Best Gaming Desks 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Atlantic Desk Pro2. Arozzi Arena3. Eureka 1-S

The advantage that gaming desks have over office desks is undeniable. They offer comfort and customizability in ways that regular office desks simply do not. If you’re an avid gamer looking for hardwares to improve your gaming experience, getting yourself a gaming table can be the right place to start.

In order to find the best gaming desk, it would be advisable to know some of the factors you need to consider. Let us give you a quick run through of what those are.


Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Gaming Desks

1. Price

You can get some of the best gaming desks at a price less than a hundred dollars. At the same time, some of the more expensive desks also offer several additional features and plenty of customizable options. It’s best to know your budget and determine how much you’re willing to pay for your desk beforehand.

This way you can save yourself a few hundred dollars by not investing in a desk with features that you don’t have much use for.

2. Size

While it may sound obvious, the size of your desk is an important factor you need to consider. You might be surprised at the sheer space that some of the larger gaming desk models take up.

Try measuring the dimensions of the room you will be using and how much space you’re willing to allot for the gaming area. This will give you a better idea of how large your desk needs to be.

3. Shape

The shape of your gaming desk will determine how comfortable your gaming experience is. This is subjective and depends largely on your personal preferences.

Some people don’t mind having a rectangular gaming desk such as the Arozzi Arena that fits nicely in a corner. Others like a more curved and spread out feel. They like the idea of being surrounded by their gaming environment. Some of the desks have rounded corners. This is indicative of a safety-conscious design. You’re less likely to hurt yourself by bumping into the edge every time you get up from your game to go grab a snack.

Again, the shape of your desk decides how well it will fit into your room so it is worth taking note of.

4. Storage Space

Late night gaming sessions can get heated real quick- both literally and figuratively. Your gaming PC or monitor would need enough space for it to ventilate during long hours of intensive use. So the surface area your PC requires for this would naturally depend on how big your gaming platform is.

If the desk is too small, your wires can get tangled up and the inevitable clutter of consoles, controllers and other gaming peripherals can all lead to a very messy appearance.

You need to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate your gaming gear and your monitors in such a way that the desk doesn’t feel overcrowded. There should be enough room for you to move the mouse around as you get immersed in those epic battles and secret missions.

Some desks come with drawers and storage bins for you to put away any gaming equipment or to house your collection of games and artifacts. That way you can strip your gaming gear down to the essentials. You can decide what you really need at the moment for your gaming session and put the rest away to be retrieved within accessible distance whenever the need arises.

5. Height Adjustability

If you’re an avid gamer, you know just how important it is to be quick with your reflexes. You just never know when you might have to switch from a lane to another to save yourself from colliding with an oncoming truck or duck in a split-second to dodge incoming enemy fire.

The world of high-octane intense action video games is unpredictable and being light on your toes is how you stay ahead of the competition. This is why it is so important that you get a gaming desk that allows you to adjust the height to an optimum level that suits you. Why? Because sometimes the best way to improve your gameplay is to try a different angle: One you’re more comfortable with.

Sometimes the fixed height might not be the best for your particular stature. You wouldn’t want to get a crick in your neck by straining to look up at the screen for so long. You don’t want it to be too low to the point that it becomes hard to follow the action. You want it to be just right. So how do you make that happen? By adjusting the height for yourself.

Besides, it’s always nice to have the option to try something a little different, just to see how it feels.

6. Comfort

The ergonomics of a gaming desk go a long way in determining how you feel about it. Some desks allow you to sit back and relax your posterior as you delve into a 3-hour long gaming session. Others? Not so much. There are gaming desks out there that don’t allow for any customizability. You should avoid these if you find that you have to lean in every time you try and get into some World of Warcraft.

Maintaining a healthy posture at all times is important if you want to avoid a visit to the chiropractor. You might find yourself inadvertently experiencing chronic back pain as a result of slouching in front of the screen for too long.

Gaming desks like the Arozzi Arena come with a contoured centre designed to help solve this particular problem. The arc in the middle is wide enough to accommodate a person. The good thing about it is that you don’t bump into the hard metal surface of the table. Also, you can view the monitor at a distance that doesn’t hurt your eyes and in a relaxed and comfortable position, cradled by the arms on your chair.

7. Material

The texture, the feel and the durability of your gaming desk will largely depend on the kind of material used in making it. While some desks use premium density carbon fiber, other manufacturers go with wood panels and solid steel frames. ABS plastic and PVC coating is all too common when it comes to gaming desks.

