Best 7.1 Gaming Headsets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Runmus 2. Bengoo G9000 3. SteelSeries 
Runmus Gaming Headset Best 7.1 Gaming Headset Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset  SteelSeries Arctis Pro   GameDAC Wired Gaming Headset 

Whether it is to sense the enemy or enjoy the rich sounds in a post-apocalyptic world, headsets play a crucial role in gaming. Gaming headsets require an in-depth sound system that can tell you when an enemy nearby stepped on a twig. Good gaming headsets are vital for games like Hunter: Call of the Wild to move in stealth and attack the enemy.

If you want to be able to truly enjoy the games you play, it is a must to have a good piece of this hardware. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best 7.1 gaming headsets in the market.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing Best 7.1 Gaming Headset

1. Sound Quality

A lot of factors determine the sound quality of a gaming headset. Like the bass level, depth-tuning, etc. Gaming usually requires most of these parameters to be at their best, if not all. Unlike regular headsets, gaming headsets utilize special software to enhance the sound levels. Make sure that your computer supports this software before purchasing a headset.

The most crucial feature when measuring sound quality is noise cancellation. Most of the gaming headsets in the market come with noise cancellation. If any gaming headset lacks this feature, well, then you’ll have to prepare yourself to be interrupted a lot of times mid-game.

2. Build

The build of a gaming headset also plays a crucial role in determining its performance. If the design or build is not right, there is a chance that the gaming headsets won’t fit you properly and will keep slipping. Now, we all know how annoying that can be.

Its build also determines the durability of a gaming headset. Using suitable materials in the body increases the strength of a gaming headset. The design also comes into the picture when we’re talking about durability. If the default style of a gaming headset is terrible, there is a possibility that you may adjust it a lot, weakening the headset in the process.

3. Cooling

Gaming headsets require a cooling system to perform efficiently. Since they are often used continuously for long hours, they heat up quicker than a regular headset. If the device stays hot for too long, its longevity will decrease drastically.

The cooling system is also necessary to ensure the comfort of the user. If there is no cooling system in a headset, the device will heat up, causing discomfort in the user’s ears. In worst cases, This may also lead to infections and ear damage.

4. Price Of The Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets are usually more expensive than regular earphones or headphones. The main reason for this is that they deliver more quality sound than a regular headset. Some headsets also come with pre-set gaming modes, which further increases their cost.

Even though they are more expensive, gaming headsets are worth every penny. Your whole gaming experience can be affected positively by a good gaming headset. So if you’re on a budget, make sure that you are getting the most number of features for the price you are paying.

Top 9 Best 7.1 Gaming Headsets 2021

1. Runmus Gaming Headset 

Runmus Gaming Headset Best 7.1 Gaming Headsets

This sleek gaming headset is perfect for both an Xbox and a PC. The LED lighting system in the headset gives it that fresh look that every gaming headset needs. You can turn on the lighting system by connecting the headset to a USB drive on your PC. The product does not come with an adapter for Xbox, but you can buy it for a low price.

The ear cushions of RUNMUS Gaming Headset are as smooth as silk itself. The ergonomic design of the headset prevents any slipping and keeps the headset tight in a single position. The lighting system is brilliantly placed to enhance the look of the headset. You can find the LEDs on the other sides of the ear cushions and at the edge of the mic.

The one feature that makes this gaming headset unique is the 50mm drivers. You can listen to every subtle sound your enemy is making and plan your moves with this headset. If you like games with vibrant visuals, then you are in for a treat. Massive games also feature life-like sounds, which will be enhanced by this headset.

The surround system in this headset is beyond astounding. You’ll feel like you’re actually in the game with the rich sounds from the headset. The breathable ear pads in the headset provide the maximum comfort to the user. The noise cancellation capability of the ear pads is truly fantastic. You can play games continually without being interrupted, thanks to the immersive surround system.

The microphone in the headset is made of high-grade plastic. You can flip the receiver when you’re not using it for comfort. You can control the mic with a switch on the headset. It is equipped with noise cancellation features to ensure that any background sound is filtered out from the messages.

You can choose to turn off the mic by simply flipping the switch. One of the significant advantages of this headset is that you can use it across many devices. You can plug-in the 3.5mm jack into an Xbox, PC laptop, PS4, Nintendo Switch, mobiles, etc. This multi-device compatibility only increases the value of this headset.

The quality of the build is also extraordinary. The highly durable body ensures that the headphones won’t be damaged that easily. RUNMUS used the best quality plastic in the frame and the earpieces to increase the strength and noise absorption.


2. Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset 

Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset 

BENGOO G9000 gaming headset is one of the best gaming headsets in the market. The main attraction in this headset is its impeccable style. With automatic Blue LEDs, you can play like a real gamer and look the part too.

