Best Budget Gaming Chairs of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. OPM2. GTracing3. EWIN
OFM EssentialsGT RacingE-win Big And Tall

Why would anyone need the best budget gaming chair? Wouldn’t an ordinary chair suffice? If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re not alone. A lot of people are skeptical about gaming chairs and see them as nothing but an unnecessary luxury.

It’s true that most of your gaming problems can be solved using a simple hardware and readily available alternative. Sure, your regular old dining seat chair would work perfectly well for a quick skim through the morning paper or a 10-minute breakfast before you dash off to work.

But if you think that a hard, wooden chair with minimal padding is going to do you any favors to relieve the tl it takes on your back after a midnight session of The Witcher, you are sorely mistaken


Most gaming chairs work just as fine as office chairs.

How come?

The answer is simple. Whether you’re engaged in an ultra-long CS:GO session or have a job that demands you to be seated in front of a monitor for strenuously long hours, your needs are pretty much the same. You’re looking for a chair that can be comfortable, adjustable, and flexible enough to let you take a quick nap when you need to.

If you’re worried that a gaming chair might cost a lot more than a regular chair, rest assured as that is not the case in today’s market for gaming gears.

Allow us to walk you through some of the best budget gaming chairs in the market right now. But before we do that, let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before you set out to buy an affordable gaming chair. This way you wouldn’t end up buying one that looks fancy and offers you a plethora of features that you don’t need.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Budget Gaming Chair

1. Height

The height of your gaming chair is, no doubt, an essential factor that affects how comfortable your gaming experience is. You’d need to be close enough to the monitor of your PC or your TV screen (in case you’re one of those PlayStation users who like to sit back and recline on their comfy chairs during a multiplayer online match) so that every aspect of the visual detail is clear.

If you’re a PC user, you’d have to be close enough to comfortably stretch your legs to reach the base foot panel of your gaming desk. That way you can feel snug and cozy, and won’t feel the need to constantly reach for the mouse or the keys to execute split-second actions.

A lot of the gaming chairs you can find in the market these days come with adjustable settings that allow you to alter the seat height to suit your size, preference, and comfort level.

Not only can you adjust the seat height as precisely as you want, but you can also make sure that other features won’t be too distracting to deter you from focusing on your gameplay.

For e.g,. Some of the gaming chairs have extendable armrests. These are often referred to as flip-up armrests. You’d be able to fold them back onto the back of the seat if and when you feel like they are getting in the way.

2. Comfort Level

Not to state the obvious, but the level of comfort you feel with a gaming chair is a big priority when it comes to finding the best budget gaming chair.

Some might assume that just because a chair comes at an affordable price, you can’t expect it to be very comfortable. This is not true. Some of the best affordable gaming chairs in the market use a highly dense sponge and thick, segmented padding that ensures that the seat, along with the back support and armrests, are all quite soft and comfortable to sit in for extended hours.

You might also find that the overall design of a standard gaming chair has deviated considerably from what it used to be. You can notice a gentle curve in the design around the shoulder and neck areas. This is to accommodate the natural curve of the human body better. You may also notice this trend to be prevalent in almost any gaming chair.

As far as materials are concerned, PU leather and breathable mesh fabric are commonly used to make sure that the gaming chairs don’t feel too rough, harsh, or too humid after long periods of use. To some degree, they counteract the negative effects of intensive gaming, so to speak. Basically, the better your gaming chair, the better your chances are of staying healthy and relieved of occasional joint aches and stressful back pains.

Sure, you can’t expect a budget gaming chair to use genuine leather and always maintain an affordable price. But PU leather still seems pretty decent compared to a natural, coarse fabric, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Headrest And Lumbar Support

These are two of the most essential add-ons that gamers have come to expect in any gaming chair worth trying. It is hard to find a bankable brand that doesn’t include a padded headrest and an optional lumbar support cushion with the whole package.

Generally, gamers tend to favor detachable cushions that can be used and discarded when not needed. Some brands have even gone as far as to add a vibration system (that’s right) into the lumbar cushions. By simply plugging the USB cable into a power source, your gaming chair allows you to enjoy a service you’d normally pay for at a massage therapy centre.

The lack of a vibrational lumbar cushion may not be a dealbreaker for you, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

However, if that is something you’d like to consider, then you are going to love some of the gaming chairs that come with a proper audio system installed into the headrest. Now how does that sound?

3. Flexibility Of The Chair

This varies depending on the brand. While some of the gaming chairs mentioned in the following list may allow you to recline all the way back to a horizontal position (a total of 180 degrees), others barely extend all that much. Still, it feels pretty good to be able to transform your gaming chair into an everyday La-Z-boy (minus the super comfy padding) whenever you feel like it.

4. Design Of The Various Components

Why is this so important? Assembling the parts together can be a challenging task and is not to be underestimated. Sometimes mediocre design can lead to the holes being misaligned and screws turning out to be hard to get bolted in. While most chairs come with instruction manuals that allow you to put your chair together in a DIY manner, what good is an instruction guide if the components indicate shoddy craftsmanship?

Sometimes it would be best to stick to brands you can trust unless the reviews suggest otherwise.

5. Sturdy Back Support

Proper back support is a key to comfortable gameplay. Most PC gamers tend to lean forward for unhealthy amounts of time when they get overly immersed in their gameplay. This is a dangerous practice that can cause long-lasting side effects such as chronic back pain, rounded shoulders, unnatural slouch in posture, etc.

If your back support of your chair is sturdy enough to the point that you can recline properly into the chair, you’ve got yourself a good deal. As discussed earlier, this is where the lumbar support pillows incredibly helpful in straightening out your posture and relieving your lower back region of stress.