If you’re looking for a desk that is capable of lasting a really long time, you need to take into account factors like the maximum weight the desk is capable of handling, corrosion resistance (so that it doesn’t get rusty any time soon), waterproofing (for quick cleaning in case of occasional spills), oxidation resistance, scratch resistance etc.

Knowing the kind of materials used in making the desk can be helpful in deciding whether or not it is durable and sturdy enough for your gaming and non-gaming needs.

The kind of material used will also determine how heavy the desk will end up being. Some metal frames and fiber boards can be hard to move around the house by yourself due to their unbearable weight.

You also need it to be made of premium quality material to fit all your gaming monitors, PC, keyboards and gaming gear without it seeming to buckle under the weight.

8. Assembling The Pieces Together

So let’s say you ordered your gaming desk and it has now finally arrived. The task of putting it together is not to be taken lightly. Some gaming desks come with instruction manuals that only provide illustrations on what goes where. Thus, the entire assembling process becomes intuitive and at times, time-consuming.

It might not seem like a big thing initially, but what will you do when you have to disassemble the desk frequently to adjust some loose screws or repolish the surface?

It is worth your while making sure that the process of assembling all the elements together isn’t too complicated.

9. Extra Features

A lot of the premium and regular gaming desk packages come with free add-ons such as headphone hooks, gaming controller stands, cupholders,gaming mouse pads
(some of them large enough to cover the entire desk surface). A few desks also include controller racks that have USB slots to serve alternate functions such as charging your phone or tablet.

Some gaming desks also come with AC outlets so that you can plug and charge your laptop or smartphone. The best gaming desks offer some premium features such as LED lighting with options of multi color and single color RGB.

Serious gamers are likely to benefit the most from all the additional features modern gaming desks provide.

10. Cable Management

This is an important feature that you should definitely look for in a gaming desk. Most standard gaming desks have pre-drilled holes in the back or at the corners for effective cable management. Some might even go a step further in ensuring the cables stay out of your way and don’t distract you during your gaming session; they include storage trays underneath the cable grommets for bunching up all the wires in a specific area.

Top 20 Best Gaming Desk 2020 Reviews

1. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic Best Gaming DeskSpecially designed to accommodate all your gaming gear, the Atlantic gaming desk Pro is built with sleek carbon fiber complete with a solid steel frame and packs plenty of features that gaming enthusiasts will simply love.

The sturdy metal frame makes it capable of supporting an overall weight of upto 100 pounds. This makes it one of the best gaming desks in the market in terms of sturdy build. It is also unlikely to slide around and leave scuff marks on your floor thanks to the non-marring feet.

The Atlantic Pro has a charging stand where you can set your smartphone or tablet, a metal cup holder, headphones holder and speaker stands on either side.

It is spacious enough to mount a 32 inch monitor which can be elevated using the monitor stand for a better, more comfortable and obstruction-free viewing angle. At 40 inches of length and almost 24 inches of width, it occupies just enough room to give you and your personal gaming space a wide berth without getting in the way of the rest of your furniture.

It also has a storage shelf to pack all your games and a seperate space reserved for a power brick as well as for storing all your cables and cords. There are plenty of attachable add ons that can be removed at your convenience. All things considered, it is quite easy to set up. A major downside is that the speaker stands aren’t large enough to hold some of the more sizeable speaker models.

The Atlantic Pro is definitely worthy of being called one of the best gaming desks. It doesn’t even cost as much as some of the more popular computer desks out there. Rest assured, the Atlantic Pro is the perfect gaming desk that will have the hardcore gamer in you ecstatic with joy at how perfect it is.


2. Arozzi Arena

Arozzi ArenaThe Arozzi Arena is no doubt one of the best desks for gaming. It has a massive 14 square foot surface area perfect for supporting some of the most expansive gaming setups. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that it is fully capable of housing more than 3 monitors, a PC, gaming consoles and peripherals like headphones, speakers etc. with ease.

The curved design combined with the 5 foot long 3 inch wide dimension allows you to create an ideal and purely immersive gaming atmosphere by placing the monitors in an arc around you.The desk is 2 feet 8 inches deep, perfect for housing your mouse and keyboard at an easily accessible distance.

The board is made of wood and supported by a steel frame to which the solid steel legs are attached. It has three holes drilled into its surface for managing gaming cables and wires.

Perhaps what makes it stand out the most is the padded, water resistant fabric surface that covers the entire gaming desk. It is the same soft material you find in mouse pads. With the Arozzi Arena, you can now say goodbye to elbow aches and bruises caused by bumping into the hard metal surfaces of regular desks.

