Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Devoko 2. Respawn 110 3. Gtracing
Devoko Ergonomic Best Gaming Chair Under 200 Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair Gtracing Gaming Chair

A hardcore gamer knows the importance of having a trustworthy hardware like a comfortable gaming chair. It is challenging to play throughout the day in an uncomfortable chair. Not only is it bad for health, but it also bars you from fully-experiencing the game.

While participating in long gaming sessions, these chairs will keep you energized by reducing strain. Investing in a top-notch gaming chair is always worth it! However, chairs can get pricier with an increase in equipped features.

No wonder it becomes tough for you to find an affordable chair. Don’t worry, a list of the best gaming chairs under 200 has been compiled and put up for your convenience.


To make it straightforward, there is a guide with a detailed description of every factor. The dimensions, materials used, etc., all these factors play a significant role in making your decision.

So, go through the guide and list to find the gaming chair that will change your lifestyle!

The Different Types Of Gaming Chairs

The market has an immense variety of gaming chairs. These gaming chairs differ in style and design. In the list of best gaming chairs under 200, we have presented you with racer, PC, and rocker style gaming chairs. However, to help you distinguish between the types here are the differences:

1. Rocking Gaming Chair

Rocker gaming chairs are designed, keeping in mind a gamer’s comfort. Unlike traditional-style chairs, these rest close to the floor in an L-shape. The bottom of the chair is scooped, and this allows a little rocking movement.

Many styles in this gaming chair are equipped with in-built speakers in the headrest, padded backs, and chair arms.

The higher-end ones are fitted with subwoofers, RCA inputs, wireless receivers, along with backside and underside padded vibration. However, these are more commonly used for console gaming.

On the downside, rocking gaming chairs are not ergonomically suitable for gaming in the long-run.

After long hours of gaming, there can be excessive tension around the shoulders and upper spine. This is because of the rounded L-shape that does not allow your neck and spine to stay in a neutral position.

The feet are not allowed to be placed flat on the floor, resulting in stiff knees and hips.

2. Pedestal Gaming Chairs

The pedestal gaming chair is one step ahead of the rocker chair. Although, these chairs are no different than rocking gaming chairs other than being placed on a pedestal. While this adds some height and swivel motion, it also wholly nullifies the need for the L-shaped design.

The gaming chair is slightly raised off the ground, making it more optimal than a rocker chair. Not only does it rock back and forth, but it also rotates around the pedestal.

Having headrests and armrests allow the spine to stay in a neutral position, and prevents excessive tension. However, this gaming chair does not allow for the feet to be placed flat on the floor, which forces the hips and knees into constant flexion. After long sessions of gaming, they can be left painful and stiff.

3. Racer Gaming Chair

Initially, these were chairs designed and built for racing games.

They are not very different from PC gaming chairs, as both are designed to look similar to bucket seats present in racing cars. Most of these chairs come forth equipped with pedals and a steering wheel to captivate gamers.

Racer gaming chairs are stylish and flashy, which enhances your experience while gaming.

4. PC Gaming Chair

PC gaming chairs are the leading players, and they might be familiar to you, as they are identical to office chairs, excluding the aesthetics. These are all-rounders when it comes to gaming.

Differing from rocker chairs, these are at a height from the floor as PCs are set up on desks or tables.

What’s more, it can place your feet flat, relieving tension from knees and hips. These joints get an opportunity to relax and stretch amidst intense gaming sessions instead of continually being flexed.

Additionally, they are equipped with armrests and headrests as well as padding to maximize comfort during gaming.

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair, then this is the match for you.

With detachable cushions, 180 degrees lean back support and built-in lumbar support, it takes the pressure off when sitting for long gaming sessions. Another experience-enhancing feature is the bucket-style seat, which makes you comfortable in case of long sitting hours.

5. Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

No different than a conventional bean bag, bean bag gaming chairs offer very little back support and are placed directly onto the floor.

They do not offer any added amenities in comparison to other gaming chairs. A beanbag chair does not come equipped with armrests, headrests, lumbar support, speakers, etc. it is a simple chair that offers comfort to gamers.

