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Kind of a Big Deal Blog 2012

Week 9

Posted on 7th August 2012

Hey there. It’s week 9, and that means Dare to be Digital 2012 is almost over. Development comes to a stop on Thursday morning. This blog post works as a brief post-mortem or summary of sorts.…

Week 8

Posted on 3rd August 2012

Hey ya. Week 8 is almost over, and that means there's less than a week to finish our game!
On Wednesday next week we will wrap up the project, and on Thursday morning the development will offici…

Week 7

Posted on 27th July 2012

Looks like it's Friday, and that means week 7 is drawing to an end.
It's worth noting that late last week we had a focus group of young playtesters play our game. Apart from a few complaints, everyon…

Week 6

Posted on 17th July 2012

Hey there! Looks like we skipped right into week 6 -- sorry about that.
We've been a wee bit busy lately. Despite that, last week's highlight wasn't work-related at all. The Ceilidh dinner last thurs…

Week 4

Posted on 6th July 2012

Friday it is, and that means week 4 is almost over.
This week we have yet again made some significant changes to our core gameplay, and little by little we're getting the rocket jumping mechanic to f…

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