The earpads of this headset are really soft and cushiony. The breathable cushions in the earpads keep the insides cool and fresh. They not only absorb heat but are good at radiating them to the surroundings.

Bengoo 9000 gaming headset has an ergonomic design that keeps the headset in a fixed place. The top part of the headset has a cushion. This cushion is quite soft and feels really comfortable on the head.

You can adjust this headset to any size you want. The inner frame of the adjustable portion is flexible and won’t break easily. It is coated with metallic paint but is actually high-grade plastic. Using plastic here made this headset more flexible and fitting to every user.

The cable of the headset is made of fiber instead of a rubber. Fiber doesn’t tend to tangle, unlike rubber, thereby avoiding hours of mindless untangling. The thread also won’t tear easily like a rubber. The stress to strain ratio of the cable is pretty high. This means that it’ll last longer than any rubber cables. A possible disadvantage with fiber cable is that it is difficult to bend the cable.

The sound quality of this headset is beyond fantastic. There is no unique feature for deep bass, but you can still feel the beats in your ears. The noise cancellation technology used is not that effective but still filters out most of the background noise.

The microphone in the headset can be controlled using a slider. You just have to slide the switch to mute to stop recording through the mic. The microphone quality is reasonably high. The mic looks exceptionally stylish with multiple markings and a text that says “gaming headset.” You can rotate the mic up to 12p degrees giving you the option to fold it up when not in use.

Unlike the previous product, this one only has a 40mm driver. The surround system of a 40mm driver is not as strong as that of a 50mm driver. However, it is still good enough to play most of the games.

The major disadvantage of this headset is that it is quite heavy compared to regular headsets. Even though the cushion at the top of the headset absorbs most of the weight, there is a good chance that you’ll start feeling the heaviness after a while. This makes it challenging to use the headset for competitive gaming.

BENGOO 9000 comes in two colors: Blue and purple. The blue color looks cooler while the purple looks elegant. The purple-colored model costs a bit more than the blue color model.


3. SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC Wired Gaming Headset 

SteelSeries Arctis Pro   GameDAC Wired Gaming Headset 

Wireless headphones may cost more than wired ones, but they are worth every penny. You may face many problems with wired headphones like dust getting in the ports or cable tearing. Wireless headphones are your only answer to avoid those issues. Arctis Pro is one of the best wireless gaming headsets in the market.

Arctis Pro plus is the world’s first certified high-resolution gaming audio system. There are many Internet communities dedicated to this product, so even if something goes wrong, you’ll know how to fix it.

The thing that makes this gaming headset legendary is the ESS Sabre 9018 chip. It not only increases the dynamic range of the sound but also increases the bass. The audio quality of this headset merely is mind-blowing with a dynamic range of 121 dB and -115 dB THD N. With the likes of this dynamic range, no sound can escape your sense. The chip that powers this headset also enhances the pre-set audio modes, only increasing its value.

Using this gaming headset is a delight in itself. The control box is equipped with Oled and is pretty fantastic. It comes with a ten band equalizer. Moreover, the best part about the control box is that you don’t have to install new software to customize the headset settings. Thus takes a ton of work off you as most of the wireless headsets will require you to download additional software.

The most exciting thing about this headset is its build. The headband is made of lightweight steel and feels very feathery on your head. The aluminum hangers give this headset a more sophisticated look. The hangers are connected to the speakers at the removable speaker plates. These plates are given a soft-touch coating to enhance the style further.

‘Soft’ is not the right word to describe the earpads of this headset. The earpads feel like they are made from alpaca silk. A state of the art noise cancellation technology ensures you the best gaming experience possible.

The microphone of this headset is a work of art itself. The output noise cancellation technique in the microphone filters out breathing sounds and other low pitch background noise to send a clear cut copy of your voice alone to the other end.

If you’re looking to spend a little over 250 dollars, this is the best gaming headset for you.


4. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 

HyperX is a very popular and trusted gaming brand. Cloud Stinger Core is one of the best gaming headsets from HyperX. This lightweight headset is a big hit in the gaming industry for its features and price.

HyperX comes with a next-gen 7.1 surround system. The audio quality is much improved in this edition compared to the previous version. You can activate the surround system through NGENUITY. The headset is compatible with most of the gaming systems and consoles in the market.

The new 7.1 surround system outputs a two-channel signal. These stereo signals enhance the audio quality and truly brings it to life. The build of the headset is also worth mentioning.

One of the most crucial factors that made this headset stand out is its weight. This headset weighs just 240g, which is surprisingly low for a gaming headset. Even though it’s light, there is no compromise in the build of the headset. It is as durable as any other gaming headset in the market.