Having the additional quality of being affordable, flexible, and lightweight, beanbag gaming chairs are a big hit for young gamers. However, when it comes to ergonomic capability, a beanbag chair is one of the less popular options.

It cannot keep feet flat on the ground or provide back support. If you are prone to or already suffering from back issues, then it is not for you.

Nevertheless, you might feel like the look and feel, and the design of a beanbag gaming chair is what you prefer, but you might want more support. In that case, a memory foam gaming chair is the perfect match.

6. Memory Foam Gaming Chair

This gaming chair supports you in all the right places and wherever you may need it the most!

Being much larger than beanbag gaming chairs makes it a sensible choice for a gamer of any size.

The feature of memory foam helps in body support by contouring to the body shape of the person sitting. Due to this, the memory foam chair offers excellent lumbar, neck, and upper back support.

Furthermore, it aids in the protection of muscles and joints through long sessions of gaming. While a memory foam gaming chair is an excellent choice to enhance the player’s support, it fails to equip the gamers with headrests, electronic additives, armrests, or extra padding.

On the contrary, it is not advisable to purchase a memory foam gaming chair if you are diagnosed with tight hips. It stiffens the hips because of the feet being too close to the floor and makes them irritable after long hours of playing.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Gaming Chair Under $200

Right before clicking the buy button, there is a lot to compare and look at. Don’t forget that the gaming chair you decide upon is something that ticks most of the boxes.

1. Dimensions

The very first factor you should be looking for in a gaming chair is its dimension. You don’t want to be stretched to fit into the chair or even cramped due to the small size. Choosing the perfect size is what makes the gaming chair comfortable.

Only if the size of the back areas and seat, length, and width of arm areas are according to your body, will you be fully supported. Moreover, if you are heavier or taller than average gamers, it is all the more reason to be careful while buying a gaming chair.

To be on the safer side, check the measurement of your body dimensions, and match them to those of the chair. Since it’s highly unlikely that anyone will shoot up another two-foot anytime, so go for a gaming chair that is a little higher than your height presently.

Now, there could be other factors as well that influence your decision – like storage.

The room will be more spacious if a compact chair is used. If it is foldable or can be reassembled easily after being broken down, it will be easily stored.

2. Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a gaming chair is an essential aspect for a gamer on the healthier side.

For heavier gamers, the gaming chair must be able to handle weights up to 300 pounds. Generally, gaming chairs can manage weight up to 250 pounds.

Make sure to pick a gaming chair that supports at least 20 pounds extra than your present weight.

If you exceed the stated limit of the gaming chair, it can be dangerous for you, as you could get injured. Not only is it risky, but it also means a reduction in your chair’s lifespan in case it breaks.

3. Wheels And Rotation Angle

There are gamers out there with monitors surrounding them! They build big workstations where they game and manage other tasks as well. However, it is tough to handle this if your gaming chair fails to move or rotate.

These properties are a requirement for moving to check multiple monitors or back and forth from different stations. Having a set of wheels on the base of your gaming chair is extremely important in such cases. Not only do wheels help in ease of movement, but also in storing the chair by rolling it anywhere you like. A word of advice is to invest in rubberized wheels. This benefits you in the long run as it doesn’t scratch wooden or any type of flooring.

Only some gaming chairs are designed to rotate 360-degrees – it is not necessarily a feature on every chair. If monitors are spread across, and you have to access them frequently, rotation is a must. With the smooth rotation, you will no longer have to stretch your neck into awkward positions.

4. Adjustable Components

Stepping into the market of gaming chairs, what works for one customer might not work for you. Keeping this in mind, chair manufacturers have equipped chairs with adjustable features. Before you go ahead and buy a product, here are some of the common adjustable parts and how they help.

  • Headrests

Many gaming chairs consist of headrests that can be adjusted up and down as well as removed. It is beneficial if the headrest is reasonably firm, to support the sensitive neck and upper back muscles.

These are ergonomically designed to save you from the extra strain. Headrest cushions are also essential features, as they neutrally position your head and neck.

