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CLOCKinROCK Blog 2012

'Holy Friday, Batman!'

Posted on 23rd July 2012

...And what a Friday it was!
Firstly we had the kids in for the focus testing which helped us immeasurably to see where we could improve our game, which we then used as an excuse to go see and play e…

Mentors Everywhere!

Posted on 23rd July 2012

Quite a week!
We had visits from a number of mentors ranging from Ubisoft, Sony, Blitz and Digital Goldfish.
It always surprises us how lucky we are sometimes.  Being visited by the cream of th…

A Braw Night!

Posted on 13th July 2012

Well, the Dare organisers put on a great night of traditional Scottish food, poetry, dancing and entertainment for all the teams last night and we on the Irish team are never ones to buck traditio…

Thou Shalt Do the Dance!!!

Posted on 11th July 2012

OK, so we had a few minutes spare from our very busy schedule so we threw this together for the laugh!

Ubisoft Visit (Yay!)

Posted on 11th July 2012

The Mentors from Ubisoft came a-calling today and had fun trying out our game.
First up was Jack Couvela, who gave us some great ideas about how best to use the cameras in the game to create a more d…

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