If you play games continuously for hours, then this headset is the right choice for you as you won’t feel much stress on your head. The earpads are silky and feel very comfortable even after hours of use. The noise cancellation technology used in the headset is sufficient for gaming. Even though you may hear some noise when there’s no music, it is very subtle and barely noticeable.

The most impressive feature of the microphone in this headset is the use of swivel technology. In most other microphones in the market, the mute button has to be pressed exclusively to mute the mic. However, in this microphone, you only have to fold the mic upwards to mute. This feature will further enhance your online conversations.

The headset comes with a 40mm driver and an enhanced bass. The enhanced bass increases the depth of the sound and truly livens your gaming experience. The 40mm drivers make for an immersive gaming system.

The adjustable headphone band is made of steel, unlike most of the other headphones. Steel is more durable than plastic and won’t break that easily. A flexible variety of steel is used so that the band can take a lot of strain without breaking.

If you’re willing to spend around 50 dollars, this is one of the best 7.1 gaming headsets.


5. Runmus Gaming Headset PS4 Headset 

Runmus Gaming Headset PS4 Headset 

This is yet another gaming headset from RUNMUS with striking looks and a stunning build. This headset is easily one of the most stylish gaming headsets in the market.

The main attraction of this headset is the RGB lighting and the design of the headset. The product has very high durability, thanks to the high-grade plastic. The headset style makes it look like a pro gaming headset even though it doesn’t cost that much.

Many gaming headsets have RGB lighting, but there is something special with the RGB lighting of this particular headset. This is one of the very few headsets where you can control the RGB lighting from your computer. Most of the other headsets in this price range don’t have a lighting control option and are usually stuck with a single glow color.

The headphones come with 50mm drivers that boost the audio quality through the roof. 7.1 surround system is a real work of art and enhances the bass to make it feel like the game is going on in real life.

The features of the microphone are also quite impressive. You can title the microphone up to 160 degrees, which is 40 degrees more than a regular gaming mic. You’ll have more flexibility to talk with this mic as it has a 360-degree receiver.

The ear cushions of the headset are pretty soft. They are also breathable, which means you won’t feel constricted or sweaty with this headset on. The headband is made of quality materials and is pretty durable and flexible. You can put this headset in your backpack without worrying about breaking it.

The noise cancellation of the headset is not the best, but you won’t be able to hear a thing when the music is on with this headset.

The advantage of having a 3.5 mm pin is that you can connect this headset to most of the electronic devices in the market. You can connect it to your iPod, Gba, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo consoles, PCs, Laptops, etc.

If you are looking to buy a headset for a low price, this is one of the best 7.1 gaming headsets in the market.


6. Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset

Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset

Jesco USB headset has a minimalistic design with fantastic audio quality. Jesco is one of the growing brands in the gaming industry and is trusted by many gamers.

This headset comes with a 7.1 surround system with enhanced bass. The enhanced bass will give the audio a life-like feel and enhances your gaming experience.

The build of the headset is very durable. The headset may seem a bit heavy at first, but it weighs around one pound, which is quite reasonable for a gaming headset. The earpads are the most prominent part of this headset.

The earpads provide the utmost comfort to the user. The cushions are very soft and fluffy. This headset has a built-in sound card that brings out the real surround system performance in the headset. Using this headset is quite simple as well. The control box has all the buttons indexed on it for easy identification.

The microphone in this headset is also equipped with Noise cancellation technology. It filters out the background, low-pitch noise from the input, and sends only the best quality audio to the other end. This ensures that there won’t be any miscommunication between you and your teammates.

The RGB lights of the headset are not too obtrusive. They are placed on the side of the ear pads and look pretty good in the dark. However, they may go unnoticed if you’re playing in bright light.

The headset comes with a thick foam pad to take off the weight from your head. However, you will start to feel the weight of the headset on your head. This may cause some trouble if you’re gaming continuously for hours.

The main disadvantage of this headset is the heat build-up inside the ear pads. Since the ear pads are fluffy and not very breathable, you may start to feel hot inside the ear pads after some time.

If you’re looking to buy a gaming headset with a budget of around 40 dollars, this is one of the best 7.1 gaming headsets for you.


7. Vankyo Gaming Headset CM7000 

VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000 

This headset from Vankyo is one Pro looking gaming headset. The red design wight the unique black blend, and the headset band give this headset a very modern and sleek look. Even the RGB lighting system in this headset is different. The lights are embedded in a mesh-like structure, which goes with many customized setups, making this headset the right choice for any gaming system.

The build further enhances the 7.1 surround sound system in this headset. You can clearly hear the footsteps of the enemies from a mile away with this headset.