6. Weight Capacity

This depends on what kind of material your casters are made of. Some have nylon, while others have metal bases that are capable of supporting massive loads of weight. The maximum weight capacity of your gaming chair depends on the build quality of your chair, especially that of your base.

Now, this wouldn’t be that much of a concern for you if you’re a medium-sized person. However, if you are an above-average sized user, then a gaming chair that accommodates your stature with raised seat heights, wider seat space, and a solid base is an absolute must.

7. Glide Quality

Let’s say you’re seated at your desk and are now reaching for your headset. It just happens to be a little far off across the table. Sometimes it helps when you’re able to roll over to the other end without having to get up and walk all the way to the other side to do something as trivial as grabbing a pair of headphones.

The smoother your wheels are, the more enjoyable your experience is. It’s simply fun and incredibly relaxing to be able to whirl around in your gaming chair just because you can. All you need to do is make sure that the glide is smooth, and the wheels won’t end up damaging the floor or leaving a scratch or skid marks all over the carpet.

Top 20 Best Budget Gaming Chairs 2020

1. OFM Essentials

OFM Best Budget Gaming Chair

Let’s start with the most affordable option. The OFM essential is a plush and well-padded gaming chair with enough ergonomic support to keep you comfy during those long gaming sessions.

There are dual color tones that boldly trace their way throughout the chassis and give it the appearance of a perfect sports chair. The best part of all is that at such an affordable price (below $100), it comes with enough customizable features for more than your money’s worth.

The headrest, the arms, and all other contours of the seat feature a segmented padding. It looks striking yet pleasant with its contrasting color combination of green mesh and black stitches.

This great-looking, 360-degree swivel chair features padded arms that can be flipped up out of the way to give you a wide berth or set to rest your arms, whichever you choose whenever you please. This allows for complete uninhibited movement if you need free room for you to flex your arms while you’re typing. The armrests are also soft and padded, so they offer you a comfortable feel.

The height of the seat can be adjusted too, so you wouldn’t have to worry in the slightest about the gaming chair being too tall or short to align perfectly with your gaming desk.

You can also adjust the recline setting to accommodate your preferred posture.

A major downside with the chair is the cushion compression, which tends to become thin and flattened over longer periods of use. The pattern of the stitches on the upholstery is also passable at best.


2. GT Racing

GT Racing

The GTRacing gaming chair is yet another one of the best budget gaming chairs in the market that comes at an affordable price and features enough customizable options that make it worthy of contention with some of the other high-end gaming chair models.

The red colored version, in particular, looks like something that would go well with the black and red spider-suit. It may not provide as much room space as the OFM does, but the durable metal frame offers sturdy support to the chair. The thickly padded seat and back help you achieve a relaxed atmosphere during your gaming sessions.

The base is made up of points with rolling casters capable of holding up against up to 300 pounds of weight. The seat height and the armrest can be adjusted to suit your stature and comfort levels.

The rolling caster base also allows for a smooth 360-degree swivel. Most notable of all is the headrest that can be detached if you feel it is a bit obtrusive.

The GTRacing is made of quality PU leather and also comes with an extra comfy lumbar cushion for added support. Moving it up and down might take some time to get used to since It is quite big. Some gamers might find it a bit uncomfortable and unusual for their tastes. However, it is optional, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Not only does it allow you to recline it all the way back to an almost flat, lying position, good enough for a short afternoon nap. it also comes with a back and forth rocking feature as well.

A lot of the users found the customer support to be beneficial and very responsive. Concerns such as broken base components and faulty parts were addressed very quickly. Replacements arrive very soon, once your complaint is verified to be genuine.

The parts are also super easy to assemble. This is primarily due to the screws for each area being put in separate sections and adequately labeled. In short, you won’t find any trouble putting it together.

A few minor shortcomings we found are negligible. The stitching can be loose at a few places, and the lettering is a bit crooked. Unlike the rest of the chair’s sturdy build, the armrests were quite wobbly. The base color differs in lightness from the chair’s actual color, which can be a bit disconcerting but not very noticeable. You wouldn’t find most of the flaws unless you were looking for them. Last but not least, the seat could do with some more cushioning. While it isn’t uncomfortable for short gaming periods, it does tend to hurt your posterior over time if you plan on having extended gaming sessions.

The best part about the GTRacing chair is that it works incredibly well for gamers, streamers, casual users, and editors alike. If you find yourself suffering from backaches or other shoulder joint pains from using a regular chair, you might want to give the GTRacing a try. After all, it just might be the best budget gaming chair you can find at its price right now.


3. E-win Big And Tall

E-win Big And Tall

Perhaps this might be just a tad too pricey to be even considered an affordable gaming chair. But the E-win seems to be playing it safe by pricing an almost premium gaming chair at a (barely) budget price. Technically, it’s still a budget model.

The most distinguishing feature of the E-win, more than anything else, is its weight capacity. This exceptionally built, high-backed gaming chair is just the right fit for above-average sized gamers, capable of supporting up to 450 pounds, an astonishing feat in itself.

The hard metal frame, which features steel tubes that are almost 16mm wide in diameter and almost 1.6 mm thick (compared to regular gaming chair frames, this is really high), is what makes the high weight-carrying capacity possible.

The foam-padding is also a lot thicker compared to some of the other models, allowing for a significant increase in comfort. Unlike some of the cheap gaming chair models that feature thinly padded covers that get compressed over time, the E-win comes with a highly dense sponge that is resistant to elasticity, oxidation and is far more durable.

What sets the E-Win apart is its use of some of the best quality materials you can find in the market for its unique build.

Needless to say, the seating area is just as wide and spacious to accommodate heavyweight gamers. The upholstery is PU leather, the kind you’d find in a race car seat. Just like most of the gaming chairs we’ve discussed so far, E-Win’s design is also shaped to accommodate the natural proportions of the human body in such a way that the curve around the shoulders, broad or rounded are accounted for.

