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iKnow Blog 2013

Week Seven: Videos!

Posted on 29th July 2013

Week Six: What Day Is It?

Posted on 22nd July 2013

Two full weeks to go and team iKnow are starting to lose track of time. Is it Thursday or Friday? Is this week six or week seven? 
A good amount of this week involved fixing bugs on the progra…

Week Five: Push It To The Limit

Posted on 15th July 2013

It's the start of Week 6, and as always we'll start a new week by looking back it the one that came before it.
So what is the state of the game? Well, we've now got 5 levels completed albeit with s…

Week Four: All Merging Together

Posted on 8th July 2013

Four weeks down, four full weeks to go. The end of Week 4 marks a sort of halfway point in the competition and so it's a good time to assess where we stand. We now have 3 levels completed with a fou…

Week Three: Green Screen Dreams

Posted on 1st July 2013

It's July, we're three weeks into the competition and a third of the way through. Progress has been good. We've now got our overall game flow completed with a near complete version of the first leve…

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