  • Back Or Lumbar Cushions

These cushions are essential as they add support to the lower back and improve posture. To provide support, these cushions have very little give and are highly dense.

Lumbar cushions can be completely removable by straps or adjusted by a lever. They must be placed correctly to push your spine into the right posture.

  • Footrests

Not every gaming chair has a footrest; it isn’t a standard feature. However, this is a mandatory feature even in the list of the best gaming chairs under 200.

It is best if the footrest is sturdy and easily retractable. If you are not interested in having a footrest, it can be removed if it’s adjustable. All the more, a pull-out footrest increases comfort as it allows you to switch leg positions throughout a long session of gaming. Having your legs extended can improve circulation and decrease muscle soreness.

  • Adjustable Armrests

If the armrest is too low or high, it is difficult to sit with comfort. It is imperative to have adjustable armrests for added ease while gaming.

Typically, this feature is adjustable side to side, up and down, but some models can even pivot the armrests.

  • Other Adjustable Factors

These are not the only factors that can be adjustable. You must also examine height adjustment, backrest size, how much the seat reclines, etc.

These are crucial factors that make or break your experience of gaming. Choose features that match your body type. Unfortunately, it is not simple to find a gaming chair with all these features. However, it is advantageous to have a gaming chair with as many adjustable components as possible.

5. Materials

The materials utilized for the construction of gaming chairs can be split into the upholstery and the frames. Talking about frames, most of the best gaming chairs under $200 use steel frames. Since steel is relatively heavy, it can support the majority of gamers; hence it is also very durable.

Concerning the frames and other such parts, these are mostly made from high-grade materials, and you can trust the brands. When it comes to gaming chair upholstery, there are many materials to pick from. Furthermore, this is where you must be careful, as this is one of the most important considerations.

While each material has its perks, the selection is finally up to your personal preferences. After going through these materials, you will get a better understanding of what you want from your chair. It is up to you to decide which material you find both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing beforehand.

a. Mesh

Being one of the less popular materials used in gaming chairs, mesh still comes with its added advantages. You might have seen mesh used in synthetic leather gaming chairs as patches. Though, there are chairs that are upholstered by only mesh as well.

The mesh helps in natural air circulation, which is a benefit for people who sweat a lot. This is due to the perforations, which make it easy for sweat to dissipate. The durability is another plus point, as it can bear scratches and damage.

On the other hand, the mesh is tough to clean, as dirt hides where the perforations overlap. Also, making it clear that it hides a loss of dust and allergens and is not the right choice for allergic people.

b. Fabric

There are not many gaming chairs that are upholstered utilizing a fabric. Even though fabric might not be as appealing as leather, it is still favored by some people. An advantage is that it is more robust and durable compared to leather. More so, it doesn’t get cold or hot in extreme weather.

With the added asset of affordability, it packs a good deal. However, on the downside, it is not suitable for people with allergies as it is a good harbor for allergens like dirt and dust mites. This makes cleaning it also a pain.

c. Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is out of the budget and hence not included in the list of best gaming chairs under 200. However, why not understand its properties? Just in case you ever buy such a gaming chair. Firstly, genuine leather is known to be more robust and durable than PU leather. You don’t need to worry, as this leather has an excellent value for money.

Unlike PU leather, genuine leather is a breathable material that catches cold/heat in an extreme environment. Apart from this, it is a very classy material and provides you with a luxurious look. As much as faux leather looks like real leather, a genuine leather owner will have more confidence!

d. PVC Leather

PVC leather is known to resemble genuine leather dramatically. Yet another common gaming chair material, but very different compared to PU leather. This gaming chair material, as the name suggests, is a product of PVC. Nevertheless, it is much cheaper and customizable than any other type of leather.

PU and genuine leather do not provide a wide variety of color options. PVC, on the other hand, can be produced in any color you can think of. For all those who love flashy and vibrant gaming chairs, this is the material you should opt for. Well, besides this, PVC isn’t comfortable in extreme weather. Within a year of intense usage, it starts to wrinkle and is not that durable.

e. PU Leather

PU leather is one the most favorite material amongst many gaming chairs brands. This is a good imitation of genuine leather and an affordable option. You can surely grab a great PU leather gaming chair under a budget of $200. PU leather has a lot of features that make it the right choice. It gives you an exceptional alternative to genuine leather, which is heavy on pockets.

