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Dare 2014 Dare 2014 Dare 2014

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Dare to be Digital is the premier video games development competition for University students and recent graduates and the only route to a BAFTA Ones To Watch Award
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Deadline 21 Apr 2014 09:00 BST (GMT+1)

Dare Buzz

Twitter Update

30-07-2014 20:39
RT @lee_stott: Looking forward to @DareToBeDigital finals week if anyone wants to chat re #gamedev on Microsoft devices get in touch #dare2

Twitter Update

30-07-2014 13:33
Richard LeMarchand Leads ProtoPlay Line Up @daretobedigital @commondreamer @rich_lem #Dare2014

Twitter Update

30-07-2014 13:30
RT @uni_scot: .@DareToBeDigital & @AbertayUni known globally "for inspiring innovation & excellence among young game designers" Facebook Update

30-07-2014 13:07
This year's Dare Protoplay will feature a keynote and panel from Richard LeMarch...

Facebook Update

29-07-2014 16:22
Are you interested in getting involved in this year's Dare Protoplay? We're stil...

Twitter Update

29-07-2014 09:26
Try new app Lightstream - Northern Lights Ceilidh at ProtoPlay. iOS Android #dare2014 #nldance

Facebook Update

29-07-2014 09:21
Try out this brand new app Lightstream to prepare for the Northern Lights Ceilid...

Team Tweets


30/07/2014 23:14
RT @supersmith2500: @GoodDay_Games thanks for the follow, here's a follow back. ; )

Overly Kinetic

30/07/2014 22:35
RT @DareToBeDigital: Richard LeMarchand Leads ProtoPlay Line Up @daretobedigital @commondreamer @rich_lem #Dare2014

Overly Kinetic

30/07/2014 22:34
RT @torahhorse: how many mp3s can you store on a banana / is it worth it to upgrade to organic


30/07/2014 22:13
A great #indiedev shoutout to @Taleforge making World Eater for #Dare2014. Follow them for news on their awesome game #IndieDevHour #gamedev

Taleforge Studios

30/07/2014 21:33
GUI updates incoming! #indiedev #gamedev #GUI #graphicdesign


30/07/2014 21:08
RT @mutch95: @GoodDay_Games Thanks guys really appreciate it c:


30/07/2014 21:05
RT @Pillowettes: @GoodDay_Games Thank you for the kind words, guys!


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Dare to be Digital is an internationally renowned proving ground for talented computer science and art students to design their own original video game.

Apply Now!

Do you like to play video games? Are you serious about designing video games? If so, you've come to the right place. Not only will you get to design and build your dream game but we'll host your team in well equipped computer labs and you'll also receive funding and mentor support to help make it happen.

Every year between June and August, students form teams of five and compete over 10 weeks to design a fully functioning video game prototype. At the end of 10 weeks, all the teams will gather at Dare Protoplay to showcase their work and be judged by industry experts. Dare Protoplay represents the most innovative design from emerging games artists and programmers and is open to the public to come and play the games.

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