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Dare Indie Fest 2013

Dare Indie Fest is part of Dare ProtoPlay, the UK's largest video games indie festival which attracted 10,000 visitors last year. There are 2 elements in Dare Indie Fest:

Indie Games
Come and discover the 30 UK studios' games who will take part in Dare Indie Fest this year. They reflect the exciting indie scene in the UK.

The 2-day conference (8-9 Aug) will have a focus on "independence and convergence culture" drawing in speakers who can inform and inspire indies about cross-media opportunities with different case studies. See below to see our speakers' biography and their topic.

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8 Aug (Thu), Marryat Hall inside Caird Hall   

9 Aug (Fri), Marryat Hall inside Caird Hall

'Where's the money?' An exploration of less traditional sources of finance, looking at the film industry and other related opportunities.

Gina Fegan, founder of D-Media Network looks at other creative industries business models to see how games might engage with them and who would pay for them, and given the program 'Games for Film'  putting a special focus on film.

Gina is a Screen & Digital Media Specialist at UK Trade & Investment and is an international specialist on the emerging relationships between traditional media, new technologies and telecommunications. She advises global media companies, financing organisations, creative content producers and public sector agencies. She is also an active film producer (‘The Tournament’, ‘Devil’s Playground’, 'X-Breed', 'My Haunted House'). Gina is on the Arts and Humanities Research Council advisory board, BBC online advisory board, the advisory committee for Digital Hollywood and is a member of BAFTA. Gina founded the D-Media Network, which has 4,000 followers from across the creative industries. She speaks French, started out as an engineer, enjoys good movies and growing her own vegetables in Canterbury.

How to be Commissioned by Channel 4

Colin MacDonald, Games Commissioner, Channel 4

Colin entered the games industry in 1990 as Software Manager of SAM Computers, the manufacturer of the last British home computer. Following that experience he founded a small games company which brought around twenty titles to market, including licences of Lemmings and Prince of Persia. He joined DMA Design in 1997 as Producer on the multi-billion dollar generating Grand Theft Auto franchise, then helped found and was Studio Manager of Realtime Worlds, where he helped raise over $80m in investment and oversaw development of the 2 million selling, double BAFTA-winning game Crackdown, and the online game APB. Colin was then VP of Business Development at RTW spinout eeGeo, is now Commissioning Editor for Games at Channel 4, as well as Chairman of facial animation specialists Speech Graphics, and member of Court of Abertay University.

Jody Smith, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Channel 4

Jody Smith works at Channel 4, as Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Entertainment and Comedy. He’s responsible for commissioning projects such as The Million Pound Drop play-along game, The Bank Job game which was used to recruit contestants for the show and Full English – an online adventure game that introduced the characters, forming ‘episode zero’ of the TV show. Prior to Channel 4, Jody worked at the BBC and has been commissioning games from a variety of independent producers for over a decade.

Life is a Game

Ian Livingstone, Chairman at Playdemic Limited

Ian will give an entertaining and visual account of his struggles as an entrepreneur in the 1970s when he and Steve Jackson set up Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe, and wrote the multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks series. From analogue to digital, he will give a brief history of computer games, past, present and future, highlighting the value of intellectual property in a digital age by telling the incredible story of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He will conclude with a report on the industry and the role of Government, especially in relation to digital-making skills.

Ian Livingstone CBE is one of the founding fathers of the UK games industry. He co-founded iconic games company Games Workshop in 1975, launching Dungeons & Dragons in Europe, and subsequently its retail chain and White Dwarf magazine. In 1982, together with Games Workshop co-founder Steve Jackson, he created the multi-million-selling Fighting Fantasy series, which has sold over 17 million copies to date.

He made the creative leap to computer games by designing Eureka, the first game released by Domark in 1984. He joined the board of Domark in 1992 as a major investor, overseeing a merger and public floatation in 1995 that created Eidos Interactive, where he was Executive Chairman for seven years. At Eidos he launched some of the company’s most famous titles including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

He is an active angel investor in Indie studios, including Playdemic, Playmob, Midoki and Mediatonic. His current roles are Vice Chair of UKIE, Chair of Playdemic, Chair of the Video Games Skills Council, Co-Chair Next Gen Skills Committee, Member of the Creative Industries Council, Trustee of GamesAid and an advisor to the British Council.

He co-authored the Next Gen review in 2011 published by NESTA, recommending changes in ICT education policy to bring computer science into the national curriculum as an essential discipline.

In the Wired 100 list for 2012, he was ranked the 16th most influential person in the UK’s digital economy.

Creating Other: an experiment in gaming and theatre

Philippa Tomlin, Creative Director of Other, National Theatre of Scotland

Philippa Tomlin is the Creative Director of Other, a transmedia community project created to support the National theatre of Scotland’s production of Let the Right One In. She is a community theatre practitioner, currently working as Creative Learning Coordinator at the National Theatre of Scotland. She is passionate about making contemporary, experimental theatre and enjoys working across a variety of different artforms. She works with a wide range of people in the community of all ages and backgrounds. Philippa studied Drama and Theatre Arts at Queen Margaret University College and has worked for the Lyceum Theatre and as a freelance theatre maker.

Tom deMajo, co-founder of Quartic Llama.

Tom is a digital artist, working across media making compelling artworks and experiences which engage and encourage participation. His work has been featured in digital arts and music festivals, installations, and games, and he is a founding member and Creative Director of  award winning independent game developer Quartic Llama.Tom was Creative director of the other game, a unique, location-based  "alternate reality sound game"- the first ever game commission by the National Theatre of Scotland.