PU leather is the best choice for allergic people, as it does not harbor allergens. Another thing is that it is easy to clean, as unlike real leather, water is not its enemy. When it comes to durability, its appeal starts to fade gradually. This depends solely on use, but you must be careful as it gets scratched easily as well.

6. Style

The appearance and style of your chair are said to be the least of anybody’s concern. That being said, we all know nobody wants to have an ugly chair. Fortunately, you can have it all! Most PC game chairs are designed to be both stylish and ergonomic. There is no harm in choosing a chair as per aesthetic choices. The color scheme of a gaming chair can be selected according to room aesthetics, personal choice of color, personality, and whatnot.

Just remember, the choice is yours. Unknowingly, gaming chairs give off a lot about your style. While for many most chairs might look the same, the contours and details say a lot about you. So, there is no need to neglect the style because of functionality while purchasing a gaming chair.

7. Extra Functions

Many gaming chairs get the upper hand by offering customers way more than just a traditional desk chair. While the features discussed above deal with the design and comfort, some gaming chairs enhance your gaming experience.

Just by adding functions that are specific to gaming, they immerse you into your game. Features such as an in-chair speaker with a wireless connection creating a surround sound effect, or a massager to help in circulation and stimulation of muscles. These features not only help with well-being but also comfort. Not all chairs need to provide these features, but there are options available if it is of importance to you.

8. Warranty

A gaming chair should be the one to last longer than any of the gaming equipment that you own. You should be aware of any existing policies for returns and warranties to ensure more prolonged usage. Thus, it is vital to ask the manufacturer about the warranty and if it is protected from any early damage/breakage to the chair.

Unfortunately, most gaming chairs come with a warranty of 6 months to a year. This is a short and limited warranty compared to the producers who provide customers with extended warranties up to a lifetime. A gaming chair with an extended warranty is bound to last you longer.

Nobody wants to empty their pockets, buying a gaming chair! Why not use the saved money to buy more games. If you have decided that you want to purchase the best gaming chair under 200, here is a list to help you. We have brought to you the best chairs possible for purchase on a budget. This helps in making your search less time consuming and more straightforward.

Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 2021

1. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Best Gaming Chair

If you’ve been desperately wanting a gaming chair that looks like it was pulled right out of a racing car, look no further! The Devoko Ergonomic gaming chair looks exactly like a high-end bucket-style gaming chair. Available in three different colors, this chair features the use of good quality PU leather.

For added durability, a diamond pattern is stitched onto the leather. However, breathable leather has been utilized to cover the curved back making sure your sweat dissipates. Talking about the back area – it helps improve posture by supporting the neck and lumbar region. There is also a pillow present at the lumbar and neck which is movable.
It is aesthetically similar to a premium gaming chair, but it is also sturdy and comfortable.

Comfort increases with the use of thickened memory foam. Although the padding is missing in the arm-rests, their concave-shape is a good alternative. Adding to that, using the tilt lock given, you can stretch amidst games. The gaming chair can recline up to 180 degrees, which is useful if you feel like lying flat. Besides that, the chair can avoid scratching the floor with the help of a mute rolling caster.

If you are tall and wondering about the chair’s backrest, it is 30.5 inches, which is good. If you are on the heavier side, this is an excellent choice for you, as it can support up to 300 pounds. It might seem to be high-priced with so many features, but it is available in the given price range. Overall, this gaming chair is an excellently designed, racer gaming chair.


  • Extra-tall backrest
  • 360° swivel
  • Synthetic carbon fiber leatherGood customer service


  • warranty- 6months
  • Armrests lack padding and are not adjustable

2. Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming ChairIt is tough to stay comfortable when you have to sit for hours on end in a chair. The Respawn 110 racing-style gaming chair combats this problem effectively by providing a variety of pillow options. It consists of adjustable head and lumbar cushions that help keep them in position. This chair is specially designed for extensive office work or extreme gaming sessions.