From the full 360-degree swivel feature, the gas lift that lets you adjust the seat height and the tilt option that allows you to recline all the way back to 155 degrees, there are plenty of customisable options that add to the E-win’s flexibility.

This is one of the few gaming chairs that feel sufficiently comfortable even without the headrest and lumbar support cushion. So the fact that those two are included just adds to its value and is something that most comfort-craving Call of Duty gamers can appreciate. The only thing missing here is a footrest. (not that we’re complaining)

Even if you aren’t much of a gamer, the E-win is still an above-average office chair that can help alleviate the risks of neck and lower back aches that seem to plague most 9 to 5 workers in today’s harsh and highly-demanding business world.

It might not be the best budget gaming chair when it comes to affordable pricing, but apart from that, the E-Win ticks all the boxes.


4. Furmax Office/Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Gaming Chair

Whether it is for an office set up or a regular gaming space, the Furmax is an elegant chair that will blend right in and suit your needs perfectly.

It is one of the best budget gaming chairs that feature smooth-rolling casters to keep your chair from causing any scratch or dent to your floors. The seat material is a blend of mesh and durable PU leather that offers breathability. The height can be adjusted from 15 to 18 inches using a gas lift underneath.

The Furmax is designed to be capable of supporting up to 280 LBS of weight, which is impressive. The backrest can also be adjusted to a reclining position so it can be easy on your spine and back.

Most impressive of all is the 3-inch thick seat padding that offers a comfortable cushioned support.

The Furmax is one of the best cheap gaming chairs that come with a high back and padded armrests fit for both office use as well as video gamers.

The five-point wheelbase allows for full rotational capabilities, you can swivel around full circle whenever you want and also will enable you to rock back and forth, which adds to the fun. It also comes with a lumbar support cushion.

Most users have found the lumbar support to be great and the leather is exceptionally soft. It also comes at a very affordable price for a leather chair, which is rare.

Despite its high-back design, some have found the chair to not fully accommodate the height of the user, partly because of the absence of a proper headrest. The seat’s mesh padding doesn’t seem to be sufficient for long hours of use either. While the lumbar support is much better than some of the more expensive models, the lack of a proper head support is a notable omission, albeit understandable given it’s price.

Assembling the chair is rather easy and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes on average. The Furmax is also quite sturdy, made of high-quality materials and you can tell that it is built to last you a long time. The sleek black leather might go really well with an all-black gaming gear set up.

The glide quality is smooth and so is the lever used to adjust the chair’s height. The seating space is comfortably wide, never feeling the slightest bit cramped or tight fitting.

If you’re looking for one of the best affordable gaming chairs that looks right at home in your office as it does in your gaming environment, the Furmax is well worth a shot.


5. Devoko


In appearance, the Devoko looks quite close to the GTracing gaming chair,which is yet another one of the best budget gaming chairs that we have previously discussed, although it is a lot more pricey than the latter.

The Devoko is sturdily built at the base and features smooth-rolling casters that offer you an effortless glide and a full 360-degree rotation. At the same time they protect your floors from getting damaged by the chair.

The material is the commonly used PU leather that offers breathability. It also comes with a lumbar support cushion that can be freely adjusted to provide adequate back support.

The sturdy metal frame makes it the ideal gaming chair that has multipurpose functions. Whether you’d like to take a short nap and relax or watch TV or engage in a session of Call of Duty on your computer, this is one of the best budget gaming chairs to meet your needs.

The tilt angles and the recline angles can all be adjusted. This makes it a lot more user-friendly. The tilt angle can be locked in place too so that you won’t have to worry about an unwelcome wobble factor.

It does have its downsides as well. The armrests seem to get in the way, cannot be adjusted and don’t feature any padding. This can be a problem for tall users might who find the height of the rests too low to reach easily.

It also does take some time to put together, in part due to the complicated instructions. A lot of gamers find the lumbar support to be a source of hindrance than comfort and choose to remove it for a more comfortable gaming experience. The seat’s cushion is a bit loose and leaves a bit of wiggle room.

The chair tends to lean a bit forward, but that can be adjusted using the handle.

On the bright side, the chair’s base is incredibly sturdy for its price. The customer support team is also highly responsive. The high-backed design offers decent head and neck support for office use. The lumbar support combined with the full-recline feature is great for lunch-hour naps.

If you’re looking for an affordable gaming chair that delivers on its promises of durability and offers an acceptable level of comfort when it comes to gaming or office use, the Devoko is quite the catch.


6. BestOffice


The Best office is one of the best budget gaming chairs that looks very stylish with its zebra pattern design. The premium faux leather used in the chair makes for a very comfortable texture to lean on.

Unlike some of the other models, it features a decent headrest and adjustable lumbar support cushion to do away with any back pain issues you may be facing.

The BestOffice supposedly features a heavy duty base that makes it capable of supporting upto 250 lbs easily. It also offers a great range of movement with the 360 degree swivel feature, made possible by the addition of smooth-rolling casters.

The inclusion of a bucket seat in place of a regular one makes all the difference when it comes to offering you better comfort. The curved high-back design makes the chair perfectly support your spin,staying in place without ever giving off a sense of detachment.

The best part of all is the extendable footrest and the 155 degree angle reclining flexibility that the BestOffice comes with. When you’re not gaming or working, you can just as easily kick back, stretch your legs and relax on the gaming chair at any angle of your choice.

Whether you’re working long hours at the office or caught up in an ultra long World of Warcraft marathon, the bucket seats combined with the protective headrest makes the experience all the more tolerable.

