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Ideer Blog 2012

Last day!!

Posted on 8th August 2012

Well, it's been a long and crazy journey from 9 weeks ago and we're super excited about Protoplay! From China to Scotland, there's been several things that have spurred us on and given us insights int…

Woop woop, and you don't stop!

Posted on 3rd August 2012

Well well well. It's been a long hard road but we're quickly approaching the end! After 9 weeks we will be finished our project that started in China and went all the way to Dundee. Our game is now al…

It's been a long time, we shouldn'a left you, without a dope blog to check out...

Posted on 23rd July 2012

Well hellooooo there! Here at team iDeer, we pride ourselves with carrying out lots of work that takes all our time away. Seriously though, we didn't have almost any time over the last few weeks to up…

Back back, fourth and fourth

Posted on 2nd July 2012

Hi guys!
So, what have we done so far? Well... We've learned, and grown. Specifically one of our members has managed to actually grow passable stubble for the first time in his life. Apart from that,…

The end of an era (week 2).

Posted on 26th June 2012

Hello folks, glad you could join us for another fun filled journey through team iDeer's progress report this week. Firstly I would like to thank all the developers we have met so far; we've really enj…

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