Best 4K TV For Gaming 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Samsung Q60R QLED 2. TCL 43S517 Roku 3. LG SM8600

Usually when you’re out shopping for a TV, people naturally assume that you’re interested in watching movies and TV shows with better clarity. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer, then you might be trying to get the best 4k tv for gaming that is better suited for an ultra-long session of Call of Duty than it is for, say, the latest Peaky Blinder’s episode.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best 4K gaming TVs available at the moment.

Before we get into a detailed review of each of these gaming hardware, let us give you a brief overview of a few factors you need to look for in general when out shopping for the best 4k tv for gaming.


Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying 4K TV For Gaming

1. Low Input Lag

When you’re buying a TV explicitly for gaming, the image quality becomes secondary. What you need to look for first and foremost is a TV that has a low input delay. What this means is that it should minimize the latency period between the output from your gaming console and the onscreen action.

Whether you’re playing a high-octane combat game or an FPS, any delay, even that of a millisecond, can have a significant impact on your gameplay. The more input lag your TV has, the less responsive it will be, and the more you’re likely to struggle with the pacing.

Some TV sets have built-in gaming modes that compromise the image quality slightly by turning off certain picture processing features in favor of a smoother gaming performance, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Depending on what game you’re playing, you may have to be extremely agile and quick with your reflexes sometimes.

The challenge with 4K gaming TVs is that the instant you enable the 4K resolution, some of them exhibit a noticeable lag during gameplay.

Lag can be measured in milliseconds. The best tv for gaming will have a minimum input lag below 30ms, at least. This would be considered ideal in most cases. You can always resort to third party websites like RTings for a better idea about which TV sets have the highest lag period. They (RTings) run lag tests and also do side by side comparisons as well.

2. OLED or LED?

Generally, an OLED screen TV is more affordable, and since it doesn’t require backlighting, you get to see true blacks, as opposed to the dark grays that LED TV screens exhibit.

It also usually looks better, and if you’re planning on setting it up in a low lit environment, it is more than ideal. The visual details are a lot more precise, too, thanks in part to the lack of any motion blur. The colors don’t shift around either.

While it does have all that working in its favor, some OLEDs tend to have burn-ins. This is when the screen retains a visual element that has been on display for too long, So if you plan on playing more strategy games where the images are idle for long hours and don’t change quite often, you might want to consider an LED screen instead. In short, even the best OLED tv for gaming you can find would be better suited for fast-paced action titles.

On the other hand, LED screen TVs generally have a lower lag and higher brightness settings compared to OLEDs. They also come in a variety of smaller, bedroom-oriented sizes too. However, a more affordable model might not feature enough HDMI ports as you’d like.
Image Quality

An OLED screen would offer a crisper, more vivid visual experience thanks to its independent pixel layout. While OLED screens aren’t the most affordable in the market, the prices have come down over the past few years. However, they aren’t best suited for your day time gaming needs. The maximum brightness setting isn’t as high as LEDs, and therefore, it is more appropriate for night time or dimly lit gaming environments as a rule.

3. HDMI Input Ports

The High Definition Multimedia Interface is the standard cable used in TVs for streaming 4K video content. An HDMI port that supports a cable of 2.0 bandwidth is considered excellent for 4K video streaming.

This is a factor worth keeping in mind if you plan on switching between multiple HDMI cables. Would you mind having to swap cables every time you want to switch to another gaming console? Constantly switching cables can accidentally damage the ports too. This is something you need to consider if you aren’t the sole user of your TV set.


Some HDMI ports support ARC cables. These are Audio Return Channels that provide a two-way connection. It combines the input and audio output functions into one HDMI cable itself.

4. HDR

This is short for High Dynamic Range. It refers to the technology used for processing colors on a TV screen. It helps make specific intricate details of the images even more evident and noticeable. It offers a better contrast by making the colors appear more vividly across the display.

The HDR10 supports 10-bit color that lets you view deeper shades of colors and allows for a more dynamic video game experience.

5. Local Dimming

If you’re watching a movie with plenty of low lit scenes, like most of David Fincher’s filmography (we’re looking at you, Fight Club), you’ll notice that some TV screens offer a better contrast between the bright and dark areas. This is because of the local dimming feature that dims the backlight in spots of the screen that are emitting black colors.

This way, the blacks seem a lot deeper and let the lit areas of the scene stand out.