However, the BestOffice is not without its flaws and some of them are quite grave. The instructions included for assembling the chair are mostly illustrations. Figuring out the perfect way to piece it together using the tools at your disposal may take some time. Unless you feel confident you’ll be able to figure it out without accidentally damaging the model, you might want to reconsider.

At its price, the quality is expected to be subpar, but not to the extent that some users have discovered. The base, which is said to be capable of withstanding heavy weight, doesn’t seem sturdy enough to validate those claims. The locking lever mechanism is in need of improvement. It lacks much-needed support to prevent it from ricochetting back onto your fingers if you push it down lightly.

If you’re a casual user looking for an entry-level gaming chair at an affordable price, the BestOffice might work for you. It looks quite appealing with the black and white color scheme.

However, the quality of the build is poor so if you’re a pro who’s serious about your craft, you might want to consider steering clear of this one.


7. Homall


The Hamell gaming chair features a sophisticated design that most professional gamers are bound to love. It is a multipurpose gaming chair that works well in any setup: office room, conference room, gaming space, you name it.

What makes the Homall stand out the most is its use of eye-catching embroidery and haphazard use of striking color schemes to give it a contrasting appearance and edgy feel against your mundane living room or workplace background.

The metal frame used in the chassis is more than a 1.8mm thick steel that makes it all the more sturdy and stable to an acceptable degree depending on your weight. The PU leather is resistant to random wear and tear.

Like plenty of other standard gaming chair models, the Homall comes with a 360 degrees swivel feature and also allows for a rocking motion. The chair can be adjusted to recline backwards by up to 180 degrees, perfect for a nap. The bottom line is : it never gets boring.

The Homall is quite the ideal package featuring an adjustable seat and armrest, a lumbar pillow cushion and a headrest (both of which are removable).

The gaming chair is quite easy to assemble in no time. The most it would take is 15 minutes. At a very affordable price, the gaming chair comes with a tight leather seat that does not wiggle or stray out of place and a back support that offers great support for your spine. There is a high and low setting that works great for you if you have multiple users of varying heights and sizes. The armrests are also positioned at a very advantageous height. They aren’t too high or too low. Once you get your seat height adjustment right, you can lock it and it stays put thanks to the tight locking mechanism. In addition to all this ,The customer service for the Homall brand is extremely fast and responsive.

The major downsides are the loose fabric that is prone to rips and tears if you’re too careless. That is to be expected considering the price.

However, when it comes to eye-catching appearance and design, the Homall is definitely one of the few best budget gaming chairs out there.


8. Bestoffice PC Gaming Chair

Bestoffice PC Gaming Chair

This BestOffice model of a gaming chair seems like it wouldn’t look out of place in a corporate setting. It is a simply functional gaming chair that comes at an inexpensive price and packs just the right amount of features to interest the most casual gamers and even some professionals. The bare-bones no excess approach to its design is what mainly works in its favor. Some of the more serious gamers would rather prefer this over a gimmicky model that tries too hard or looks more appealing to preteen gamers.

The chair packs a high-back design and comes with an adjustable height locking mechanism to make sure the back support stays upright and rigidly still once you get the height to suit your stature. It is also a lot more spacious than a regular office chair, with enough wiggle room and breathing space for you to move around without feeling restricted by the armrests.

Whether you’re invested in an intense Overwatch session at home or tallying up account columns on your spreadsheet at work, the BestOffice is designed to offer you enough mobility to let you take a look around your cubicle or your living room with the slightest gesture.

The chair comes with very clear instructions and is therefore quite easy to assemble in a matter of 15-20 minutes. The budget price and the visually appealing design are all great but since it comes at such a low price, the same can’t be said for the quality of the materials. This is hardly surprising. The armrests are well padded but could do with a little less wobble. The lumbar support might also feel a bit out of place and huge for some gamers. The most noticeable flaw with the BestOffice is the loud squeaking noise it makes with every minor adjustment you make in the seating position. This might be a definite dealbreaker to some since the really loud noise can get annoying and interfere with your gameplay.

Regardless, the great thing about the BestOffice is that, unlike a lot of the other low-priced regular chairs, the seat cushion is quite soft and comfortable enough that your bottom doesn’t feel numb or sore after long hours of use.

If you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair in terms of affordability, comfort and ease to assemble, the BestOffice gaming chair is worth giving a shot.


9. OFM Essentials Bonded Leather

OFM Essentials Bonded Leather

The High backed gaming chair is one of the best cheap gaming chairs you can find today. It features a soft, smooth leather build that gives it the appearance of a premium chair and plenty of customisable features that make it more accommodating for users.

It comes with a built in headrest and armrests that both feature segmented padding. The same goes for the seat and the back support. The black and blue color scheme of the Softhread leather gaming chair gives it a strikingly aggressive look and feel, perfect for gaming indoors and office spaces.

The OFM is a leading brand in manufacturing some of the best budget gaming chairs in the market right now. This Bonded Leather model is no exception. It also has all the regular features you’d expect in a standard gaming chair such as the 360 degree swivelling ability, seat-height adjustment levers etc.

The OFM, like many of its other competitors, has a base built to support upto 250 Lbs of heavy weight. The armrests are also well padded. If you feel like they might get in the way of your gameplay, you could conveniently flip them up.

It also comes with a standardised center-tilt control feature that allows you to adjust its recline to your preference and comfort level.

Most users have found the chair to be quite durable, considering it’s affordable price. While it may even work well for people well above the 250 lbs weight limit to a certain extent, it would be wise to observe the weight regulations. You might find that the chair is ideal for people with small-sized frames. It has proved to be very capable of supporting heavy weight and is very easy to assemble.

As for the downsides, the stitching might be poor in some places and you can hardly expect every hardware component to be made of metal or even be of high quality, given its price range. But, all things considered, this OFM model is still pretty decent when it comes to quality.

