Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Zosion2. KabelDirekt3. DanYee
Zosion Ethernet CableKabelDirekt Ethernet CableDanYee Ethernet Cable

If you are an avid gamer, you might know that using an ethernet cable will result in a much better experience than using a WiFi network. It because of faster response times and better connections. By adopting a well-designed ethernet cable, you can reduce lag and interference to a large extent.

However, you should note that choosing hardware such as the best Ethernet cables for gaming is no easy task. Each type of wire is different, and they come in a variety of sizes, prices, security, and speed. To make you your search for the best gaming ethernet cable easier, we have come with this extensive list. Read on to learn more.


Features To Look For While Buying An Ethernet Cable

1. Category Of Cable

Ethernet cables come in a variety of different categories. They are divided into generations, and in most cases, the next generation of cables will always be better than the previous ones. Currently, the Cat-5 and Cat-5E network cables are the most popular ones. They are apt for normal day-to-day operations.

However, for professional and gaming use, you would be better off by opting for Cat-6 and Cat-6A types of cable. It is because the speed they offer will suffice for even power users. Lately, Cat-7 and Cat-7A have arrived in the market, and they are even faster.

2. Shielding And Jackets

These are nothing but the two types of protections you get with ethernet cables.
Shielding deals with the signals that enter the cables rather than the physical aspects of the cable. Usually, the signals are degraded when they pass through the cables.

The best cables reduce degradation as much as possible. They also reduce interference to a large extent. If you are using many cables together, shielding is essential.

Jackets protect the physical condition of ethernet cables. They cover the metal wires that carry the signals. Good quality PVC material needs to be used to make jackets more effective. It helps in increasing the integrity and life of the cable. If you buy a lower-priced cable, the jacket usually won’t be of good quality.

3. Length

It may not seem so, but using longer cables is detrimental to the purpose of using ethernet cables. It is because, the higher the length, the lesser will be the speed of transmission. It also leads to a reduction in the performance of the overall network. So, it is not recommended to use a network greater than 100 meters in length.

By measuring the distance between your gaming setup and the router, you can find out the length of the cables used. The shorter length cables also have one more distinct advantage. They come with attached connectors so that you won’t have to waste money on buying them separately. On the other hand, we also don’t recommend using a cable length of less than 10 feet.

4. Compatibility

Sometimes, it so happens that the brand which manufactures your gaming setup also sells its own ethernet cable. It is ideal as it ensures maximum compatibility within the whole setup. When you adopt this approach, you won’t have to worry about the cables not being supported.

You can also go with some OEM brands, but you would have to ensure that they will work with your setup. To do that, you have to inspect your jacks and know which of them are supported with respect to your console. Trying out this option will be a bit cheaper; hence many people do go along this route.

5. Wireless Access Point

The wireless access point and the ethernet cable go hand-in-hand when it comes to gaming. Hence, neglecting one of them can be detrimental to your efforts to build a vast network. Equal importance should be given to the wireless access point too.

While looking to buy one, give keen attention to the capacity of the wireless access point. It dictates how many users will be able to connect to the network at any given duration. Another critical point to note is to ensure both the wireless access point and the ethernet cable are compatible with each other.

6. Speed Of Ethernet Cable

As we have already seen, ethernet cables come in a variety of types. To recap, these are the Cat-5, Cat-5E, Cat-6, Cat-6A, and Cat-7. The five series is the oldest and slowest of this lot. They have a rated speed of just 100 Mbps per 100 m. However, we see in the 5E, which has a speed of 1000 Mbps.

The Cat-6 also has the same speed for the 100-meter version, but the 55 mm type has a whopping 10 Gbps speed. Hence, they are the preferred type of ethernet cables for businesses and large operations. However, Cat-7 and Cat-8 are the latest and have the same speed, even for the 100m version.

Top 10 Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming 2020

1. Zosion Ethernet Cable

Zosion Best Ethernet Cables for gaming

The Zosion Ethernet Cable is one of the highest-rated products on this comprehensive list. That is for good reason as it has superb specifications and a worthy price-tag. It is of the latest Cat-8 version, and hence you can be sure of its capabilities.

In terms of compatibility, it supports a bandwidth of up to 2000MHZ. Therefore, you won’t have to worry since most gaming setups will fall within this range. Moreover, the high speeds of 40 Gbps are sure to blow you away. There will be no hint of lag or interference at those speeds.

It is a known fact that the Cat-8 cables are more stable due to better quality shielding. That is because they are equipped with 100% pure copper that is of the STP type. STP stands for shielded twisted pair. On top of that, you get two RJ45 connectors. It helps to reduce crosstalk.

The cable is also very durable, thanks to the 6.33mm diameter thickness. It is also necessary to comply with Cat-8 specifications. Furthermore, Zosion has made it future-proof by making it universally compatible. You can even plug it into Google Home, Alexa, Apple Siri, etc.


2. KabelDirekt Ethernet Cable

KabelDirekt Ethernet Cable

Another highly rated product that has caught our eye is the one from KabelDirekt. However, compared to the previous one, it is quite cheap. Hence, some specifications might not be the best you can get. However, for the price, they are good.