6. Response Time

This is determined based on how fast color changes on your display screen. The faster the transition, the better the response time of the TV is said to be.

7. Refresh Rate

This is the rate at which frames are refreshed. 60Hz is considered an excellent refresh rate for gaming purposes. It offers you a smooth and fluid gaming experience. Some 4K TVs have refresh rates that go as high as 120 Hz.

8. Motion Handling

This determines how capable a TV is of reducing the rate of blur trails during rapid image transitions.

Top 10 Best 4k Gaming TVs 2021

1. Samsung Q60R QLED (75 Inches)

Samsung Best 4K TV For GamingThe Q60R is a tremendous 4K QLED TV that comes with an excellent SDR performance and is hands down the best tv for gaming.

The Q60R has an understated, slim design thanks to its edge-lit panel. This helps it blend in nicely with the rest of your wall decorum. However, rather than setting it on your TV stand, it is better suited to be mounted on your wall due to the bezel and legs plastic build. It doesn’t use a full array panel for lighting. What this means is that while it may be great for producing true blacks in a dimly lit environment, the Q60R falls short when it comes to increasing its brightness to a setting that’s optimum for day time use.

Four HDMI ports are located at the back of the TV, along with two USB ports, an audio port, RF connector, and an Ethernet port as well.

The viewing angle is somewhat limited. The colors on the screen tend to shift if viewed from a perspective 20-degrees off on either side. So for the best video game experience, you would need to be seated directly in front of the TV.

Speaking of things that the Q60R lacks, the OneConnect Box would have been a nice inclusion. This feature is quite common in some of the best TVsfor gaming. Plugging all the cables directly to the back can create a chaotic tangle of wires, which can be messy to handle. This could be especially hard if the set were to be mounted on the wall. Thicker cables would be hard to fit into the cramped space at the back.

The leg stand is yet another feature that distinguishes the Q60R from its peers. Instead of a centre stand, the designers have opted to go with two inverted V-shaped legs on either end of the base. While this offers the TV a better support mechanism, the plastic build of the legs makes it less sturdy than you’d expect.

The Q60R does shine when it comes to performance, though. The Tizen OS platform that the TV uses is highly responsive. The QLED handles color saturation and motion graphics pretty well. The 16.3 ms low input lag is also a major boon for gamers.

If you’re into fast-paced and action-packed titles like Battlefield or Doom, this is a great choice to go with.

The Q60R is also highly compatible with pretty much any gaming console, including Xbox and PS4. Not only does it support almost all the features in the display mode of the Xbox one, but it also allows for HDR10 while streaming content. If you’re looking for the best tv for gaming ps4, this just might be it.

The audio might not be as consistent as you’d like even though the set can handle high volumes, the sound quality isn’t as well defined or pronounced as a surround sound would be. Getting a pair of speakers would be a good idea if you want to improve the audio experience.

While its performance for movies and TV shows may not be as impressive for its price, it still is the quintessential gaming TV.


2. TCL 43S517 Roku Smart

TCL 43S517 Roku SmartThe Roku Smart is an excellent 4K TV set that packs a wide assortment of unique features at a very affordable price. The slim profile and the 43-inch screen make it the best small tv for gaming you can find at such a low price.

The incredibly narrow bezels surrounding the screen make the display more prominent in a way that the images appear to pop out. Just like the Samsung QR, it features plastic boomerang-shaped feet that are much sturdier. However, the panel at the back is metal, which is a surprising yet welcome addition.

At 18.5 pounds, it is lightweight, and the small size makes it an excellent fit for small apartment walls. It also makes it reasonably easy to assemble by yourself.

At the rear panel, you will find three HDMI ports, a USB port, an RF port, an audio output jack, and an Ethernet port. The number of ports is somewhat limited, but it is hard to complain given the rest of the features you will be getting at such a short price range.

The TLC delivers a profoundly satisfying viewing experience with its UltraHD and HDR compatibility that goes up to 60 Hz.

Despite being an inexpensive TV, the color details and contrast is handled very well. You get the best of the gaming graphics from Overwatch and Battlefield, whether it is the caterpillar tracks on a rolling tank or the glistening shells popping out of your sniper rifle. Color transitions are much more distinct, allowing you to take in the visuals of your gaming world in all its splendour.

However, the limited viewing angle doesn’t give you a whole lot of room to move if you want to take full advantage of the fantastic color accuracy (Delta E rating: 1.7).