It includes highly dense padding covered with bonded leather, making it a professional-looking and comfortable chair. The most extraordinary thing about this chair is the footrest; it can be extended and adjusted by the user.  You can raise and lower the chair as per your preference and also infinitely lock it in any reclined position up to 155 degrees.

As the chair reclines, the padded armrests pivot with it. The user can easily adjust these armrests in four different directions. Additionally, with sturdy metal construction, this gaming chair can hold as much as 275 pounds. If you are looking for a chair that will help bring out the highest level of performance in the game, Respawn 110 is the one.


  • Provides limited lifetime warranty, one year of support
  • 4D adjustability
  • 360° swivel enabling dynamic movement
  • Adjustable back pillows
  • Bonded leather
  • Stylish racing car design


  • A bit wobbly
  • Hard to maintain
  • Packaging could be a little more protective
  • Vague assembly instructions

3. Gtracing Gaming Chair

Gtracing Gaming ChairGTRACING is known to provide gamers with the best gaming experience for both beginners and pro-gamers.
In the given price range, this chair surprises you many times. Both the seat height and armrest are adjustable as per the user, with an additional ability to tilt the backrest even further than 170 degrees, which brings out a rocking motion.

The GTRACING gaming chair certainly does everything in its power to make the experience comfortable to the users.
It has been constructed from first-rate materials like quality smooth PU leather. Nylon smooth-rolling casters and the 9-point heavy-duty base ensure functional mobility and stability.

Ergonomically, this chair leaves no stone unturned to take care of your well-being. The external pillows are height adjustable and can be attached or detached using straps. It is up to the user to set the pillows as per their requirement. Moreover, the GTRACING chair has armrests capable of pivoting both outwards and inwards.

A retractable footrest helps you stretch your legs, letting you relax in between intense gaming sessions. The maximum weight capacity of this gaming chair is 350 pounds, a crucial feature for heavy statured gamers. If you are anywhere between 5’3 to 6’2, this chair will comfortably accommodate you. Ultimately, GTRACING is a professional manufacturer, and keeps in mind to provide the best quality.


  • Smoothly functioning swivel, recline and tilt functions
  • Right balance even when the backrest is fully reclined
  • Ideal for more than just gaming
  • Retractable footrest


  • Padding not thick enough
  • Plastic build
  • Can be uncomfortable for out of the profile users

4. Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming ChairThis economical Homall gaming chair is the most adjustable among the chairs posted on the best gaming chairs under 200. It can go head to head with pricier gaming chairs in terms of adjustability. The bucket-seat style chair is stylish and is covered using synthetic carbon leather. Taking the ergonomic factors into consideration, Homall manages to provide users with many advantages.

The chair has a backrest that can be reclined to 180 degrees, making it comfortable enough to nap or read in. justable and oversized neck and back pillows keep the posture in check and support the body to avoid strain. The adjustable armrests will help you find the perfect and comfy fit. Although, these are not padded so it might hurt your elbows in a long gaming session.

Its sturdy and reliable steel frame allows the gaming chair to handle weight up to 300 pounds. All the more, this gaming chair is equipped with rubber protected casters, which minimize the noise produced. If you are searching for a gaming chair that will support your big and tall body type, this chair is for you.


  • 360° swivel rotation
  • Very adjustable with a reclining back
  • Good quality PU leather seat
  • Neck and lumbar support


  • The assembly instructions are not simple
  • A little maintenance is required every week
  • Armrests are not padded
  • Smells like fake leather

5. Fortnite Raven-Xi Gaming Chair

Fortnite RAVEN-Xi Gaming Chair

If you love Fortnite, you should buy this gaming chair. However, it is not just for fans. Get ready to feel like a champion in this Fornite Raven-inspired gaming chair. Featuring not only Raven edition colors as upholstery but also stitching, it gives a Raven impression. Apart from this, the chair features an embossed Fortnite logo displayed on the attached headrest.