The ergonomics of the Arena are worth mentioning. It features an inwardly curved design at the centre- the gamer’s seating position. This design lets you maintain a relaxed and comfortable posture throughout the gaming session without ever compromising the quality of your gameplay.

The pre-drilled holes are a clever way of preventing the cables and cords from creating an utterly chaotic mess of tangled wires.

Apart from the fact that it is a bit hard to get dirt off the mouse pad (you’ll need to give it a thorough wash) and the limited height adjustment of the legs, there isn’t much at fault with the Arozzi Arena.

It is one of the best gaming desks you can get at such an affordable price.


3. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-SSimilar to many of its peers, the Eureka Ergonomics has a really large surface area, big enough to fit a 40 inch monitor. It also has enough depth for your keyboard, mouse and other gaming gear. This makes it perfect for setting up your massive gaming platform. It is one of the best pc gaming desks you can find in the market right now.

It packs a headphone hook at one end and a conveniently placed cup holder at the other. Now you can have that late night caffeine booster at arm’s distance any time you want without interrupting your online gaming session. It also comes with a controller stand for you to hang your joysticks on and a really large storage shelf for your gaming titles.

The desk features a set of flashy blue LED lights to illuminate your gaming desk during the night time. All you need to do is plug it into your PC or gaming laptop to get that sci-fi movie-esque glow.

It also comes with pre-drilled holes in the back with braces underneath to manage your cables. You can tie them up neatly and prevent them from tangling. It also helps keep the wires hidden in the back so the desk doesn’t look messy or cluttered.

The Z-1 S has a Z-shaped design with a frame that offers maximum support to your desk and four bulky feet to ensure it stays steady and doesn’t wobble.

On the downside, the plastic edge covering may be a bit unsuitable for setting up any monitor clamps. Also, assembling the desk together may take a little while. You could do with some written instructions to go along with the illustrations in the assembly guide (Pro tip: You might want to save tightening the leg screws for last) Once you get it set up though, it is a beauty to behold. The solid and sturdy desk is really great opposed to most of the all-plastic models that barely support the weight of the heavy gaming monitors.

The Eureka Ergonomics is the best computer gaming desk that comes with an aesthetically pleasing design and enough features to impress hardcore and casual gamers alike.


4. Mr. Ironstone

Mr. IronstoneThe Ironstone is a 45 inch gaming table that features all the usual trademark characteristics of any decent gaming desk.

It comes with a headphone hook and a cup holder so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking your can of coke and spilling your drink all over your gaming devices. It’s worth mentioning that both the headphone hook and cup holder can be fit into either side of your desk based on your preference.

The laminated tabletop is both water resistant and comfortable to use. It offers you plenty of room to accommodate your PC, gaming monitors, keyboard and other gaming accessories. You can fit a maximum of 2 monitors at a time. The balanced R shape design ensures a stable support system for your gaming monitors and gear.

However, what makes the Ironstone remarkable is its multipurpose functionality. It looks very elegant and you can just as easily use it as a regular computer desk or writing table whenever you choose.

It also packs adjustable feet for a more stable, wobble-free gaming experience even when the ground is uneven. The legs are made of highly durable solid steel and it is quite capable of bearing up to 100lb.s Thus, it definitely deserves a spot in the list of the best gaming tables available right now.

The process of assembling the desk is pretty straightforward and you can rest assured that it won’t be much of a hassle. The instructions are really simple. The laminated surfaces of the tabletop extends to the underside as well which is great news. The smooth and polished feel of the desk combined with its sturdy construction really lends to its modern minimalist appearance.

The placement of the holes for cable management seems a bit off but apart from that, the Ironstone is a solid choice for pro gamers. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best gaming desk.


5. Arozzi NA Pure Black

Arozzi NA Pure BlackGaming is the major focus in Arozzi Arena’s Pure Black model. The 14 square feet tabletop makes for an extremely liberating gaming experience. Just like the Arozzi Arena Red, it is big enough to fit three large monitors around you for pure immersion.

The cable management is spot on with the standard pre-cut holes at the back and a net set underneath to hold the wires. the surface is solid backed by a sturdy construction to maximize comfort and lets you be quick with your responses when it comes to an intense session of, say, Battlefield.

The customized mouse pad is something you need to be immensely thankful for. It is smooth, soft and sticks to the desktop tightly (You don’t have to worry about it coming off, no matter how vigorous your gameplay is). Not only is it water resistant (no need to worry about the occasional spill), it is also machine washable.