It does have its disadvantages when it comes to darker shades of gray. The edge-lit panel is prone to unnecessarily bright outlines surrounding the silhouettes, which known as haloing. It is a common flaw found in several gaming TVs.

The TLC 43S517 does offer a great 4K gaming experience with a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, the color shading isn’t intense. The set also doesn’t support HDR10 or 10-bit color, which is a bit of a letdown.

The audio quality is quite good too. Gunfire rattles ring heavy in your living room, and battlecries can be distinctly distinguished. While the clarity of the sound wasn’t an issue, the bass doesn’t hit as hard as you’d like it to. Some of the gunshots and explosions can feel muddy or muffled at times, especially if you turn up the volume.

If you’re looking for the best 4k tv for gaming that is both inexpensive and rich with premium features, the Roku smart is worth considering. It also supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound that makes it quite a catch.


3. LG SM8600

LG SM8600The SM8600 is one of the best 4k tvs for gaming that comes with a bonus feature: Its compatibility with the digital assistant Alexa. It is a slim, dark grey colored model with a slight curve at the back supported by a similarly curved stand that juts out in an arc towards the front.

The Nanocell display technology allows for the reproduction of true blacks and colors with more depth that don’t shift around when you alter your viewing angle.

The TV works well in average lighting due to its low contrast ratio, which emits more grayish blacks in dark room environments. While it does have a local dimming feature, it isn’t very efficient.

What makes it great for gamers is its effective motion handling features combined with the low input lag of 14.0 ms. To make the most of its responsive, lag-free design, you will have to enable Game mode. While it doesn’t support Freesync, it has a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

The defining feature is LG’s Instant Game Response that enables Game mode automatically as soon as the TV detects you’re playing a video game.

The sound quality is a bit mediocre. The bass doesn’t pack a punch, and it doesn’t get loud enough for noisy environments.

The SM8600 is worth considering if you’re looking for the best 4k gaming TV with an above-average refresh rate.


4. Sony XBR X900F (65 inches)

Sony XBR X900F (65 inches)The Sony X900F is one of the best gaming TVsthat offers impressive overall performance at an affordable price.

The design is remarkable with a metal frame for the bezel and two L-shaped legs at the base for support. It also supports HDR and has a 120 Hz refresh rate for sharp and clean image transitions. To top it off, it comes with a very bright backlight.

The X900F has two panels for the HDMI ports, both of which are set inches apart from each other. The first one consists of an HDMI port, two USB ports, and plenty of audio output jacks as well as a video input port.

The second one has three HDMI ports, including one that supports ARC, a USB port, an audio jack, and an RF connector that supports both antenna and cable.

The sharp contrast in dimly lit scenes and dramatic lighting looks very well defined in the X900F. The full array light panel plays an integral part in making the colors stand out as vibrant and eye-catching as they are.

The color accuracy is at a Delta rating of 1.26, which is great for authentically reproducing natural colors to the T.

The 120Hz refresh rate allows for an incredibly smooth gaming experience. Whether you’re caught in a high-speed chase in Most Wanted or gunning down enemies on the go in Call of Duty, the set doesn’t exhibit the slightest hint of a stutter.

It deserves to be included in a list of the best HDR TV for gaming. You get a much more uniform distribution of deep black colors and a great HDR viewing experience for everyday gaming, although the colors may seem to slightly fade unless you’re seated directly in front of the set. This makes for a poor viewing experience if you prefer a set that allows you to be flexible with your viewing angles.

The input lag 24ms, which is a significant advantage for fast-paced gaming. Whether you’re in for a one-on-one with your buddies for a soccer match in FIFA or evading capture at the end of a high-speed pursuit in an NFS title, you can count on the X900F to not betray your split-second impulses with any delay in receiving instant input. This makes it a strong contender for the best TVfor 4K gaming.

It only falls short when it comes to audio quality. The sound gets muffled at times, despite the loud volumes. It sounds plain and lacks the rich, explosive quality for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Apart from the limited viewing angle and the lackluster sound quality, the X900F is a stellar 4K gaming TV that stands its ground on almost every one of its claims.


5. Sceptre U550CV

Sceptre U550CVThe U550CV Iis quite a massive set at 40 pounds. The wide-angle legs are sturdy, and it comes with four HDMI ports.

The quadrupling pixel rate does seem to make a difference when you take a look at the Ultra High Definition display. The colors are much brighter, and the picture quality is stunning. The images look a lot more natural too.

