes very easy to pinpoint the direction from which the music is emanating. It is pivotal in games that involve shooting, running, etc.

Gaming headsets with surround sound are equipped with multiple drivers in the earpiece. That is what helps in providing that immersive experience. However, if you don’t plan on playing FPS games, stereo speakers will suffice.

2. Mic

There are usually two types of mic’s found on gaming headsets. One is the omnidirectional mic, and the other is the unidirectional mic. As the names indicate, omnidirectional mics pick up sound from many directions around the gamer. However, it is the opposite case for unidirectional mics.

The best gaming headsets for PS4 must have unidirectional mics. That is because there is no use of capturing ambient noise in a gaming scenario. Mics are used for communication with team members, and ambient noise will be futile in this case.

3. Comfort

The best gaming headphones for PS4 usually make the comfort factor top priority. It is one feature that can be different for each individual and can only be tested in person. Nevertheless, online reviews do help us in gauging this factor to an extent.

An excellent way to go about the search for comfortable gaming headsets is to look at the materials being used in the earpieces and headband.

You should always look out for lighter materials in the build, as having bulky headsets weighing you down isn’t ideal. Also, look out for proper adjustment levels.

4. Wired or Wireless

It is one question that begs to be answered but has no simple solution. Both Wired and Wireless headsets have their advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is pivotal to inspect your needs and choose accordingly.

Although wireless headsets provide convenience, it comes at a price as they only have a few hours of battery life. It can be detrimental if you plan on gaming continuously for hours at a time.

On top of that, low-end wireless headsets have very low range. So, you should ensure that the place where you sit is near to the console.

5. Price

Last but not least, the best PS4 gaming headset is one that provides the best experience at the best price possible. You can easily go splurge to get a good headphone, but why waste money when you can get the same value at a lower price?

The price spectrum is huge, as some headsets can retail for $200 while you can also get one for $20. The middle ground is somewhere around the $100 mark, and It is where you get the most and best options.

So those were the essential factors to keep in mind while deciding the best gaming headset for PS4. Now, let’s look at the list of products

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets For PS4 2020

1. Runmus Gaming Headset

Runmus Best Gaming Headset For PS4The first product on this list is from Runmus and is the best gaming headset for PS4. The rave reviews online are a testament to this fact. The headset boasts of multi-platform compatibility, so if you tend to game on different types of consoles or PC, the Runmus gaming headset is a right choice. On top of that, the price is very affordable, which makes it a value for money proposition.

The surround sound capabilities are outstanding and will ensure that you get the real feel of being inside the game. It is mainly due to the upgraded 7.1 audio IC. Also, the 50 mm drivers and snug-fitting ear muffs on the Runmus gaming headset will provide the best sound field.

Whenever you plug-in the headset, a blue LED on the sides of the earpiece lights up, giving it a futuristic look. Furthermore, the wire cable on this particular model has a more than adequate length of 2.2 meters.

The sensitivity is top-notch at 105 DB and will make sure you hear the slightest of sounds. Moreover, the 12 Oz weight will be manageable for even long-hours of gaming.


2. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

PlayStation Gold Wireless HeadsetWhat better product will you need than the headset that Sony Playstation itself recommends?

The excellent reviews and product sales also mean that this is Amazon’s Choice for “best wireless gaming headset PS4”. Although the price is a bit on the higher side, the investment will be worth it, if you want the best possible experience.

Although the design isn’t fancy like many other gaming headsets, it gives a simple but classy feel. Moreover, the manufacturing quality is top-notch.

The earmuffs are made of refined material and ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort possible. Also, the 7.1 virtual surround sound will provide you with the edge over opponents in FPS games.

The noise canceling feature of both the earpiece and the mic will keep you distracted from every sound in the real world. The USP of this product is that you can download the headset companion app and use custom audio modes for your favorite games.

That is something you can’t find in any other PS4 headset. Additionally, battery life of about 7 hours is sufficient for most gamers.


3. Turtle Beach Recon 50P

Turtle Beach Recon 50PTurtle Beach is a well-known brand when it comes to gaming headsets. So it is no surprise that one of their products is the best gaming headset for PS4.

The Recon 50P comes with a lightweight design that will surely make it more comfortable for you during those long gaming sessions. It also has large 40 mm speakers that give the best sound quality possible at this price point.

The Recon 50P also has a detachable mic. It is a big plus because when you are not gaming, you can use the headset for other tasks like listening to music or watching movies. Furthermore, it has in-line controls to adjust the volume or stop the play all-together.