At 80 cm of depth, there’s plenty of space for your keyboard, mouse and gaming-related gear. You will still have some space to spare even after you set up triple screens, keyboard and speakers.

You can also adjust the feet and the height to make it as stable and comfortable as you need. It is strong enough to support up to 176 pounds of weight, monitors and all.

The gaming desk is made up of three different sections which makes it easily portable and much easier to assemble too. The instructions are very clear and simple. It also helps that all the parts are labeled.

The only issue we have with it is that it can get a bit wobbly if the feet isn’t adjusted just right. This can be solved by propping the desk against the wall, preferably in the corner as opposed to the centre of your room.


6. Eureka Ergonomic R-1

Eureka Ergonomic R-1The Eureka R-1 is one of the best gaming desks when it comes to quality design and solid construction. The 43.5 inch long board is made of smooth carbon fiber and it comes with more than enough space to hold your gaming gear. It can just as easily fit a 32 inch monitor although it is doubtful if this would leave any room for external speakers.

What makes the R-1 unique is the dynamic RGB lighting setup. You get to enjoy a dazzling blend of multicolor lights (up to 6) on the desktop by simply plugging it into your gaming PC.

Is R-1 the best computer desk for gaming? Well if we were to go by size, features and overall build quality, we would have to say it certainly deserves to be considered. Just like any standard gaming desk, it features a rack on the right hand corner for your gaming controllers (joysticks), a large mouse pad for your keyboard and mouse. In addition, there is an aptly placed cup holder to hold your drinks and a hook on the left hand corner underneath the desk to rest your headset.

The R-shaped frame is up to the standard and upon testing the desktop, you’ll find that not only does it not wobble. Thus, it is sturdy enough to withstand your rapid gameplay.

The R1S can bear a maximum weight of up to 200 Lbs easily, enough to support your gaming monitors and peripherals. The leveling feet are meticulously designed to minimize friction when you slide the table. As expected, there are two holes cut out for cable management.

Some gamers might have an issue with the rainbow display of colors in the RGB lighting. Nevertheless, you can always switch it to a single color of your choice. Depending on the size of your gaming monitors, you might have some trouble finding space for the controller rack. However, this is only a minor inconvenience since you’ll only be needing it after your gaming session.


7. Tangkula Gaming Desk (46)

Tangkula Gaming Desk (46)Built with a solid combination of medium density fiber, PVC coating and steel legs, the Tangkula is perfect for professional gamers. It features a shelf with a monitor mount, a headphone holder and a cup holder on either ends and a 48 inch long surface board big enough to fit your monitors, external speakers and more.

What makes it stand out the most, however, is the addition of several ports. These include AC outlets and 2 USB ports. The frame is coated with steel and the top is high density fiber combined with a PVC surface. It also comes with an additional bottom shelf to store your games.

It is quite a multipurpose desk that you can use as a regular computer desk or workstation. It has a very sophisticated appearance compared to the more streamlined look of most gaming desks.

The Tangkula is relatively low-maintenance. The surface is easy to clean using a washcloth. The hardware components might take some time to assemble despite the instructions.

It also comes with extra holes to accommodate plugs and USB cables, thus providing efficient cable management. The extra layers of wood panels help you keep things more organized.

The size of the desk is just right. It doesn’t take up much of your room space and yet offers ample surface area for you to place your PC, gaming monitors and gear without it looking too crowded.

The addition of the extra AC outlets makes it very convenient for charging your phone or even your laptop within a short distance.

Our only gripe is with the lackluster cable management. The absence of a back to the desk makes all the cables quite visible to the user which can be slightly disorienting. The size of the top stand could also be improved since it takes up more room than necessary.


8. Eureka Ergonomics Z-60

Eureka Ergonomics Z-60Weighing in at over 70 pounds, the Eureka Z-60 is noticeably bulky. Assembling the parts can be quite a hassle. The instructions are mostly pictures so you’ll have to go with your gut on this one (the old fashioned way-trial and error).

The first thing you notice about the Z-60 is how neatly polished it looks. The top is sleek carbon-fiber and the base is solid metal. Combine that with the black color scheme that has a grandiose flourish of a red scorpion design all over the surface and multicolor RGB lighting and you’ve got yourself one hell of a gaming desk perfect for evoking a war room ambience that just adds so much to your Battlefield gameplay.

The height is perfect. The mousepad is quite smooth, like a good old welcome mat laid out for all of your gaming peripherals which includes your keyboard, monitors and even external speakers.