This racer-style gaming chair will provide comfort and luxury. Even amidst intense gaming sessions or climbing to the top of the leaderboards or just sitting all day working, it has your back! The Raven-Xi gaming chair has been covered with a stain-resistant material which makes it durable.  Not only is it appearance-wise a hit, but also one in terms of ergonomics. You can tilt your chair back to up to 155-degrees combined with infinite locking. 

It is so comfortable that you might just fall asleep. To avoid hampering the game, this chair has an extendable footrest, so all you need to do is kick back and game on!  The armrests are also padded, offering utmost comfort. Another plus point is that you can game all day comfortably. This advantage is possible only with high back with padded segments.
Offering to support up to 275 pounds, this is an excellent choice for gamers.


  • Stain-resistant material used
  • Padded armrests
  • Extendable footrest
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Headrest not adjustable
  • Stationery armrests
  • The material sticks to the skin in extreme weather

6. Hbada Gaming Chair

Hbada Gaming ChairHbada Gaming ChairHbada gaming chair is a flashy and vibrant racer-style gaming chair. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple, this chair is the one for you! This brand is dedicated to improving the customer’s experience.

For the chair’s shape to remain the same for a prolonged period, it has a high-quality and sturdy metal construction. Enveloped around this is a thick padding of foam covered using PU leather, which is skin-friendly, durable, and easy-to-clean. The Hbada gaming chair also features a large sitting area, increasing comfort and enhancing gamers’ skills. Other than that, this chair also features a removable lumbar and headrest support with a high-backrest.

All of this makes sure that the gamer has the correct posture and alignment while gaming for long hours. The armrest is not padded but is adjustable.  Hbada has made the installation process easier by providing a well-written instruction manual. All of the hardware packages are labeled; this enables the users to assemble the chair quickly.


  • Free exchange of damaged, missing, installation problems within one year of purchase
  • Full 360-degree swivel
  • Backrest reclines up to 155-degrees
  • Maximum weight capacity- 300 pounds


  • Plastic usage in design
  • Squeaks after prolonged usage

7. Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair

VON RACER Massage Gaming ChairIf you get tired while gaming for long hours, this gaming chair will provide you with optimum comfort. The Von Racer massage gaming chair ensures comfort while keeping in mind personalized, stylish, and multi-functional needs. The brand has gone out of its way to relieve any fatigue by innovatively implanting an electric massager.

You can easily adjust all the gaming chair parts according to your personal preference. This includes the height of the gaming chair, reclining angle, armrests, and a retractable footrest. Von Racer flaunts a wide, flat, and relaxed seating area with soft padding. The chair is upholstered using premium PU leather, which is fade and stain-resistant.

By supporting up to 350lbs, it is suitable for gamers of any size. This is the most reliable gaming chair you will buy, so don’t hesitate!


  • Easy to use
  • Maximum lumbar support
  • Sturdy and durable
  • A padded headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Backed one-year warranty
  • Ultra-high backrest
  • USB electric massager


  • A little issue in the stability when reclined back

8. Bossin Racing Style Gaming Chair

BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming ChairBOSSIN racing style gaming chair has been ergonomically designed for any circumstance. The extendable footrest, large cushion, and high back are all proof of the extreme comfort provided for any occasion. To increase comfort, thick padded cushions cover the sturdy framework. This protects you from feeling tired amidst long working hours or gaming sessions. The material selected for upholstering is PU leather, which is an excellent choice as it is wear-resistant and easy to clean.

Among these features, it is incredibly reliable as SGS verifies it for using a class 3 gas lift. This chair can adequately balance weight up to 300 lbs, and remain steady while reclining up to 155-degrees as well. If you are someone who enjoys intense gaming sessions, this is an excellent choice.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Up to one year of worry-free service


  • The armrest is not adjustable

9. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Foldable Video Gaming ChairFor all those gaming enthusiasts who are particular about their sound and music, here is an apt gaming chair. The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 gaming chair is there for you to lounge on for playing games, watching movies, reading, whatever you like. The chair provides you with the ultimate media experience. X Rocker Pro has equipped two speakers into the top of the chair and a built-in subwoofer that captivates you with the intensified sound quality.