The ergonomic design of the headset keeps you comfortable even after playing continuously for hours. The headband is stretchable and is quite flexible. You can easily place this headset inside your bag without worrying about breaking it.

The cushions used in the earpad are memory cushions. Memory cushions adjust themselves to your ear after every usage. The headphones will fit you perfectly after a couple of uses.

This fantastic headset comes with 50mm sound drivers. These sound drivers further enhance audio quality and make everything crystal clear. The headset comes with a deep bass technology that further lives your gaming sessions. You are in for a treat if you play games such as Apex Legends or Overwatch.

The noise isolation capacity of the headset is entirely satisfactory. You can keep gaming for hours without any interruptions.

The noise isolation technology also supports the microphone. It thoroughly filters out low pitch noises like breathing noise, chirping, mumbling, etc. This ensures better communication between you and your teammates.


8. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer Kraken is a tournament edition gaming headset. The main reason that this headset became popular is because of its best audio quality.

The 7.1 surround system in this headset is much more developed and enhances the audio to the next level. You can even hear the subtler sounds like an enemy stepping on a twig, animals splashing in the water from far away with this headset.

Razer Kraken is the first gaming headset to introduce THX audio to the headset industry. With this particular feature, this gaming headset achieves what most of the others were only able to try to reach.

The use of THX audio creates a realistic depth to the incoming audio. The depth factor in the audio helps you distinguish between sounds. So with an advanced headset like this, it is sure that you’ll have an advantage in those online battles.

Using this gaming headset is a piece of cake. All the controls are provided in the control box with clear indexes. You can quickly figure out the controls by just going through the manual once.

One of the most attractive features in this gaming headset is the custom tuning feature. The 50mm audio drives enhance audio quality. When combined with custom tuning, this state of the art audio makes for a perfect gaming audio system.

The earpads of this headset are the best in the class. They come with embedded cooling gel, which dissipates the heat quickly to the surroundings. This keeps the interiors fresh and helps you keep playing continuously for hours.

The microphone comes with a noise cancellation feature. This feature is enabled by default and isolates any low pitch sounds. This increases the output audio quality and ensures proper communication among teammates.

If you’re willing to go as high as a hundred dollars, this is the best surround sound gaming headset for you.


9. HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset 

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset 

HyperX Cloud Revolver is one of the best gaming headsets from HyperX. There are newer models released in this series, but this headset is the most cost-efficient one so far.

The headset comes with a classic 7.1 Dolby surround system. You can experience gaming like never before with this fantastic headset. The seven positional speakers in the headset output crystal clear sound. You can hear every kill, gunshot, and splash with this headset.

The depth of the audio is so good that you can quickly figure out how far the enemy is from you with just a little experience. A good gaming headset will always make competitive gaming easier for you in the beginning.

The ear pads come with memory foam inside. The memory foam gradually adjusts itself to your ears. This headset will fit you perfectly after a few uses. The adjustable headband is quite flexible and won’t break that easy. It is anti-corrosive and will last for years to come.

One of the most useful things about this headset is the audio chip in the headset. Not many wired headsets come with audio chips as they are directly connected to the required device. However, the audio chip in this device enhances the audio further and decreases your reaction time.

The noise cancellation microphone in this headset is certified by TeamSpeak and Discord, two of the most used apps by gamers. The microphone filters out low pitch noises allowing only clear words to pass through. This will make it much easier for you to communicate with your teammates.

The build of this headset is the latest of its kind and has a lot of useful features. The extra-wide headband ensures that the headset will fit anyone of any age group. The frame of the body is made of high-quality steel. Steel won’t break as easily as plastic and will also increase the strength of the headset.

If you’re looking to buy a powerful headset, this is the best surround sound gaming headset for you.


FAQs on 7.1 Gaming Headsets

Q1. Are 7.1 Headsets Good For Gaming?

Unlike the mechanical stereo headsets, virtual surround systems provide much more in-depth and more vibrant audio. This will help you listen to very mild sounds in a game like an enemy stepping on a twig. With a rich audio quality and a deep bass, 7.1 gaming headsets do excel over traditional headsets.

Q2. Do You Need A 7.1 Sound Card For A 7.1 Headset?

Not every 7. one headset requires a sound card. Some headsets are provided with sound cards that further enhance the audio, but these aren’t mandatory as well.

Q3. Does Netflix Have 7.1 Surround Sound?

Netflix only supports 5.1 surround sound as of now. However, using software such as Dolby Atmos, you can enhance the sound quality a little.

Best 7.1 Gaming Headsets – Conclusion

A 7.1 gaming headset will not only improve your gaming experience, but it also improves your gaming performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a full-on professional; having the proper equipment is always an advantage while gaming.

Remember the aspects mentioned above when purchasing a gaming headset to get the one that best suits you.

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