The Z-60 also comes with a multicolor LED lighting, perfectly setting the mood for you to lead your fleet into an interstellar battle set in space. All you need to do is plug in the USB cable into place and witness your gaming desk come alive in brilliant flashes of vibrant colors. When it comes to style, the Z-60 doesn’t hold back any punches and is perhaps the best gaming desk there is. It even looks like something out of a spacecraft!

However, the entire desk is split in the middle by a barely noticeable gap that runs down the centre. This is where both the segments of the gaming desk meet. This makes cable management a bit difficult. It also lacks an inward curve like you normally see in many of the Arozzi designs for a comfortable seating position that doesn’t feel obtrusive to the user.

It can support up to 220 pounds of weight (no we’re not kidding and yes, that is more than enough for even a professional gamer’s gear). You could set up enough monitors and a towering set of books and gaming titles and still not have to worry about the table straining under the weight.

There are also add-ons like the headphone hook, the controller stand and the cupholder which can be purchased separately (No, they aren’t included with the desk).

With its undeniably stellar design and features, the Z-60 certainly doesn’t come cheap. It costs just as much as it is worth and if you’re really serious about stepping up your gameplay with the best you can find, the Z-60 just might be the best desk for gaming you can find in the market right now.


9. Bizzoelife

BizzoelifeIt is a sleek looking, highly functional Z-shaped gaming desk with a 47 inch long surface perfect for fitting two 27 inch gaming screens.

What distinguishes the Bizzoelife with regards to design is its use of an eco-friendly material called P2 class particle for the tabletop’s board. The legs use bulkily solid metal. Furthermore, it can support a weight of 229 kg.

It is the best gaming desk for sports and racing titles. There’s ample room to move your feet around so they don’t get cramped. The board is sturdy and looks just as fashionable as it is practical.

You don’t have to worry about the desk leaving scuff marks on your floor thanks to the four levelling feet pads. The height can also be adjusted to suit your stature.

What makes it even cooler are the LED lights. There are seven available colors to mesmerize your senses and get you amped up to dive into battling mode. It also comes with a hook for hanging your headset on. The board offers enough space for the rest of your gaming setup, including consoles and keyboards and the whole works.

The parts are also super easy to assemble and will barely take you 20-30 minutes to have it all sorted and ready. However, it lacks a storage shelf underneath the desk. So if you’re looking for a desk with multiple cabins and storage spaces, you might want to look elsewhere.

At an affordable price, it is a very durable gaming desk that will work beautifully for your NFS racing titles and motion-heavy games like PES. If you’re looking for a purely functional gaming desktop with a focus on comfort, the Bizzoelife is worth giving a try. After all, it is quite affordable.


10. Waleaf Vitesse (55 inch)

Waleaf Vitesse (55 inch)The Vitesse 55’ is a gaming desk that offers more than enough space for your gaming gear even if you’re using a large keyboard and mouse. The board uses carbon fibre which gives it a solid and bulky texture. The surface is coated with PVC and the steel frames offer a sturdy support.

As you’d expect from a gaming desk of its calibre, it features a cup holder( big enough to fit anything from cans of coke to even large coffee mugs), a headphone hook and a removable controller stand. You also get an extra large mouse pad (47 inches) with sufficient padding to keep your wrists from getting sore during a really long gaming session.

You get to keep your desk neat and organized and free from the cluttered mess that most gaming desks usually become.This has been made possible by the wire holes and storage space located at the back of the desk for proper cable management.

It also comes with a USB gaming handle that functions as a charging device for your phone or ipad or what have you. It features a total of 4 USB ports for simultaneously charging multiple devices.

Whether or not the Vitesse is the best gaming desk you’ll find in the market is debatable, but it does present a strong case for inclusion.

However, you might encounter the slightest bit of wobbling in case the desk is placed on an uneven surface. Fortunately, this can be offset by the adjustable feet and balancing your possessions on top. In case you find the height unsuitable, you can always bring it up a notch or bring it down to a level you’re more comfortable with.

The desk is comfortable enough to make you question whether you even really need a mousepad.


11. Kinsal Blade

Kinsal BladeThe Kinsal Blade series desk is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable tabletop made of environment friendly materials. There’s enough legroom to rest your feet and move around as you please.

The gaming desk also comes with RGB color lighting which you can adjust to six different colors. You can set the light to something sombre like a shade of red or blue when you’re in for some sci-fi action or a more cheerful yellow or green when you’re playing Fortnite.

