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How to apply other countries

Key dates of Dare 2014

27 Jan Applications open
21 Apr 9am  Application deadline
26 – 4 May Online judging
12 - 20 May Interviews
end of May Finalists confirmed
16 Jun – 6 Aug Competition
7 - 10 Aug Dare ProtoPlay (Dundee)

Dare 2014 application form sample

Apply Now

If you are a team not from the UK or Japan, this page is for you.

Basic facts:

  • you can choose to be interviewed in the UK or through video conferencing once short-listed. (travel costs to be borne by the team themselves)
  • once chosen to enter Dare, you will need to pay for your own travel to come to Dundee. The organiser will still provide you with a stipend of £75/week and free accommodation, the same as other UK teams.

You need to be a team of 5 containing a balance of art and programming students with a team member who will tackle the audio aspects of the game. In addition to this your team must have someone willing to take on the role of team leader in addition to their creative / technical duties. You must be a team of students (postgraduate and / or undergraduate) at a Higher Education Institute (University or Art College).  

You can still apply if your whole team is currently in their fourth year and will graduate in summer 2014. Your team can have a maximum of 2 people in it who are studying at a Further Education college or who have graduated in the last 2 years but the remaining 3 team members must fit the normal criteria, i.e. are undergraduate or postgraduate students at a University or College of Art.

All teams will be hosted at The University of Abertay, Dundee in Scotland. Please note that teams falling into the "other countries" category will have to organise and pay for their own return flights to an as-of-yet unconfirmed location in the UK for their interview (sometime between 1st and 11th May) if video conferencing cannot be organised between the UK and your country. Teams will have to subsequently organise and pay for their own travel to Scotland one month later to take part in Dare to be Digital, if selected.

Please note you cannot enter and take part in Dare if you have taken part before, this includes applicants who were successful in securing a place in the competition but who later withdrew from the competition either prior to its commencement or after it started. However you can enter if you have previously applied to Dare but were unsuccessful in securing a place (this includes if you got through to the interview stage but were unsuccessful in getting a place).

Once you have a complete team, complete the team application form on this site by the closing date set out on this site. Please note that you must include a video pitch of your concept to the judging panel on the application form. To find out about the selection process please read the "after you submit your application" page.   If you are looking for team members or you are an individual looking to join a team, you can go to our vacancy noticeboard below.

If you have any queries check out the FAQs or if you can't find an answer contact You can also check out our facebook page. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

Use this area to advertise vacancies within your team, or if you are an individual looking to join a team you can use it to tell people about your skills.

No defamatory statements please.

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