About DaretobeDigital

Dare To Be Digital is an online portal founded by Robert Carlson in 2019 with a huge variety of blog posts and articles on gaming. From beginners to pro gamers, Dare To Be Digital has refreshing content for every gamer to explore their love for gaming.


The gaming community is spread across the globe and members  are always looking for information about the latest games and other gaming related gear. At Dare to be Digital we understand this need. This is a website where articles on various gaming related topics are covered so that gamers can find all the information they are looking for under one roof.

This is the ultimate gaming resource where you will find articles on gaming hardware, which is the primary focus of the website. There are new games and games being released constantly and we want to help you buy the very best and nothing less. 

Other than that, you will also find information on CPUs, gaming monitors, gaming headphones, gaming keyboards, gaming chairs, motherboards, graphics card, and so on. We also have a section on the website that is solely dedicated to the latest news from the world of gaming that talks about the launch of a specific game and the like. 

About the Founder:

Dare To Be Digital was founded by Robert Carlson, a 30-year old computer engineer who loves gaming. Carlson was first introduced to the mesmerizing world of video games as a young boy and ever since, he has been an avid gamer. As a child, he used to play the Mario games and eventually found interest in intense games like Grand Theft Auto and the likes. 

His passion for video games drove him to start this blog, through which he wishes to help out fellow gamers, both beginners and pros. Carlson writes reviews on various games and gaming products that you can trust because his reviews are entirely based on his own experiences – and no sponsorships! 

The buyers guides are well researched before they are written and goes through a rigorous vetting process before uploading. Authenticity and truthfulness goes a long way while advising someone on technological gadgets. At DaretobeDigital, we realise the importance of this virtue and uphold it at all times.