The lumbar pillow cushion offers excellent back support and the chair is also pretty lightweight, comparatively speaking. The arms don’t wobble easily, which is good and the fabric texture feels rather cool on your skin, which is perfect for multiple hour gaming sessions.


10. Smugdesk


One look at the Smugdesk and the word you’re looking for would probably be: Royalty. Or Elegance. The High-back combined with the large loopy armrests convey nothing less than a sense of grandeur.

The Smugdesk is one of the best budget gaming chairs that feature a backrest aligns perfectly aligns with your spinal curve. The arc in the seat’s design is no flaw. It complements the natural curve of the human body and allows for a much more comfortable gaming experience.

If you have a wide and heavy waist, you need not worry. The seat on the Smugdesk is perfectly accommodating with its spacious and comfortable seat cushions. In addition to this, you’ll find a lumbar pad that works wonders in preventing any additional stress on your lower back.

The tilt-mode allows for an enjoyable back-and-forth rocking motion, to quell the boredom during those long reloading sessions.

The Bonded leather material used in the chair is water resistant. Accidental spills won’t be an issue here. The seat height can also be adjusted using a lever while the curved armrests are just the right height for the average user, hardly ever becoming an inconvenience.

The most distinguishing feature of the Smugdesk is,perhaps, the heavy duty base that is more than capable of supporting up to 300 lbs of weight. The wheels also allow for a free 360 degree swivel motion, something that most gamers would love to have in a chair.

The beige and black color scheme on the chair makes it look right at home in an office setting as much as it does at your professional gaming space. The seat cushions and the back support are also both extra thick and offer a very comfortable experience for hour long gaming sessions.

The only feature that some users might have a gripe with is the auto-lock on the wheels that help it stay rigid and in place when not being used. Getting the chair to swivel at will might take a deliberate amount of force once this happens. However, it does make sense from a design perspective.

Despite being illustrations and pictures for the most part, the instructions are quite clear and assembly doesn’t take up much of your time.

If you’re looking for a super comfy gaming chair that delivers exactly as promised when it comes to comfort, the Smugdesk is the right way to go. At a very affordable price, it comes packed with just the right amount of padding to support your back and help you ride out that hour-long Black Ops marathon on your gaming console without breaking a sweat or ever feeling too numb.




The Edwell is yet another one in a long line of the best budget gaming chairs that features a high backed design that offers maximum support to your head, neck and shoulders.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable chair to kick back and relax on a chair that’s best suited for gamers, the Edwell has got you covered either way. Despite its budget price, it looks highly professional while maintaining a sophisticated design at the same time.

The most notable of all it’s many attractive features is the 170 degree recline ( which is way more than the advertised 150 degrees). If you find yourself in the need of the perfect budget chair to rest on after a long, tiring workday, the Edwell is a great option to go with.

It features an easy to use gas-lift, a super sturdy base capable of withstanding enormous weight amounts up to a stunning 300 lbs and leather-wrapped, adjustable armrests..

The anti-skid casters are great for some light-hearted fun and smooth mobility. You could do a 360 degree spin without having to worry about damaging the floor, carpeted or otherwise.

It also comes with a lumbar support cushion and a headrest, both of which are optional and can be detached at your convenience. If you find yourself suffering from frequent backaches due to the flat-backed design of regular shapes, the Edwell offers a simple yet elegant solution. It comes with a curved back, body-hugging design that conforms to the average user’s back quite nicely.

Not only is it easy to put together, the lumbar pad even comes with a USB powered massage feature that is a must-try. Plug it in and you can use the vibrations to work out key spots on your lower and upper back that get sore after long hours of working or gaming.

Getting your posture and figure alignment just right can be a hassle with regular chairs for most gamers.The Edwell does help offer support to a lot of the crucial areas on the neck, around the base of your head and shoulder joints. This can keep you from feeling stiff or numb from long hours of indoor PC gaming. It also comes with a footrest to rest your legs.

If you’re looking for the best budget gaming chair that will help you relax after a hard day’s work, the Edwell is a pretty good choice.


12. Las Villas

Las Villas

The gaming chair comes with a lot of the features you’d expect in some of the best budget gaming chairs. It is stylish,spacious and most importantly, very affordable.

The Las Villas features a mix of Pu leather, and sponge that makes up the majority of its soft padding. It doesn’t take up too much space so it’d be much easier to fit in a single-bedroom apartment without making it feel too overcrowded.

You can use the tilt tension knob to adjust the seat height according to your stature and lock it in place. The seat is just low enough to fit well under your average gaming desk, which saves plenty of space for you when you’re not using.

The arms of the chair can be folded back up to give you a lot more room if you find them to be getting in the way or unnecessary. The base of the gaming chair features heavy duty casters that roll smoothly without making too much noise.

The Las Villas is known to be capable of supporting up to 300 LBS of maximum weight, which is quite impressive for a gaming chair at its price-range.

It also comes with a lumbar support cushion, a commonly included pillow in gaming chairs these days. The Las Villas is known to be satisfyingly comfortable and perfect for extended periods of use, regardless of whether you use it for gaming or just relaxing at the end of the day.

While the base and the armrests are made of plastic, they don’t feel cheap. On the contrary, they are quite strong. There weren’t any loose stitches and the leather upholstery seems to be of a durable quality.

Both the seat and the back support are reasonably firm. The chair’s body-hugging design works really well in correcting your posture if you’re an average-bodied user. The only exception to this might be the headrest, which leans a bit too forward and needs to be improved in this regard.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that feels just like something out of a sport’s car and is comfortable to use for long periods of time with ease, the Las Villas will do just fine.