One of the exceptional features is that if you have more than one chair, you can sync them to play from the same source. The conventional gaming chairs usually have a straight back in which you have to sit upright. However, this rocker designed chair provides the users with ergonomic cushions that keep the posture correct.

The chair consists of brilliant features, but the exterior of this chair is covered by easy-to-clean leather. This also gives the chair a sleek and professional look. Unlike many rocking or pedestal gaming chairs available in the market, the X Rocker can support any body size and weight due to its large size.


  • Good range of tilt and swivel
  • Ergonomic design
  • The audio system links up multiple chairs to a similar source
  • 2.1 AFM sound immerses you in the experience
  • Wireless Bluetooth compatible audio to connect with mobile devices or game consoles


  • Hard to maneuver
  • Can’t be pushed around as it has a pedestal base

10. Elecwish Racing Video Gaming Chair

Elecwish Racing Video Gaming ChairThis gaming chair separates itself from the boring gaming chairs out in the market. The Elecwish ergonomic gaming chair is available in 8 different colors, each giving a sleek and classy appearance. Unless you are not a fan of vibrant colors, you can always opt for their all back variant.

At first sight, you will notice the chair is densely padded. It is made of a super-dense sponge covered with PU leather.
If you are a gamer on the larger and heavier side, this proves to be one of the most comfortable chairs for long hours spent online. While the padded armrests do slide backward upon reclining of the chair, they are not adjustable.
The gaming chair consists of a foldable base, making it easy to store. Moreover, it also comprises of scratch coasters to save any wooden floors from scratches or dents.

To provide gamers with extra comfort, the gaming chair reclines up to 170 degrees. You can lock at various positions while reclining the chair.
The height of the chair is also adjustable as it is equipped with SGS airlift.


  • Wider than average seat size
  • Maximum weight supported- 330 pounds
  • Retractable footrest
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Hard to assemble

FAQs on Gaming Chairs Under $200

Q1. Should I Get A Gaming Chair Or An Office Chair?

Both office chairs and gaming chairs are built to handle long hours of sitting. Except when it comes to choosing between the two, it is based upon the usage. If you’re a professional, a gaming chair might not be the most appropriate choice for business-related tasks.

On the other hand, gamers might want to take advantage of a stylish gaming chair’s built-in technical features. Gaming chairs, nevertheless, still have the added benefit of adjustability. Office chairs aren’t that adjustable and can be unhealthy for users.

Q2. Are Gaming Chairs Bad For Your Back?

No, instead, gaming chairs help in relieving body pain. A gaming chair is built to engage your muscles while sitting for long hours. Doing so helps in the improvement of posture, boosting circulation, and reducing lower back pain. Moreover, the high backrest of a gaming chair takes the strain off your back and neck.

With your head and back aligned and hips in the correct position, there will be less muscle tension. Then, you will be able to enjoy gaming for hours on end.

Q3. What Is The Point Of Gaming Chairs?

The first point is the long-term benefit of a gaming chair. Not only does a gaming chair keep you comfortable, but it also maintains a good posture. This feeling of improved well-being will grant you focus and enthusiasm while playing games. In the long run, this chair will enable you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not strain yourself. They are ergonomic, stylish, and comfy, making them a perfect match for a gamers set-up.

Q4. Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Yes, gaming chairs are worth it for all those who sit in front of their screen full time for gaming or even their living. These chairs support the body by taking the place of muscles to reduce strain. This is because early in the day, people tend to sit straight but start to slump as the day progresses.

A gaming chair provides these muscles support and makes them available for any productivity required. This is why not only is a gaming chair worth it for gamers but professionals as well. If you feel gaming chairs are expensive, then the list of the best gaming chairs under 200 will change your perspective.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 – Conclusion

A reliable and stylish gaming chair is not just for a high-end experience while playing games, but also for your well-being. As far as money and health are concerned, we have picked out the best deals to fulfill your requirements. Be sure to go through the guide and before determine which chair is the match for you.

Overall, we hope the information about the chairs and the hand-picked models help you with your decision. Once you have made the selection, remember your gaming chair is just one click away!

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