The length is quite adequate at about 75 feet. It should be sufficient for the majority of users. You also get two color options, that are blue and silver. The speed is restricted to 1 Gbps, and so, it is a Cat-6 variety of ethernet cable. For the price, it is a great specification.

You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues too. This is because it is universally compatible. Along with that, you get RJ45 connectors that are of the sagless type, protecting you from broken tabs.

According to KabelDirekt, the data loss due to the ethernet cable will be kept at a minimal value. The STP or shielded twisted pair well ensures that. Another great thing about the shielding is that it is very flexible, making it easy to install. Even if it malfunctions, you do have 36 months of warranty from the company side.


3. DanYee Ethernet Cable

DanYee Ethernet Cable

The next product on our list has one of the best review ratings of any ethernet cable. Moreover, it is also one of the cheapest on this list. You also get a superb design with a choice to choose between 31 colors. It makes it the best ethernet cable for gaming.

Coming to the specifications, it is of the Cat-7 variety. Remarkably, you get the latest version of ethernet cable for such a low price. It translates to a high speed of 10 Gbps for all the different lengths of the cable.

The cable is also braided in nature, which protects it from tangling and creating a.big mess. Furthermore, it also makes it a lot more durable. According to the user reviews, there shielding is also very useful as the users didn’t notice any data loss or interference.

It also has the superb RJ45 connectors that we already know about. They offer the best protection and durability. The internals are made up of copper wires that have a gauge of 30 AWG.

Moreover, the contact plating is gold plated and is of 50 microns size. Lastly, The only disadvantage we could find was that it has a frequency limit of 600 Mhz.


4. MediaBridge Ethernet Cable

MediaBridge Ethernet Cable

A product that has been recommended by Amazon to thanks to great reviews is the MediaBridge ethernet cable. It comes in a fixed size of 100 feet and only in one color. However, the design looks solid with no frills.

Coming to the version of this ethernet cable, it supports Cat-6, Cat-5E, and Cat-5 standards in a single cable. Although the versatility is good, MediaBridge could have done better by giving it Cat-7 compliance too. It results in a speed cap of 10 Gbps that is adequate but not extraordinary.

A unique selling point of this highly rated ethernet cable is the presence of a velcro strap. It goes a long way in keeping the whole network organized without tangling. It also makes it a whole lot more portable, as you can bundle it.

Coming to the frequency, it is set to a standard of 550 MHz. Again, it may not be class-leading but will be more than adequate for most gamers. On top of that, you get the RJ45 connectors for a secure and durable connection. They are also sagless in nature.

All in all, due to great ratings, superb durability, and good functionality, it is the best ethernet cable for gaming.


5. Matien Ethernet Cable

Matien Ethernet Cable

The next product on our list is also one of Amazon’s choice for gaming ethernet cable. The low price to great specifications ratio is what makes this ethernet cable a winner. Come, let’s check them out and look at them in a bit more detail.

Coming to the design, you get an all-black flat cable with gold accents. The design looks classy, and the flat cable goes a long way in preventing tangle. On the interior, you get double twisted wires to increase resistance to wear. Altogether, it is one of the best designs you can see in an ethernet cable.

One disadvantage of the matien ethernet cable is that the length is limited to 50 feet. You should only buy this if that’s the cable length you require. All other things like version, speed, and connectors, are class-leading.

You get a Cat-7 compliant cable capable of speeds up to 10 Gbps. That should suffice for most gamers. Another good thing is the RJ45 connectors that come along with the cable. Combine that with flat cables, and you will get one of the most durable ethernet cables. They are also of the STP type.


6. Glanics Ethernet Cable

Glanics Ethernet Cable

The ethernet cable from Glanics is the most value for money product that you can find in this article. It is because you are getting a Cat-8 compliant ethernet at a price where most companies offer Cat-6 cables. However, that’s not the only thing as you will find many useful features in this product. Let’s have a look at them

The Glanics cable is highly durable thanks to the double layer of protection. It has the usual PVC coating on the outside with an additional aluminum foil on the inside. However, it doesn’t come with braided or flat cables to prevent tangling. Nevertheless, for the price, we cannot expect more.

The bandwidth of the cable can be compared to products priced twice or thrice of the Glanics one. It is because 2000 MHz is hardly offered by any company that, too, in this bracket. It also has RJ45 connectors.

As with all Cat-8 cables, you get a top speed of 40 Gbps. On top of that, it is also compatible with the old Cat-5E, Cat-6, and Cat-7 cables too. The only issue we have is that the length of the cable is quite small. Neglecting that, it is the best ethernet cable for gaming.


7. DbillionDa Ethernet Cable

DbillionDa Ethernet Cable

Another Cat-8 type cable that is available at a low price is from a company called DbillionDa. It has a great looking design thanks to the black and gold combination. Also, due to the small length, the company has been able to keep the price low.

It has a ton of features up its sleeve other than the ones that make it a Cat-8 compliant cable. Some of these include the ability to reduce interference by using heavy-duty shielding. The interface of the wire and body has been made of toughened PVC to prevent bending and improve durability. On top of that, you also get a dual-layer of PVC and aluminum foil for protection.