13. GTPoffice


The GTPoffice gaming chair features a dual color scheme that intermittently overlaps giving it a modern and visually appealing look that adds something to the overall ambience of your gaming room.

What makes it most distinguishable is that It comes with an extra cushion that works wonders for your neck. This makes it all the more easier for you to engage in a long gaming session without having a crick in your neck or lower back aches that resulting from too many hours spent leaning forward in front of a computer screen.

The smooth-rolling caster is quite stable and forms part of a heavy duty base built for maximum weight support. The thickly padded seat cushion feels comfortable while the sturdy metal frame is strong enough to ensure the chair stays in place and doesn’t buckle under your weight.

The height of the armrest and the seat are adjustable and the chair can also be pushed all the way back to a 160 degree reclining position for a much-needed evening nap if you wish.

Needless to say, it comes with lumbar support pillow, a removable headrest cushion and an additional seat cushion for extra support. The inclusion of all these extra pillows and cushions makes the chair more comfortable to sit in and easier on your back. The thick padding of the GTPoffice offers much needed support to the key areas of your neck, your head and most importantly, your lumbar region. This is exactly what makes it suitable for enjoying ultra-long sessions of Battlefield and Overwatch without growing tired midway.

Whether you’re striking out foes in Counter Strike or crafting a solid strategy in World of Warcraft, you can take as much time as you like, immersing yourself into the gaming world without being interrupted or having to leave unless you want to.

There are no noticeable flaws in the material which points to some decent craftsmanship. Assembling the pieces together won’t take too long either.

Whether or not it is the best budget gaming chair you can find in the market at its price range is a debatable matter. However, barring the lack of a footrest, it does have plenty of factors working in its favor. It offers a lot of customizability in terms of height adjustment of armrests, seat, back and optional cushions, headrests etc. There’s also plenty of room to accommodate users of different sizes.


14. BestOffice Blue

BestOffice Blue

Whether you’re looking for a decent office chair for your workplace or a gaming chair that looks at home in your living room, this version of the BestOffice is a great option either way.

It features a unique design that sets it apart from a lot of other gaming chair models. Thickly padded and covered with breathable fabric, the BestOffice is built to offer maximum comfort. An example of this would be the freely adjustable lumbar cushion and the headrest included in the package. It even allows for a reclining angle up to 135 degrees, quite similar to a racing car seat.

The metal base offers a sturdy support for heavy duty challenges and the nylon casters are very smooth for rolling around and even taking a casual 360 degree spin, just for the fun of it.

The ergonomic design of the armrests make it particularly easy for you to relax and doze off during those weary hours in the afternoon. Reclining the chair’s angle and adjusting its height is all made very using the tilt and pneumatic lift control handles in place. Once you get it up to your desired height and lock it in, it stays in place.

Like plenty of other budget-priced models on this list, the BestOffice is way better than most regular chairs. The armrests aren’t made of plastic and are properly covered with fabric, which is a major plus, even though the lumbar support is hard to perfectly adjust in alignment with your back from time to time, owing to its large size. it is still a way more affordable option though.

While the illustrations that accompany the gaming chair might not be super easy to understand, assembling the parts together doesn’t take longer than 10-20 minutes since the process is mostly intuitive.

As a budget model, the BestOffice offers great value for what you’re paying. The stylish build and the cozy comfort of the fabric works well for your gaming space. It fits reasonably well in any room setup, even if it happens to be really small.

Even if your needs are varied such as reading a book or typing an email or getting some rest after a stressful day, the BestOffice is a great budget gaming chair to try.


15. Jummico


Crafted using soft leather and designed to perfectly conform to the user’s natural body shape,the Jummico is quite a decent gaming chair to try. It features a breathable and well padded mesh fabric with a texture that feels soft and light on your skin, a wide seat with a well rounded curve as well as a wide back support,equally padded armrests and much more.

The thickly padded backrest and the cushion are all covered with soft leather. Like most of it;s competitors, the Jummico features an ergonomic back support curved to perfectly accommodate your spinal area.

Weighing up to 36 pounds, this masterfully crafted gaming chair features a five-point base that is strong enough to support up to 300 lbs of weight.

What’s so great about the Jummico is that it feels super comfy and sturdy even while the backrest is attached to the seat through the armrests that support it and hold it in place. The metal arms ensure that the back support steadily stays in place.

While it is quite easy to put together for the most part except for securing the arms on to the seat after bolting the backrest onto it, you might want to be prepared to have some difficulty there. Although the design also looks very stylish at such an affordable price, It might not be the most comfortable gaming chair you can find at this price range and the fact that the back support doesn’t directly connect to the chair is sure to raise some brows among gaming circles.

The one flaw that was noticeable with the chair is that it tends to emit a really loud squeaking noise which is highly undesirable and inconvenient when you’re trying not to disturb your roommates or wake up your family in the middle of your headphone-aided ,environment-sensitive ,outwardly-quiet gaming session.

It also might not be the best chair to recline on, since, as cited before, the backrest is supported by the metal arms and isn’t actually directly attached to the chair.

If you’re looking for an entry-level gaming chair that looks good and functions pretty well at a budget price, the Jummico is worth a shot. However, if you’re more keen on having a multipurpose chair that has a great reclining angle and super comfortable back support, you might want to look elsewhere.


16. Storm Racer

Storm Racer

The Storm racer might be a bit higher priced than most models on this list but more than makes up for it in size. It looks sleek and comfy with well rounded shoulders and a fashionable curve in the design.

The Storm Racer, one of the most high-priced in a list of the best budget gaming chairs comes with a free neck rest pillow and a lumbar support cushion, like many of the other standard models previously mentioned in this list.

The high-density foam padding coupled with the PU leather (that feels like it’s premium quality ) makes for a very soft and comfy finish, ensuring a highly stable yet comfortable seating cushion.

