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Team DOS Blog 2013

DOS Studios | POST-Dare

Posted on 30th January 2014

Hello everyone!
It is now almost half a year since we left Dare To Be Digital 2013. A lot has happened since then, and some press sites keep linking to this blog which is basically no longer relevant…

Team DOS - Week 8

Posted on 5th August 2013

ProtoPlay is only 3 days away… Funny feeling!
General: Ruffian Games were the last mentors for Dare to be Digital 2013, and they motivated us greatly! With statements like: “I&rsquo…

Team DOS - Week 7

Posted on 27th July 2013

12 days until ProtoPlay (including Sundays)!!
General: The last week of mentoring consisted of Ubisoft, Ruffian Games, Cobra Mobile, Outplay Entertainment and Sony. They were impressed and pleased wi…

Team DOS - Week 6

Posted on 20th July 2013

ProtoPlay is approaching rapidly!
General: Mentors from Tag Games, Ruffian Games and Lift London has been visiting this week. All the mentors have seen our game at an earlier stage, which is really f…

Happy Birthday, Mattis!

Posted on 13th July 2013

Our Team Leader and Artist, Mattis Delerud, turns 23 years old today.
The team is celebrating with a fitting cake of his favourite sort!

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