Since it is of the Cat-8 type, there will be no doubts about the speed. It is rated at a maximum speed of 40 Gbps. Cat-8 cables also have the lowest interference and signal loss compared to any other type of cables.

However, it doesn’t have braided or flat cables to ensure it doesn’t tangle. That is our only issue with the cable, along with its length.


8. Ugreen Ethernet Cable

Ugreen Ethernet Cable

By far, the lowest priced item on our extensive list is the Ugreen Ethernet Cable. It also has the familiar yet classy black and gold accents in terms of design. Don’t let the low price fool you, as it is a very capable ethernet cable. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind that.

The Ugreen ethernet cable is a Cat-7 compliant cable. That means you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about its speed, interference, and signal losses. Although it might not be as great as the Cat-8 types, for the price, it is class-leading.

For reducing interference and providing more durability, the cable is made of 4 STPs along with the RJ45 connectors. As we already know, this type of connectors goes a long way in improving the durability of the cable.

Moreover, since it is of the Cat-7 type, the speed is excellent at 10 Gbps. Most gamers will be more than happy with that. It is also universally compatible, so you won’t have to worry about the configuration of your setup while buying this. Last but not least, it is effortless to install, and the company claims you can install it in one sec.


9. Cable Sourcing Ethernet Cable

Cable Sourcing Ethernet Cable

Another “Amazon’s Choice” ethernet cable is from Cable Sourcing. It is for those who want the longest cable possible for their use. Hence, it should be preferred by big offices and businesses.

The design and build quality is nothing extraordinary. It is just a jet black cable with black connectors. It also does not give that high end feel we, which we got from other products on this list.

The internals is also not that great. It is a Cat-5E type cable and hence quite obsolete. Although the speed of this cable is comparable to Cat-6 types, the interference, cross-talk, and shielding won’t be as good. To save grace, it does have RJ45 connectors, which improve durability.

As with every other ethernet cable, the Internals are made up of 100% copper core, The diameter of which is 0.51 mm. Another major disadvantage is that it doesn’t contain the STP type of cables. It comes with unshielded twisted pairs, which is abbreviated as UTP. All in all, we would not recommend it for the best ethernet cable for gaming.


10. Hymeca Ethernet Cable

Hymeca Ethernet Cable

The last product on our list is one of the best ethernet cables that your money can buy. Unlike other relatively lower-priced cables, it isn’t a very short cable. On top of that, it also has very attractive specifications that make it one of the best gaming ethernet cables.

The Hymeca ethernet cable runs on the capable Cat-7 platform. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about any issue with speed and performance. Moreover, it also has braided cables that protect it from the common problem of tangling. Furthermore, it is also a flat cable.

The length of 20 feet will be more than adequate for a home-based gaming setup. Combine that with competitive pricing, and we know that Hymeca has got a winner in this product. Since it is the Cat-7 type, the maximum speed it can achieve is 10 Gbps. That makes it ten times faster than Cat-6 types.

Compatibility also won’t be an issue as it is universally compatible with almost all devices. However, we don’t think it is compatible with Alexa and other home assistants. The company is also providing a lifetime warranty in case anything does go wrong. You can also return the product up to 90 days from the date of buying.


Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming – Conclusion

So that’s that. We have come to the last section of the best ethernet cable for gaming you can buy. We have included products across various price ranges and of varying specifications and features. It was in the hope that it would give you a fair idea of the different types and what you should look for.

Self-awareness of your exact needs is paramount to get the best cable. If the article couldn’t make it very clear, we have come up with this section to do precisely that.

The most premium and costliest ethernet cable is definitely the one from Zosion. It has the best specifications you could wish for and the biggest length. If you have deep pockets, then you should go with this option.

If length is not a concern but you want the fastest and most durable ethernet cable, go for the Glanics. As we have already said, it is a very economical product. The one from DbillionDa also fits into this description.

A very good combination of features, specifications, length, and price is offered by the Hymeca ethernet cable. It also has the highest rating you can get on online platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does A Longer Ethernet Cable Affect The Speed Of Transmission?

The straightforward answer to this question would be a no. However, there will be a minimal and unnoticeable delay when it comes to transmission. As the length increases, so does this insignificant delay. But, since the maximum cable length cannot exceed 300 feet, it would not be noticed by the user.

2. What Is The Maximum Distance That You Can Run An Ethernet Cable?

The maximum distance that you can run your ethernet cable, irrespective of its type of version, is 100 meters or 328 feet. If, however, you need a bigger length, you will have to place a router in between the two connected cables.

3. What Is The Recommended Length For An Ethernet Cable?

Although you can run the cable for how much length you need, it will prove counterproductive. It is because signals tend to degrade when transmitted over long distances. So always keep the length below 100 meters or about 300 feet.

4. What Are The Effects Of Using A Lousy Ethernet Cable?

The main issue with using bad ethernet cable is that it will cause lag. This will lead to a decrease in your gaming performance

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