Not only is the leather more durable and resistant to periodic wear and tear,the chair also features a supple headrest and two extended armrests that can be adjusted to your convenience. They can be flipped up, down or two either side as you please and resemble two classy cane handles, adding to the elegance of the chair.

The seat is about 23 inches wide and at 32 inches from the ground, is reasonably high enough. Like many other gaming chair models of its kind, the StormRacer’s base is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight.

Some users have found the seat to be a little too stiff for their tastes which makes it difficult to get into a perfectly comfortable seating position without a struggle. While assembling the pieces together may not be as difficult as expected, the 23 wide seat does take some time to get used to.

Overall, the Stormracer makes for a decent budget gaming chair if you’re an above average sized person. The lack of wiggle room makes for a more comfortable fit. The quality of the build is faultless for its price. The gaming chair is quite firm and doesn’t betray the sense of buckling or straining under your weight.

Putting the various parts together is another matter. Some of the instructions were found to be vague and a few were incorrect so you might want to pay more attention to which screws go where. You might also want to note that the screws are bolted into the bottom of the chair’s seat rather than in a regular package.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair with a superior build-quality that is capable of holding up against regular bumps and harsh landings, the StormRacer might work well for you.


17. Giantex


The Giantex is a gaming chair that comes with an excellent lumbar support that alternates as a massager with its vibration feature. The chair’s waist pad and the armrests are designed to be comfortable and soothing on various areas of your body and help combat waist and wrist fatigue.

It is also one of the few low-maintenance gaming chairs that features a PU leather cloth that can be easily cleaned. It comes with just about all the additional add-ons that gaming chairs come equipped with these days. This includes:

A stable five-point base that allows for free and undisturbed mobility, a back support and extra pillow cushions to support your spine, neck and head. It also allows for a full-recline adjustability (180 degrees! All the way back! You could basically turn your gaming chair into a single bed, so to speak) .

It also comes with a footrest in case you’d like to lie down and relax your legs. The footrest itself is retractable so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way when you’re gaming or using the chair for office work.

You could literally lie down and take a nap on the Giantex or get really comfy while playing on the PS4 with your legs stretched out on the footrest.

The wheels allow for a smooth 360 degree spin and free motion. You won’t have to get up out of your seat every time you need to grab something from the other end of the room or around you. You can simply slide over with the chair.

Apart from the curved back support design most commonly seen in a lot of the standard gaming chair models, the waist cushion is equipped with an impressive USB-powered massage function that relieves your waist of aches and joint pains resulting from long hours of continuous gaming sessions.

The chair’s frame build consists of PU iron pipes, air poles and medium density sponge thickly padded into the seat and covered with PU leather.

The armrests are adjustable (can be lifted to the left and right) and so is the seat height. A gas lever is used to get it to to suit your gaming desk requirements.

The only caveat is the padding which, despite being thick at the most crucial parts such as the seat and the headrest cushions, isn’t well spread out evenly throughout the chair. This makes it feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable to some users.


18. Polar Aurora

Polar Aurora

The Polar Aurora is one of the best budget gaming chairs that actually looks super fancy and goes all out flamboyant with its bright shades of color and bold design. With a sturdy base that supports up to 300 pounds, the Aurora is a well crafted unit that is versatile enough to alternate as both an executive level office chair and a gaming chair without looking or feeling out of place.

Like most of the popular gaming chairs of 2020, the Aurora derives its style from a racing car seat. From the sturdy metal frame, the high density foam padding and the PU leather cover, it is self-evident that the Aurora is just as reliable and comfortable to use as many of its other contemporary budget models.

It comes with all the usual features that most users have come to love: A retractable footrest, smooth-rolling casters that allow for full swivelling motion, adjustable rocking motion and much more.

Much similar to the Giantex, the Aurora also allows for a convenient lumbar cushion and a complete 180 degree reclining angle adjustment, which is just perfect for you to lay down and rest after a particularly tedious workday.

Add to that the conventionally used gas spring cylinder used for steady seat height adjustment and equally customizable armrests. At this point you might have already noticed that there’s hardly anything amiss with the Aurora even when you compare it to some of the best budget gaming chairs in the market right now.

Some of the vague installation instructions could do with some improvement since a few of the bolts weren’t properly labelled. However, it is relatively easy to set up for the most part.

The same can’t be said about the retractable footrest. You can’t expect much support for your legs if you happen to be an above average-sized person so that’s definitely another one of the aspects that needs to improve.

Nevertheless, you can expect the Aurora to deliver on its promises of comfort. The dense foam padding on the seat cushion, the headrests and the extra lumbar support pillow offer all combined make it the perfect gaming chair to relax on.

It is also worth noting that the adjustable armrests come in handy for gamers of varying heights. Resting your arms on the side while you hold the joystick in between or watch TV won’t be an issue here.


19. GTranger


The GTranger looks quite similar to the GTracer in style. It features the same overall design. However, it does come with a secondary handle under the seat and a button on the armrests that looks genuinely different. The handle can be used to tilt the gas spring mechanism that alters the back support all the way back to an impressive 155 degrees and locks it in place. The armrests are also adjustable and can be lifted up or down by simply pulling the button.

The assortment of materials used such as the carbon fiber leather and breathable fabric make for a superior gaming chair cover. The base, in particular, is remarkable due to its strong and durable metal frame that makes it capable of supporting up to 260 lbs with ease.

The GTranger also comes with wheels at the base that make for free range of omnidirectional movement which you can take advantage of to do a full 360 degree spin. This also allows you to flexibly move around your office space or your gaming area while saving you the hassle of having to walk across the room for every minor thing.

Needless to say, it comes with an included lumbar pillow and headrest, like plenty of other budget gaming chair models.