It has HDMI ports at the 2.0 bandwidth for an amazing 4K content streaming experience. The refresh rate is at 60 Hz, contrary to what is advertised, and offers smoother image transitions.

It is by no means a smart TV and therefore comes at a budget price with just the right features to make it appeal to most casual gamers.

The 55 inches display screen makes it look a lot larger owing to the increased diagonal surface area.

The functionality is a bit limited. The sound quality isn’t great but can be described as decent overall. It might not be the best budget 4K TV for gaming you can get at the moment, but if you’re focused on getting a TV set with a more streamlined appearance at an affordable price, this might work for you.


6. Samsung RU8000

Samsung RU8000The RU8000 certainly deserves a spot in a list of the best 4K TVfor gaming. The picture quality is admirable, and the set emits deep uniform blacks in low light environments. The addition of a local dimming feature would have helped improve its dark room performance.

Its plastic stand is of decent build quality and offers strong and reliable support for your TV set. Compared to a lot of other models, the set is rather slim.

It comes with high response time and superb motion handling that doesn’t leave a hint of blurry trail. However, what makes it particularly appealing to gamers, is its low input lag and compatibility with FreeSync technology for much better and enhanced refresh rate beyond its standard 120Hz.

Nevertheless, the model suffers from limited viewing angles, and the color shifts if you get too far off. If you’re into multiplayer titles, then you should consider positioning yourself directly in front of the TV for the best viewing experience.

The sound quality is overall decent, and while it can handle high volumes, it might suffer from a lack of clarity in noisy environments.

At a mid-range price, the RU8000 offers the best of both worlds with its superior contrast ratio and support for FreeSync refresh rate technology, making it one of the best 4k gaming TVs in the market.


7. Sony X950 G (75)

Sony X950 G (75)Whether the X950G is the best 4k tv for gaming is debatable, but it certainly seems to be one of the largest. It appears so because the almost non-existent bezels have metal frames that give the slim profile of the set a much wider look and an overall sturdy feel. This makes it the best size tv for gaming.

The attached legs offer a solid base for the 75 inches display screen, and they jut out at an angle, so if you’re planning on placing it on your entertainment unit or your table, make sure the legs will have a wide berth.

The TV comes with four HDMI ports, all of which are compatible with the HDMI 2.0 bandwidth. One of the ports features support for ARC. The panel also includes three USB slots and an RF connector.

The X950G is compatible with 4K gaming, and should you connect your Xbox One to the set. You’ll find that it supports refresh rates from 24 Hz up to 60Hz, offering smooth and fluid motion handling while emitting crisp and clean images.

Like some of the best 4k TVs for gaming, it also supports HDR10 and is compatible with most of the features that your gaming console’s display mode offers. Some might even go as far as to say it is the best hdr gaming tv in the market right now.

The lag time is also reasonably low at 22.4 ms, and the color accuracy is also pretty good. This makes it an ideal choice for gaming titles that rely on quick reflexes.

The set uses Sony’s Multi Audio technology which reproduces sound with acoustic layers much similar to the A95 OLED. The X950G features a pair of directional speakers behind the upper section of the display to replicate the effect of a vibrating surface.

The bass levels are somewhat okay. They don’t pack a powerful punch, but they do work just fine. The volume is a bit weak for your living room environment so you will have to turn it up a notch to get a significantly better sounding audio.

If you’re looking for a considerably large TV screen that offers a fantastic gaming experience, you need not further than the Sony X950 G. It just might be the best 4K HDR TV for gaming in the market right now.


8. Vizio M-Series Quantum

Vizio M-Series QuantumThe Vizio M-series belongs in a list of the best budget 4k TV for gaming for it features a slim design and is bordered by black bezels on all sides, with a much thicker bezel running along its base.

Despite its overall plastic chassis, the set is quite sturdy. It comes with an adjustable stand with two metal legs that are easy to fit into place.

The four HDMI ports are located at the back of the TV. Two of them are facing downward while the other two are facing right. This makes it a hassle to change your console setup from time to time frequently. Like any standard TV, one of the HDMI ports offers ARC support.

It also features a single USB port and an Ethernet port.

Performance-wise, the M-series is excellent. The quantum dot display allows for a richer and more enhanced brightness setting. At a very affordable price, the Quantum delivers a full array panel that offers you local dimming. This lets you experience a depth in the color that feels true to life and very natural.