The carbon fibre board offers a non-slip surface for smooth and highly responsive gaming. It is also resistant to corrosion so you don’t have to worry about it rusting any time soon.

The gaming desk is capable of supporting up to 550 lb, which is remarkable. The scissor-legged design and adjustability of the legs allow you to set it at the most comfortable height and distance.

It also comes with a rather large mouse pad for your keyboards, a headphone hanger and a cup holder. Like any other standard gaming desk, it has cable grommets at the back for keeping the wires from getting tangled up and a storage shelf for your games and other gear.

The illustrations are easy to follow and you can have it set up in no time. The 47 inch long 25 inch wide desk can conveniently fit in a corner of your room in case you’re running low on space. It is also best considering there might be less of a wobble factor when the desk is propped against two adjacent walls.

As a desk specific for gaming, once you set up the gaming consoles and the platform, it is a bit hard to find enough space to set notebooks for writing. So using it as both a gaming desk and a study table at the same time is out of the question.


12. Eureka Ergonomics I1

Eureka Ergonomics I1Yet another gaming desk model that continues Eureka’s line of amazingly designed gamer-oriented tables, the I1 packs a whole bunch of additional features that make it stand out from the rest while maintaining the company’s same design and quality build.

The 43 inch long board is textured carbon fiber capable of withstanding random bouts of heavy movement as you’d expect in a gaming desk of its kind. The design allows you to transform the Eureka into a study table or work desk whenever you please, adding to its versatility.

The sturdy steel base is strong enough to hold up to 60 kgs. It also includes two grommets for keeping your wires and cords out of the way. Underneath the desk is a cable management tray for storing your cables and by extension (no pun intended), keeping your desk neat and organized.

What makes the I1 so special is the inclusion of a mobile device slot where you can set your smartphone on within an arm’s reach. This way you’ll have your hands free whenever you need to answer a voice or video call during an unfinished gaming session. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking your phone off the desk when you get too immersed in your gameplay. In essence, you can now continue your daily session of World of Warcraft uninterrupted, without missing out on any important calls or texts either.

As you’d expect, it also comes with a cup holder, a headphone hook, a controller rack and a really large mouse pad.

The only disadvantage with the I1 is that its height isn’t adjustable (30 inches). This is a major blow for those of us who find the height to be inconvenient.

Apart from that, I1 is the best gaming computer desk that can double as a work desk or a study table and also comes at quite an affordable price.


13. Tangkula Gaming Desk (48)

Tangkula Gaming Desk (48)The Tangkula’s board is built with a high-quality Medium Density Fiber and uses steel frames. The sturdy construction allows for heavy-duty weight support and makes it a lot more durable.

It is built to be more functional and doesn’t come with a lot of fancy features like controller racks, headphone hangers and cup holders.

It is quite compact in size compared to some of the other gaming models and is likely to blend in well with the rest of your room without taking up too much space. The 46 inch long desktop is big enough to house your gaming monitors, PC and keyboard and the medium density fiber surface provides sufficient electromagnetic shielding.

The surface is also resistant to corrosion, oxidation and even random scratches and stains so you can count on it to last longer than your average gaming desk. The feet are padded so you don’t have to worry about scuff or skid marks damaging your floor either.

Its multi functional design makes it look right at home in your office or study room as well. In other words, if you plan on using it for more than just gaming, it is perfect to meet your needs.

However, the foldable gaming desk doesn’t come with an included mouse pad, which is somewhat disappointing. Thus, you might have to consider getting one separately. On the up side though, it is possibly the sturdiest gaming desk you’ll find and the various components can be assembled in a very short time.

If you’re looking for the best gaming desk in terms of strong build and durability, this Tangkula model is more than up to the task. It is the perfect gaming desk if you’re looking for something that doesn’t get in the way, is reliable and comes at an affordable price.

If you plan on buying a gaming desk that lasts a really long time, this is the best gaming desk to go for.


14. Kazila Gaming Desk

Kazila Gaming DeskThe Kazila is a gaming dek that offers enough leg space for you to relax your feet. It uses a large medium density fiber surface for the board. It is 43.5 inches wide and provides more than enough room for you to set your gaming gear from monitors to keyboards and even an extra PC.

The feet are padded to prevent the table from skidding across the floor and leaving any scuff marks. This comes as a huge relief if you have to move it around occasionally, for example, when you’re cleaning your room. The legs can also be adjusted to a more stable height in case the floor is uneven or too rough.

The desk features rounded corners, a great safety measure to keep you and little kids from getting hurt by accidentally bumping into the desk.