The quality of the materials used in the GTranger are especially great and deserve a special mention. The holes were aligned really well to allow you to properly fit the components which makes the matter of assembling the GTranger a piece of cake. You could put it together and have your chair ready for use in half an hour at best.

The cushion and padding feels just as comfortable as some of the more expensive models. The only downside would be the slight noise it makes when you lean too heavily on the back when you’re reclining. Apart from that,there’s hardly much to complain.

The GTranger is no doubt one of the best budget gaming chairs that ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, quality and affordability. If you’re looking for a gaming chair that features a sturdy metal base,hits just the right level of comfort with its lumbar cushion and headrest and looks incredibly stylish regardless of where your gaming setup is, the GTranger is a great option to go with.


20. X Rocker

X Rocker

The X rocker is one of the priciest models in this list of budget gaming chairs. But it more than justifies the extra cost with a variety of amazing features.

First of all, the chair comes with an audio system. There are two stereo speakers packed inside the headrest. They use bluetooth to connect. The X rocker also comes with a battery life of hours for each full charging cycle.

The modern design incorporates a lot of stylish elements. The extremely comfortable loop of armrests and the overall build gives it the appearance of a racing car seat that seems to have been ripped out of the car and modified with practical features you’d expect in an office chair. In other words, the X Rocker is one of the few gaming chairs that is able to bring you the best of both worlds while still maintaining a budget price.

You can connect to the bluetooth speakers and play music wirelessly via any bluetooth compatible device , whether its your computer, your smartphone or even you iPad.

You can transform your gaming environment by introducing an immersive soundscape into it, the source of the music being where you are seated rather than the gaming console you’re using. The X Rocker is a chair that basically alternates as a gaming speaker.

Along with all of the above mentioned, The seat height is also easily adjustable and can be tilted to get your seating preferences just right. The sturdy roller-base allows for a free 360 degree motion, just like its many competitors.

The sound quality is pretty good and you don’t have to worry about the headrest muffling the noise from the speakers. It is also quite comfortable to use although assembling all the key pieces and tightening the screws requires you to be careful since some of the holes were found to be slightly misaligned. In short, putting it together can be somewhat of a hassle so you might want to be prepared for that.

Finding a decently built gaming chair that comes with a built-in audio system at a budget price is incredibly hard. It is quite an achievement that you should take note of, if nothing else.

If you’re looking for a budget gaming chair that you can quietly sink into and relax after a tiring day at work while listening to some music that, incidentally, you can play on your chair itself, the X Rocker has got just the thing you need.

We’ve discussed the most ergonomic, visually appealing and carefully designed gaming chairs of 2020. We’d like to expose a common misconception that gaming chairs are only suited for professional gamers.

The chairs we’ve discussed so far are some of the most comfortable budget chairs in 2020, gaming or not. They work perfectly in an office setting and a home environment alike.

If you haven’t considered treating yourself this winter with a gaming chair that lets you cozy up relax while you chill out in the living room watching your favourite show on Netflix or batting foes in Marvel’s Heroes, it’s high time you did, because nobody likes to be missing out on the fun, especially you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Gaming Chairs Worth Buying?

The advantages of investing in a good gaming chair are plenty. First of all, most of them are modeled after race car seat designs and designed to perfectly accommodate the natural body shape. Besides that, they definitely have a much richer, thicker padding and use high density foam to ensure that the gamer’s comfort is a top priority.

Second of all, a major factor that most gamers look for is a great aesthetic appeal. Just about any gaming chair you find in the market right now -even the most low-priced ones-have some sort of visually arresting quality to them. Sometimes this could be a really bold color scheme or an edgy pattern or the use of silky smooth, sleek looking leather. Sometimes it is a combination of all the above.

In short, when it comes to gaming chairs, appearance does matter. Gaming chair manufacturers all over the world do their best to make sure that their model stands out. So aside from the obvious perks of having a comfortable chair while you feel like a vindictive badass fighting crime in Gotham as Batman in Arkham Asylum,the gaming chairs actually look cool too.

The bottom line is: yes, they are absolutely worth buying. (Just as long as you pick out the best model to suit your needs

2. Which Is Better: A Gaming Chair Or An Office Chair?

The key difference between a gaming chair and an office chair is this: Almost every gaming chair in the market is designed to alternate as an office chair. As we mentioned earlier, the focus isn’t simply on looking perfect, the chairs are built to play the part as well. There is a much bigger emphasis on ergonomic design in gaming chairs that you’ll find lacking in office chairs. A lot of these chairs would also look perfectly at home in an office setting.

The key differentiating feature is the back support. Gaming chairs have a much higher-backrest design for supporting the key areas of the lower back, shoulders and neck. Add to that the adjustable armrests, the thick padding and the commonly included headrest and lumbar pillow, and you’ll see just how big of a difference it makes. Again, this is all just to make sure that you have a healthy seating posture

3. Why Does That Matter So Much?

Regardless of whether you’re a gamer or an office worker, if your work involves sitting for long hours, you’re bound to need some sort of stress-relieving support system to help you relax and stay healthy. Gaming chairs offer a great solution to that problem.

So to answer your question: If this were a contest, gaming chairs would win by a great margin.

4. Are Gaming Chairs Ergonomic?

Owing to their general use of user-oriented design, PU leather, high density foam padding, breathable mesh fabric that make up the layers, we would have to say that yes, gaming chairs are certainly much more ergonomic than office chairs.

5. In Terms Of Appearance Alone, Which Are The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs?

In terms of their aesthetic appeal and modern design alone, we’d have to pick the GTracing, the OFM essentials, and the BestOffice (white and black version) as some of the best budget gaming chairs that look really cool and stylish.

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