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Games Testing

Dare to be a Game Tester! - learn how the industry finds and sorts those bugs!

This game testing and Quality Assurance (QA) course is targeted at those who are seeking a career in QA or professionals upgrading their skills. During the 2 days you will be introduced to the quality assurance process and provide practical experience in key software tools and techniques.

This course aims to provide the participant with a working knowledge of the theory and practice of quality assurance to deliver projects through to completion and the user experience as it relates to the design and development of creative projects.

Please note that a minimum number of enrolments are required to run this course.

Who is it for?
Any game enthusiast aged 17+ who wants to work in the games industry in a Game Tester / Quality Assurance role. Please note this course is not just playing games all day. This is a skilled area of the games industry.

What you will learn:
1. Introduction to QA & User Experience
Introduction to the QA & User Experience basics: Why is testing necessary: What is testing? General testing principles; what are the industry trends:

2. QA Role in the Games Industry
The different types of QA Testing: Functionality, Certification, Localisation, Focus

3. Documenting Project Quality
Design and implement test plans, test cases and bug reports for a computer game using common software packages.

4. Measuring Project Quality
Design and implement bug metrics and project indicators to measure project quality for a computer fame suing a common software packages.

5. Testing Software & Tools
The triumvirate of every games project: Defect Tracking, Version Control & the Build Process.

6.User Experience & Focus Testing Games
Defining the user experience, determining and measuring user feedback through focus testing.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course the participant should be able to:

1. Understand terminology and techniques used in the QA of computer games.

2. Create and present a range of documentation to communicate project quality in project teams.

3. Utilise a range of software to create, track and report on project quality.

About the Tutor:
Iain donald is an experienced Programme and QA Manager who has worked for a number of software and games companies. With a broad educational background and careers in IT and Game Development, he worked on various mobile, console and PC game projects before joining the Institute of Arts, Media and Computer Games in 2010.

Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th August, 2010
10am - 5pm

Class Size:
17 max



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