Like most standard gaming desks, it also comes with a headphone hook and cup holder included. The Kazila can just as easily be set up to be a work desk or a study table whenever you choose.

When it comes to maintenance, you’re in luck. A simple wet cleaning cloth will do the trick. With a few thorough wipes you can get the laminated surface looking all polished and as good as new again.

Assembling the parts is fairly easy and should only take you about 20 minutes if you follow the instructions (point to note: don’t use a power tool while setting it up. It could damage the components).

The table is capable of supporting a maximum weight of up to 100 lbs which isn’t all that great compared to some of the other models. However, it won’t be that much of a problem if you’re using a basic gaming setup. If you’re a more hardcore gamer looking for a triple monitor set up and a place to rest heavy weight gaming gear, then you might want to look elsewhere.

On the bright side, the Kazila is quite sturdy for a desk that comes at a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for one of the best gaming desks within a budget price, the Kazila is definitely worth a shot.


15. Respawn (48 inches)

Respawn (48 inches)This 48 inch gaming table offers plenty of monitor space. You could have a dual monitor set up or mount a really large-screen gaming monitor with ease. The tabletop is divided into two sections with pre-drilled holes available for cable management.

It also features a 5mm thick gaming mouse pad that covers the entire desk surface. It weighs about 5 lb. The bulkiness ensures that the mouse pad is impervious to random gaming movements. It comes with cross-split gaps to accommodate the cable holes.

The Respawn 48’’ comes with two T-legs attached on either end instead of a center support. They offer a sturdy support to the gaming desk while offering enough space to stretch your legs. You can also stabilize the desk in case of uneven floor surfaces using the adjustable leveling glides.

Similar to the Arozzi, this Respawn gaming desk features an inward curve at the centre to accommodate the player’s seating position. There’s more than enough room to glide your mouse around and turn the dpi up a notch when you play a good FPS game. To top things off, it is more than capable of handling up to 200 lbs of weight.

You might want to take the mouse pad out and let it air out a little from time to time. There are three sections that can be combined to make a larger table or if you choose not to, you can go with the smaller version when you please.

The desk does weigh quite a bit (80 pounds), however this doesn’t seem to be much of a hindrance when it comes to assembling the parts by yourself. Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, the mouse pad covers the entire surface. So if you’re into more aggressive, intense and action heavy gaming titles, the Respawn is perfect for you.

It is worth adding that the features are better suited for professional gamers who require smooth mouse movement and a comfortable range of motion without cramping their wrists. Therefore, the price can be overwhelming if you’re just searching for a regular gaming desk.


16. Kinsai (55 inch)

Kinsai (55 inch)This 55 inch gaming desktop is perfect for fitting an ultra-long monitor and all of your gaming gear without looking the slightest bit crowded. Built with a corrosion-resistant high density fiberboard combined with PVC, the desk features coated steel frames for added support that ensures a sturdy base that lasts long.

It has T-shaped legs on either side and an L-shaped design. Also, the four leveling feet do a great job of helping the desk stay stable. As in most cases, the Kinsai too comes with a headphone hook, a cupholder and a gaming handle stand for you to keep all your controllers neatly organized and easily accessible.

You don’t have to worry about getting an extra mouse pad for this extremely large gaming desk either since that too is included in the package. Just like the Respawn 48, the mouse mat covers the entire desk space for a more fluid gaming experience. However, it lacks the cross-split openings for the cable holes that you’d find in the Respawn version.

The gaming handle rack functions as a charger for your smartphones and other electronic devices. This is made possible thanks to the presence of a USB port in the rack.

The components are very durable and environment-friendly. There is also plenty of leg space for you to let your feet dangle.

An additional feature that most gamers will love is the inclusion of a storage space underneath the desk for your gaming gear and titles. The desk weighs about 55 pounds which is fairly light for a gaming desk.

While assembling the desk isn’t that much of a chore, the three segments put together make for a slightly awkward look. It doesn’t work great with dual monitor mounts so if you’re more of a single monitor person, this desk is perfect for you.


17. Lynslim

LynslimThis sleek black gaming desk comes with a sizeable tabletop that is 45.6 inches long and quite capable of bearing your gaming gear and monitors. The K-shaped design helps keep the desk more stable than most models. It comes with the adjustable padded feet that prevents it from leaving skid marks on the floor and allows you to adjust the height to your preference.

There are also rounded corners as opposed to sharp edges so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping into the desk and injuring yourself as you brush past the desk.