While the color reproduction is at 99.9 percent (a perfect rating), the same cannot be said about the color accuracy, which has a Delta E rating of 3.6. However, color errors are fairly hard to detect upon casual viewing.

The set supports 4K gaming up to a refresh rate of 60Hz .It also offers HDR10 support with the 10-bit color that is great for gaming visuals.

However, it falls short with regard to the input latency (29.9 ms). It might do well for casual gaming, but if you’re a hardcore gaming enthusiast, keeping up with the pace of high octane games can be a bit difficult.

The Quantum features a pair of 20-watt speakers that make the sound quality quite impressive. If you’re listening to the game’s OST at an optimum volume, you can distinctly hear all the instruments quite clearly. However, the more you turn it up, the more distorted and muffled the bass is likely to become.

With a fantastic display, support for 4K display and excellent HDR performance, the Vizio quantum is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for the best 4K TV for gaming.


9. LG 49SK8000

LG 49SK8000The LG SK800 is yet another affordable TV set that comes with a wide assortment of features that make it one of the best 4k gaming TVs out there. The low input lag and the excellent motion handling stand out for gamers.

Some of the cable ports are hard to reach when the set is mounted on the wall, though. However, the build quality is outstanding. The SK800 features a curved metal stand that offers robust and sturdy support to the TV.

The overall picture quality is decent. The local dimming isn’t quite up to the mark, and therefore, the display might exhibit true blacks as grayer shades in dimly lit rooms.

While the contrast ratio may be subpar, the TV is highly responsive, making it the best gaming 4k tv that comes at a budget price.

The SK800 supports HDR with 10-bit color, and the input lag is at around 14.4 ms usually, a major perk for gamers. The input lag gets even lower in the PC mode, and it is this high responsiveness that makes it the best 4K tv for pc gaming.

The SK800 features 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, an Ethernet connector, and a digital optical audio output as well.

While the interface is much simpler, faster, and easier to navigate than most sets, the sound quality is rather mediocre. You might want to consider getting a soundbar or a pair of additional speakers if you prefer much louder audio that has an extended bass for added thump.

The SK800 may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a regular TV that serves your day to day movie-watching routine. However, it is a solid set to go for if you’re looking for a dedicated gaming TV, especially for PC gaming. If that is your primary concern, then rest assured that the SK800 is the best tv for PC gaming.


10. TCL 40S325 Roku

TCL 40S325 RokuAs an entry-level 4K TV, the TCL 325 might not be doing itself any favors. The image quality isn’t quite up to scratch. However, it does deliver a better contrast ratio than most gaming TVs.

The model features two thick plastic leg stands that offer firm support to the set. The back of the TV is made up of two segments; the upper portion is made of metal but is a bit thin.

It is a TV set that is better suited for low-lit environments as it isn’t very capable of fighting glare. It lacks a local dimming feature; therefore, the brightness levels aren’t well adjusted enough to work well on a sunny day in your living room with the blinds drawn apart.

On the downside, the 325 doesn’t support HDR, but it does have adequate motion handling capabilities. It also t has a very low input lag when you enable game mode that makes it the ideal set for gamers.

The response time is quick and it also comes with a panel that supports the 60Hz refresh rate. Most reviewers barely noticed any stutter during gameplay, and the set does deliver smooth image transitions.

The audio quality is a bit of a letdown. The louder it gets, the more evident the distortion is.

Overall, it is a decent set for regular viewing purposes that excels when it comes to gaming performance. Our major gripe is with the lack of HDR support that is a standard feature essential for any gaming TV. So if you’re looking for the best hdr gaming tv, you might want to look elsewhere.


A great 4K TV can tremendously improve your gaming experience. The market is filled with a variety of screens that come in all sorts of sizes, video streaming qualities, and offer a whole lot of features that are sure to please even the most casual gamer.

Next-gen gaming is all about wide screens mounted on your wall while you kick back on your couch and have a fun time with your friends as you indulge yourselves with multiplayer titles.

Best 4K TV For Gaming – Your Pick?

If you’re a gaming enthusiast who hasn’t yet considered getting a 4K gaming tv, you absolutely must. You wouldn’t want to miss out on what’s new and exciting. Who’s to say You just might find the perfect screen to render your chaotic Battlefield warzone visuals in stunningly vivid, lifelike proportions.

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