One thing that potential buyers should note is that the Recon 50P has stereo speakers, which means it is better to avoid if you want to play FPS games.

However, the right audio output makes it perfect for any other niche of games. Furthermore, it is also compatible with Xbox One, PC, and Mac.


4. HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud StingerLoaded with unique features and best in class specifications, this product from HyperX makes a strong claim to be the best gaming headset for PS4. The design is quite simple but very modern looking.

Also, the design also looks ergonomic, and users have not reported any issues with comfort. It is primarily due to its weight of just 275 grams.

One of the unique aspects of this headset is that the earpiece can be rotated 90 degrees. It leads to a better fit around your neck.

Also, the mic can be automatically silenced just by placing it in the earpiece notch. The 50 mm drivers are adequately significant and also help in canceling out ambient noise.

The Cloud Stinger has both wireless and wired capabilities. The cord is 1.3 meters long, and the company also provides an extension cable of 1.7 meters. However, if you decide to go wireless, it will give a great battery backup of 17 hours.

One thing to note is that, for durability sake, the slider is made up of stainless steel. Although you might be looking for PS4 headsets, this is also compatible with Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and mobile devices.


5. SteelSeries Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis 7If we had to choose the most premium gaming headset for PS4, It would have to be the SteelSeries Arctis 7. The list of features that this headset comes with seems to be endless. For starters, the design looks very premium and classy. However, if you want a funky looking headset, this isn’t the one.

The Artics 7 boasts of lossless and ultra-clear audio thanks to the 2.4G connection. Even though the headset is wireless, the same technology also ensures zero latency and interference.

Additionally, SteelSeries has incorporated the ClearCast microphone that most believe to be the best mic for gaming ever created.

This headset from SteelSeries also has the most premium audio drivers, which lead to a meager amount of distortion.

To top it off, the surround sound system is designed by audio pioneer DTS and has the best noise cancellation available. Furthermore, the ear muffs cushions are made from sportswear material to keep your ears dry and cool.

The suspension band is also made from high-quality materials and is strong enough for everyday wear and tear. Another feather in the cap of this premium gaming headset is that it provides a whopping battery backup of 24 hours+.

All of these features combined make it very easy to recommend if you have the budget to buy it. So, if you have deep pockets, then this is the best gaming headset for PS4.


6. Beexcellent Gaming Headset

Beexcellent Gaming HeadsetIf you are in the market for the best PS4 gaming headset but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Beexcellent headphones are the ones to go with.

The popularity and excellent reviews of this product are a testament to its quality and value for money proposition. The design is definitely on the funkier side and makes it look like a proper gaming headset. Additionally, LED lights are provided, which amp up the cool factor.

Beexcellent has been able to provide a quality surround system, even at this price point. Users have praised the headset, saying they can hear enemies in FPS games from afar.

The comfort level has also not been compromised as the earmuffs are soft and breathable. Moreover, the suspension band is also made from steel, which takes durability to the next level.

If you desire to play games on more than one platform, the Beexcellent headsets support that too. Also, the microphone transmits audio of excellent quality and also has noise cancellation, which is seldom found at this price point.

The wire cable is quite long and is braided to keep it from tangling. All in all, we can say that this product is the best cheap gaming headset PS4.


7. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Turtle Beach Stealth 600As we have already told, Turtle Beach is a very respectable company when it comes to gaming headsets, and Stealth 600 is one of its more premium products. The design is quite simple but looks and feels premium.

One thing to note is that many reviewers are pleased with the comfort that it offers while gaming for a prolonged period.

The mic used in the Stealth 600 is unidirectional and flip-up type in nature. It means that pushing the mic away from your mouth automatically mutes the mic.

Turtle Beach has made this product truly wireless, with not even an option to connect a wire. That may be a pro or con depending on the user.

However, the wireless capabilities are top-notch, and there are very minimal lag and interference in the audio output.

Furthermore, the battery life is also perfect as you can expect around 15 hours of juice on a single charge. It also comes with a surround sound system that has obtained rave reviews.

The Stealth 600 has Turtle Beach’s patented superhuman hearing capability that helps you in hearing very acute sounds. It makes it an ideal PS4 headset for FPS games.

The headset has also been designed, keeping in mind people who wear glasses. The company has implemented a design that takes off pressure on the glasses while you play stress-free.


8. PeohZarr Gaming Headset

PeohZarr Gaming HeadsetThe PeohZarr Gaming Headset is one of the highest-selling gaming headsets available right now. The product is very highly rated by professional reviewers and users alike. It is mostly due to the class-leading specifications at an Irresistible price.