Ken Hay

Ken Hay,Chief Executive of Edinburgh International Film Festival and Filmhouse
Ken has an exceptional track record of leadership and delivery, developed over 25 years working in the arts, screen and creative industries across Scotland, the UK and internationally, spanning the private, public, voluntary and education sectors.  Most recently, he was the founding CEO of English regional screen agency, EM Media, in 2001, and was CEO of Scottish Screen from 2005 to 2010.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, a member of BAFTA and former member of the British Screen Advisory Council and sat on PACT Council for two years.  He has been CEO of the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Filmhouse since September 2011.

The Player VS Player Character

Simon Meek, creative director of The Story Mechanics

There is a battle raging - an unresolved conflict that has eluded the games industry for years, and stands as a fundamental stumbling block around emotional connection in interactive entertainment. This tussle is between the Player and Player Character represents a fractured relationship that spreads confusion and frustration in gameplay and story. Simon Meek will shine the spotlight and pose the problem and a few potential solutions, in a presentation to get the brain churning and strive bring about a resolution to this long drawn-out fight.

Simon Meek is the creative director of The Story Mechanics, a Scottish independent games developer specialising in digital storytelling and narrative-based gaming experiences. TSM's recent pan-platform remix of John Buchan's The 39 Steps has set a new benchmark in interactive storytelling and is bridging the gap between literature, film and gaming. TSM is part of Tern Television Productions, and has also been responsible for Channel 4's and the BBC's The Beauty of Maps interactive product.

V&A at Dundee - get involved

Philip Long, Director, V&A at Dundee

V&A at Dundee will be an international centre for design, housed in a world-class building at the heart of Dundee’s revitalised waterfront. It will host major exhibitions, celebrate our design heritage, inspire and promote contemporary talent, and encourage design innovation for the future. Unlike any other museum in Scotland, V&A at Dundee will focus on design – not design as a separate discipline, but its everyday impact – how it can delight, make things work and ultimately change lives.  V&A at Dundee aims to do what every good museum does – to inform, educate and entertain – but also explicitly, through its wider programmes, intends to generate new creativity and innovation across Scotland.
Philip will outline the vision of V&A at Dundee and explore how Scotland's gaming and wider creative community can be part of this exciting project which will carry a significant role in nurturing and promoting the creative industries.

How training in cross/transmedia development can enhance your career opportunities

Troels Linde, Head of Program at EUCROMA

Troels Linde today heads up the EUCROMA training program and brings both academic and professional experience to bear in the position. Previous positions as senior lecturer in games production, a position as CEO and a life in movie making has provided Troels with a combined insight in the games and movie industries, which allows him to migrate knowledge between the fields of games and animation, covered by the training program.

Lift London’s vision on convergence - why indies need to know?

Salvatore Fileccia

Salvatore Fileccia, Director of Incubation of Lift London, Microsoft

Salvatore Fileccia is currently Incubation Director at Lift London, a new Microsoft studio set up to pioneer games as a service for Microsoft as well as look at new and exciting ways of producing content. In his talk, Sav will present Lift’s convergence vision and how indies are a big part of it. Salvatore has over 14 years of experience developing games for Rare (part of Microsoft Studios) including the Banjo Kazooie, Viva Piñata and Kinect Sports franchises.

BAFTA Question Time @Dare Indie Fest, 9 Aug 4-5pm

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Imre Jele, co-Founder, Creator-In-Chief, Bossa Studios
Lifetime gamer and game-maker. Throughout his colourful career, Imre has covered a wide range of genres and platforms and is most known for his work on RuneScape and at Blitz Games Studios. He is co-founder of Bossa Studios, winner of Best New Studio Develop Award, creator of Surgeon Simulator 2013, BAFTA winner MonsterMind and BAFTA nominee for Merlin. Twitter: @imrejele.

Salvatore Fileccia, Director of Incubation of Lift London, Microsoft

Philippa Tomlin, Creative Director of Other, National Theatre of Scotland

Sophia George, co-founder of Swallowtail Games & BAFTA winner, also Designer in Residence, V&A
Sophia George is co-founder of Swallowtail Games, working as an artist and designer. Swallowtail Games started out as a Dare 2011 competitor, and has now grown into an independent studio, releasing BAFTA Ones-to-Watch winning Tick Tock Toys in 2013. Sophia is also The V&A’s first game designer in residence, and will start her work in London in October, where she will be researching and designing a game based on the British Galleries and running public events.

Dare Indie Fest conference ticket holder will get access to Dare Jam with Jesse Schell free. Check below for details:

Jesse Schell

Dare Jam at Dare Indie Fest

10-11 Aug (10am-6pm & 10am-4pm)

To celebrate the independent and convergent culture in the creative industries, Dare ProtoPlay 2013 collaborates with Blue Skies Festival to explore cross-media culture on the same subject matter. Dare is calling for independent computer games developers to play around Blue Skies Festival's theme of flying, stargazing and rainbow chasing with their digital skills at the Dare Jam on 10-11 August in Caird Hall.

We are delighted to announce that Jesse Schell will be opening Dare Jam 2013, in partnership with the Turing Festival.

As part of Dare ProtoPlay, Dare Jam will launch with Jesse Schell speaking on convergence and gamification. He will then reveal the sub-theme of the jam and offer some mentoring during the jam sessions.

Jesse Schell is an American video game designer, an acclaimed author, CEO of Schell Games and Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, a joint master's program between the College of Fine Arts and School of Computer Science. Jesse's previous roles include Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering. Jesse's DICE 2010 talk, "Beyond Facebook", was named a TED "Best of the Web" talk, and has had over a million views online.

    Turing Festival

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