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Fortified Blog 2012

Week 8

Posted on 29th July 2012

For those of your who missed it, this is our trailer:

In other news, we have added and fixed some mechanics of the game. We no longer have just 1 Monarch (the queen) we have 4 (king, queen, prince…

Week 6 - Sound Design

Posted on 19th July 2012

Hi, i'm Chris Rowan, sound designer and composer for the game. In this post I want to focus on talking about the sound and music in our game since it is an ingeral part of the overall experi…

Week 5

Posted on 11th July 2012

Welcome back to another blog post from the one and only, the infamous!!!......... TEAmmmmm... FOOORRTIIFIEIEDDDDDD.
In the past few weeks i have mostly been working on the visual style and art direct…

Week 4

Posted on 2nd July 2012

Hello again!
Welcome back to another exciting blog post following the team behind such games as... Well we don't actually have any finished games yet... But we do have a game we are currently working…

Week 2

Posted on 19th June 2012

After a bit of a wait for the admin rights to be sorted out, we finally have access to the team blogs! So here is our first post, we have lots to show and tell.

Firstly, one of our programmers, Sam…

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