The design of the headset looks very futuristic with the blue backlit lines on the earpiece. Moreover, the design is also very ergonomic and doesn’t exert too much pressure on your head or ears. Also, the cushions on earmuffs are made out of pure leather.

The mic is also class-leading as it provides 360-degree noise cancellation at this price point. Additionally, the PeohZarr Gaming Headset comes with surround sound to give you a surreal experience while playing FPS games.

There will be no compatibility issue as well because the headset supports a host of different platforms.

Last but not least, the durability of this PS4 headset is outstanding as the wires are very strong, and the suspension joints are made of very strong material. In the end, we can say it deserves a place among the best gaming headset for PS4.


9. Ziumier Z66 Gaming Headset

Ziumier Z66 Gaming HeadsetOne of the most well-rounded products on this list is the Ziumier Gaming Headset. It has a stellar specifications sheet with excellent user reviews. It is the most desirable combination that every user will look for before buying. The design is funky, yet makes the headset look quite premium.

The diameter of the driver used in this headset is 50 mm, which is perfect for gaming headsets. It will ensure that the sound levels are adequate without interference from ambient noise.

Also, the mic provided in the headset is noise canceling in nature and can also be rotated 90 degrees. It makes sure that there is seamless communication between you and your teammates.

The earmuffs are enormous and made up of adjusting protein. It means that the earmuffs take the shape of your ears permanently after some duration of usage.

Additionally, there is no question of durability issues with this earphone according to most online reviews. The wire cable is also braided to ensure no tangling occurs when you don’t use the headset.

The weight of headphones is one issue that might need addressing as it weighs in around 1.1 pounds. It is quite large for a gaming laptop and can lead to discomfort sometimes. However, if you ignore that, then the Ziumier PS4 headset is a worthy choice.


10. Ziumier Z18 Gaming Headset

Ziumier Z18 Gaming HeadsetThe last product on this list is also from Ziumier. The Z18 is quite similar to the Z66, but the design is a bit outdated from our perspective. However, looking at the price of this headset, we really shouldn’t be complaining.

The Z18 has multi-platform support and can be used with an array of devices like PS4, PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and mobile phones. It has the usual 50 mm drivers and an omnidirectional and noise canceling mic to pick up audio. Ziumier has included 7.1 surround sound at this price point, which makes it very unique.

The headset also has breathable protein earmuffs and light weight design to ensure the user is comfortable. Additionally, the wire is 6.5 feet in length and is braided in nature to protect it from tangling.

It also is powerful and can handle stress. All in all, the Z18 seems like a very likable PS4 headset if you can ignore its design.


Best Gaming Headset For PS4 – Your pick?

So that was a very detailed article about the best gaming headset for PS4. I hope it cleared all your doubts and made it easier to choose a product that is suitable for you. However, if you still are in a limbo about which one to want, let us make it easier for you.

If you have an unlimited budget and want the best PS4 gaming headset, then we recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 7 or the Turtle Beach Stealth 600. However, if your budget is in the lower end of the spectrum, the Beexcellent gaming headset or the Ziumier Z18 should be on your mind.

If you want a headset that does well in every aspect, then the Runmus or PeohZarr gaming headset takes the cake. On the other hand, if you are after a comfortable gaming headset, it’s best to buy the Turtle Beach Stealth 600.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use a gaming headset on PS4?

The process of using a gaming headset for PS4 is honestly, straightforward. You have to connect the 3.5mm audio jack to the AUX port in the PS4 controller. Then go to audio settings and check if the LVL6+ headphones are selected. After that, go to the audio devices tab and ensure the “input and output device” is the “headset and controllers.” Now you are good to go.

2. Can I use any Bluetooth headset for my PS4?

The simple answer is no. You can’t use any regular Bluetooth headset. There are only a few official and licensed Bluetooth headphones that are compatible. It is one of the significant disadvantages of using the PS4. However, if you use a simple device called the Bluetooth headset dongle, you would be able to use any headset of your choice.

3. Can I use any headset with a 3.5mm audio jack along with PS4?

The crude answer would be yes; you can use any headset with a PS4. However, you will be able to hear the sound and talk to your teammates. There will be no immersive experience, and small noises might not be heard.

4. What are some of the best PS4 gaming headset brands?

Some of the most popular brands when it comes to PS4 gaming headsets are Razer, Turtle Beach, SteelSeries, HyperX, Logitech, etc. When buying a PS4 headset, it would be better to buy one from these trusted brands.

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