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Team Faceplant Blog 2012

Week 5-6

Posted on 24th July 2012

We have been very busy developing the game the last couple of weeks, hence no updates here..until now!
Let's kick off with our official trailer for the game:

Here is our pa…

Week 4

Posted on 9th July 2012

We have put a lot of art and audio assets in to the game during this week. Things are shaping up really well and all the play testers (which includes mentors) have really given us positive feedback on…

Week 3

Posted on 30th June 2012

We have been busy bees in the Team Faceplant camp this week. We have progressed really well and things are looking awesome!
Here is a short art test with god rays on!

Pasi has been working hard on…

Week 1-2

Posted on 21st June 2012

Hello! We are Team Faceplant from Abertay University and we are making an awesome 2.5D puzzle platformer game called Gravtech.Pasi Pitkänen (Team Lead / Dedicated Audio)Albert Elwin (Pr…

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