The space is big enough to fit a gaming monitor, PC and additional speakers as well as gaming peripherals and supplies. There’s sufficient room for you to use the shelf to store your non-gaming possessions such as books as well.

A cupholder and a headphone hanger is also included with the package. Another feature that makes the LYNSLIM stand out is the multifunction socket.

The modern and elegant design gives it the appearance of a multipurpose desk that wouldn’t look too out of place in a work environment or a study space. In short, it blends right in with the rest of your house’s furniture and decor.

The laminated gaming surface is made of medium density fiber coated with PVC and is very low-maintenance thanks to its water resistant nature. All you need to do is wipe it with a cleaning cloth to restore it back to its original shiny form.

While it may not provide enough room for dual 27 inch monitors, it works really well with ultra-long monitors.

The desk is easy to assemble and large enough to accommodate all of your gaming gear. However, it does have a minor shortcoming; the surface is prone to scratch easily. So it would be best if you kept sharp objects such as your blades and car keys away from the desktop. Many reviewers have noted that the power supply USB socket isn’t very reliable as most users have encountered various issues with it.


18. Soges (55)

Soges (55)Truly a multi-functional table like no other, the 55 inch long comes with a 330lbs weight capacity, perfect for handling upto two or three monitors. The legs are solid steel and an extra large mouse pad is included with the desk.

The gaming desk also features a USB port and a cup holder so you don’t accidentally knock your cantina over and a storage space for neatly organizing your gaming peripherals. You will also find cut out holes for cable management.

The headset hanger is conveniently placed so that it doesn’t take up space while also being accessible. The mouse pad is easy to maintain thanks to its waterproof nature. The 55 inch length itself provides ample room for you to freely move around your gaming area and dive into the exciting immersive atmosphere of your favourite video game.

The steel legs are sturdy enough to keep the desk from wobbling. Further, the desktop is made of sleek looking carbon fiber.

While it may not be the best gaming desk you can find, it certainly is one of the most affordable. Also given the fact that it comes with all the features you would normally expect in a gaming desk, it’s pretty decent.


19. Mellcom

MellcomThe Mellcom 43 inch long gaming desk is built with premium quality medium density fiber on top of steel framing. The ergonomics of the desk is quite appealing with contoured arc to offer you the most comfortable gaming experience possible.

It falls short when it comes to handling weight. The maximum capacity is at 110lbs, which is a bit limited for a gaming desk. However, it will work fine for a basic gaming set up as long as you don’t crowd it with too many additional props and gear.

The feet are padded to prevent the desk from slipping on smooth floors and the table is elevated up to an optimum height of 30 inches. You would have to buy a separate mouse pad to go with the gaming surface, which isn’t scratch resistant.

The Mellcom is a decent quality gaming desk that offers ample room for speakers and other gaming gear. It is wide enough to give you plenty of room for movement but not too large that it takes up more room than necessary.

Assembling it together won’t take too long as the instructions are pretty clear. Most people are sure to love the desk’s minimalist design. It isn’t too fanciful and not something you would be embarrassed about showing to your adult friends.


20. Insoria (55 inch)

Insoria (55 inch)The Insoria is a really cool looking gaming desk that boasts a ciber fiber desktop. It has a sturdy base that looks nice but is also strong enough to support a maximum weight of 500 lbs, which is frankly astonishing.

There is a curved cover at the edge that prevents your possessions from dropping off the desk. At either end of the desktop you’ll find two cable grommets perfect for keeping your cables tucked into a corner and safely out of the way.

The futuristic looking RGB lights are yet another highlight. You can choose from a palette of up to 6 colors. It also includes a nylon mat that you can set on your floor to protect it from any scuffing that may result from dragging the Insoria around.

It also comes with a convenient cup holder. Also, the fancy LED lights do make it flicker to life during your nighttime gaming sessions.

The 55 inch desktop surface is perfect for setting your gaming monitors and PC. To top things off, you can set a dual monitor clamp on the desk (preferably at the back) without an issue.

It also comes with a free mousepad for retaining smooth control over your mouse and keyboard.

The Isoria is a great gaming desk if you’re looking for something that falls within a more affordable range


So there you have it. Those are the 20 best gaming desks of 2020.

Best Gaming Desk – Verdict

Finding the right gaming desk for your platform can be just the thing to step up the quality of your gameplay. With all the extra features, add-ons and customizable options that gaming desks these days come with, it’s high time you got in on the fun if you haven’t already.

Instead of buying a regular desk for your work-related needs, consider getting a gaming desk. This can double as a work desk whenever you need, and will get the job of both done at the price of one!

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